A personal trainer NYC can even be considered a treasure along your fitness and weight loss journey but choosing the wrong one can set you off on a permanent hiatus from exercise and eating healthy. When you think about the idea that the closest people around you can influence your attitude and view of the world you can easily understand how crucial it is to choose from one a pool of the best NYC personal trainers available for you to hire and join you on this important path that you’ve just decided to take.
I am going to cover the 5 major disastrous mistakes most personal trainers make when training a curvy girl so you can quickly identify the right personal trainer to hire or even let go of the wrong personal trainer NYC so you can move forward on your way to success.
Your hard-earned money is yours and you have the right to find the perfect personal trainer NYC who will make this really challenging process as worthwhile as it can be for you.
I’ve gone through over 20 personal trainers learning what to do and definitely what not to do especially when it comes to dealing with a plus size woman. From my horrible and sometimes traumatic experiences with other physical trainers NYC I created a business from my desire and heart that would solve many problems for you, Curvy Girl! Now on the other side as a personal trainer NYC, I have been a personal trainer NYC for over 14 years now and that unique combination of being a curvy girl and training all kinds of clients does give me an extra layer of knowledge that a personal trainer NYC can’t really pick up from reading a fitness manual or even acquire after a few years of personal training New York out in the field. So now let’s get back to the task at hand and that is for me to share with you the 5 biggest mistakes a personal trainer NYC can make while training curvy girls!
Didn’t you hire a personal trainer NYC in the first place because you were sick and tired of always feeling invisible and feeling badly about your body and you needed help from someone who would give a cr*p?! A prime example routine would be what you see on really popular weight loss reality shows where the personal trainers New York are forcing their clients to sprint up hills and carry a gigantic tire on their backs. But for the curvy girl she may be very apprehensive and may even be nervous and scared walking into the gym for the first time asking for help and she doesn’t know what to expect.
I think it shows how considerate, compassionate, and empathetic the personal trainer NYC is. They are more focused on results rather than focused on creating a better, more positive process and journey for the Curvy Girl. Let’s see that fitness is a powerful tool for health, strength, and a pathway for growth and confidence. Hope you enjoyed this article on 5 Major Disastrous Mistakes A Personal Trainer NYC Make Training A Curvy Girl.
NYC Personal Training – Does The Curvy Goddess Program Work?Posted on July 3, 2013 by Diane Williams • 0 CommentsDoes NYC personal training really work? A Certified NYC Personal Trainer For Goal Specific TrainingPosted on March 6, 2013 by Diane Williams • 1 CommentA great certified NYC personal trainer has specialized training and many years of personal and professional experience to be qualified to work with clients from many levels of fitness and health backgrounds and challenges.
Hiring a Female Personal Trainer NYC May Do The TrickPosted on March 5, 2013 by Diane Williams • 1 CommentHaving a female personal trainer NYC may be the way to go! NYC Personal Trainer – Your Perfect Accountability Fitness CoachPosted on November 2, 2012 by Diane Williams • 2 CommentsNYC personal trainer, your accountability coach! You’ve bought some New York personal training sessions which is a HUGE investment in yourself, your body, and your life. As a New York personal training fitness professional for over 13 years, I have trained hundreds of personal training New York clients and maybe even over a thousand at this time.

All of my New York City personal training clients have stumbled and they all have fallen but some didn’t get back up. I think once we expect ourselves to be perfect entering into this commitment and working with a personal trainer in New York I think that’s when problems start to arise. Understand that my Curvy Goddess New York personal training clients faced many difficult sessions. ALL of my New York personal training clients faced difficult challenges but the ones who succeeded never ever quit.
So how did they finally face these challenges and beat it to proceed farther on their path? Sometimes when a client is 15 – 30 minutes late consistently to the personal training studio New York I know that deep down they are not ready to make that leap for change. I am here to help my clients achieve their physical transformation goals and I understand that other stuff will get in the way. You have no idea how many times a client will show up forgetting their sneakers and workout clothes. I know that when they start trusting me and understanding that I am here to support them completely then they are okay with finally being vulnerable.
But when New York personal training clients make the decision to trust me then the magic starts to happen. Eating fat-burning foods like whole grains, lean meat and low-fat dairy products is a good start. And who also can create a specialized personal training New York program based on your needs and goals. As a client along with being a curvy girl I really saw loads of craziness when it comes to questionable professionalism, competency, and compassion in the personal training industry. Although it was an extremely frustrating process and very disheartening I had no idea at the time that it was going to become a certified personal trainer NYC myself and create a fire in me to help me create programs and services for curvy women. Don’t you feel invisible sometimes while your personal trainer NYC is taking a lovingly gaze at himself while you’re stumbling through your squat thrusts and lunges? I go and hire a personal trainer NYC and he has it in his head that he’s going to mold me into a size 2 Playboy Bunny. The personal trainer NYC is convinced that you want what he wants for you and so to get the best results really fast he’s going to put you through a grueling bootcamp regimen 5 days a week.
Most people don’t really go to gyms every single day or for most of the week for even a full year let alone 14 years.
Whether you’re new to fitness or think that boot camps are really fun, a personal trainer in NYC could clearly get you to another fitness level! 14 years ago when I became a female personal trainer NYC there were few of us in the fitness industry. For many people hiring a personal trainer in NYC would seem like a frivolous decision to make.

Employing a NYC personal trainer is a perfect way to increase the probability of succeeding on your health and fitness goals Curvy Goddess. And although each New York personal training client is unique I see the commonalities of those who have succeeded in achieving their goals and these personal training New York clients are far from perfect. The ones who got back up and brushed themselves off to continue the journey were the ones who succeeded. We start to sabotage and unfortunately are in danger of throwing in the towel and quitting.
Below is a list of all of things that I believe are essential in helping you achieve your goals when hiring a personal trainer and after you’ve purchased your Curvy Goddess Personal Training NYC package.
I adore my clients and for me it’s important to create a relationship built on trust, authenticity, and focus.
If they need to talk it out with me they are open to do so but while they work out…HARD. There is a major reason why this is my policy and that is to teach my New York personal training clients a shift in priorities.
If they see that work, their personal life get in the way then they make adjustments so that training can become a big prioriry in their lives.
Take the opportunity to really understand what to do to succeed on your weight loss and fitness journey. So when this happens that is a big red flag that there’s no listening going on so I will have to find someone else who will listen to my desires and needs. Just purchasing some New York personal training sessions doesn’t mean that the weight is going to fall off of you. You’ve already set your fitness and health goals and are taking consistent and frequent steps for the better in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.
There were many times when they just did not want to show up, but the most important thing was that they did show up to their NYC personal training workout no matter how tired they were. Hopefully this article about New York Personal Training sessions gave you much insight in what to do to succeed. They are honest with me and that in turn helps me know what the next steps will be for them, helping to achieve the goal of their dreams.
So why not make the most of it and really embrace the journey rather than have a personal trainer obsess how much you ate, when you ate, how many times you ate, and how many carbs, fats, proteins, and calories you consumed for the day, and how much you weigh?

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