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Biography of Michael Jordan Michael Jordan redefined the NBA superstar, as a phenomenal athlete with a unique combination of grace, power, artistry and improvisational ability. The following year while participating in the Five-Star Basketball Camp, he met Dean Smith, legendary University of North Carolina coach, who recruited him.
This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Contemporary Studies section. By setting goals you can: * Achieve more * Improve performance * Improve the quality of your training * Increase your motivation to achieve * Increases your pride and satisfaction in your performance * Improve your self-confidence There are many positives by setting goals not just in terms of sporting achievement. Sign up to view the whole essay and download the PDF for anytime access on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Created by teachers, our study guides highlight the really important stuff you need to know. I have been against psych-out opposition and when you do something wrong you do feel embarrassed but it's all part of the game and shouldn't be taken to heart.
When a sportsperson plays sport professionally they want to win, rigging the game also known as cheating is one of they ways some of them get to this.
This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Exercise and Training section. Load The load of the ball must be a swift action that is tight to the body to decrease amount of time and space for error. The fame, together with the luxury the gladiators experienced when not training or fighting adds to the general feeling of nobility.
This is where you -Step up and down, one foot at a time, onto the step or bench for 3 minutes -Try to maintain a steady four beat cycle (approx. Decision making Decision making is knowing how to make the right decision when in difficult situations and problems. 2-Dribling skills- I used this on my circuit because I wanted to get better in my skills with the ball, I had to run with the ball around the pins for 6o s. Type of fitness(attribute) Football related needs Netball related needs Aerobic Needed to last 90 minutes. AAYUSHMAN PANDEY IGCSE PHYSICAL EDUCATION COURSWORK ANALYSING PERFOMANCE- HILL WALKING INTRODUCTION Hill walking, or trekking, combines hiking and camping in a single trip.
Coordination- I believe that I am able to successfully coordinate movements between two or more of my limbs pr body parts. This where his anticipation becomes his weakness because he anticipates a ball and get ready to play a shot while batting. For example if you have a broken arm you obviously wont be able to play your game, but if you have pulled a muscle you would have to sit out for a couple of games and training to heal correctly. The circuits consist of: Shuttle Sprint Abdominal crunches Squat Thrusts with jumps (burpees) Press-ups Pulsing Squat Straddle Jumps Sit-ups Bench dips Alternate leg squat thrust To finish off I will cool down by jogging lightly and stretching, by using active stretching, all the major muscles used.
I broke the lay-up down in order to give more understanding and show my client what I meant when giving feedback.
After the first session I did feel sore around the shoulders and hopefully the extra time spent stretching during the cool-down will help the DOMS. Type 1; which is also known as slow twitch, they contract more slowly which enables you to keep going for a long time.
This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Anatomy & Physiology section. I - Intensity: Increasing the intensity causes the body to work harder during exercise therefore having greater benefits depending upon the training goal. Hinge Joint- Movement is allowed in one place this is only due to the shape of the bones as well as the strong ligaments which prevent side to side movement, the Joint allows both flexion and extension. The muscle fibre structure is highly organised and easy to understand, the language is hard. The topic of whether or not student athletes should be paid or not paid has been a trending topic in the sport industry. This example justifies what I was talking about within rewarding the athletes with education and was a clear example.
Meaning in the fall baseball players can work on campus and come spring when baseball season starts the football players can take their jobs because they are in their offseason.
I would say that my interest for the sport has developed into one that I can play football at a level where I feel that winning is important but losing is an inevitable factor.
Therefore, it is not surprising that the record performances during long distance running and cycling are usually in cool climatic conditions. Negligence can be a result of both actions and omissions, what you do and what you don't do. On the cardiovascular machines I pushed my self each time and increased the speed to my limit. At the gym and at college I will be training with people around me that can help me if I need it. At the top of the position, if I draw a line from dumbbell to dumbbell, it should go right through my shoulders. In attack for example, if I have identified that the opposition are weak around the forwards, I will try to increase the time our pack has on the ball, and leave the ball with them in places like the line-outs. Chess Press as shoulder press was in use and I did 1 set of 49Kg (1 set is equal to 12 reps) and also two sets of 35kg. Born Michael Jeffery Jordan, in Brooklyn, New York he was the fourth of five children, whose family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina when he was a young child. Jordan became an immediate impact in the league and proved that he belonged among the elite players. All Rights Reserved.Marked by Teachers, The Student Room and Get Revising are all trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. It is consistently being worked on in a game of football when I am moving with and without the ball in a variety of directions. By remaining close to play, Chris was able to make well-informed decisions, which the players had no choice but to adhere too.
I suppose its this outward nobility, together with the objective of the Gladiatorial fights to reduce aggression within the general public, that made the fights seem morally and ethically acceptable to the Roman masses.
Although the main form of leisure time was spent socializing, this only applied to the three younger age groups. To improve this fitness test, I would get a friend to help me balance before I try the stork test alone. GS (Goal Shooter) - At a centre pass, GS is to stand within her goal circle with the defending GK. Played lots of games both doubles and singles 5 7 I actually worked harder in this session than I thought I would, this was probably due to me wanting to win games! For example if someone is hurt a sports leader will have to decide whether they are fit enough to continue taking part in the session. 3-push ups- I wanted to improve my press ups because I'm bad at it, I had to do most as I could in 60 s as well. A backpacker hikes into the backcountry to spend one or more nights there, and carries supplies and equipment to satisfy sleeping and eating needs. This was important in the expedition while walking down steep slopes since I had to move ahead while holding on to rock walls for support. We had a torch and Swiss Knife, and good bags and good quality tents, good food and compasses and all provision required.

If he just kept his eye on the ball then he would play the right shot and therefore this would make him a more affective batsman. Considerations for next session the intensity of work load should remain the same, as well as the exercises on each station. Your hips are also at their best point for using them as a platform to launch your upper body forward as you kick. When the muscle force and resistive force act on the same side of the fulcrum, with the muscle force acting through the lever shorter than that through which the resistive force acts - e.g. Slow twitch fibres are good for endurance activities such as cross country, as they work for a long time without getting fatigued.
Strenuous isometric activity should not be undertaken if you have heart problems as the blood pressure rises due to the blood flow going back to the heart instead of to the muscle, which you are training.
In prolonged high intensity exercise, large amounts of lactic acid enter the blood from active muscles. One side of the argument is the acceptance of pay for student athletes representing their school. Rotating jobs between student athletes like this is not an issue because during their respective season, they will need to be focused on playing and classes whereas during their offseason they can focus on holding a job and going to class.
For example, in 1998 when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were in a race for the home-run title, it was apparent that these two were on steroids because no one came close to breaking the record, let alone two in the same season.
According to my second attempt at the tests this has proven to have been a good strategy as I have improved to almost 100%. I also want to improve and maintain my concentration to ensure a full range of movement on all the exercises. In the North Carolina area, Jordan was well known for his baseball skills, being named MVP of the Babe Ruth League, long before his basketball skills emerged. Jordan earned a starter spot on the Tar-Heel 1987-82 squad, becoming the fourth freshman ever to do so under Smith. The Bulls' domination of the NBA under Jordan's leadership captured the imagination of many people, and his athletic skills, charisma, and competitive drive created new basketball fans as few other players have.
He finished his rookie season as one of the top scorers in the league, averaging 28.2 points per game, was named Rookie of the Year, and also made the All-Star team.
This essay will discuss sportsmanship, gamesmanship, fair play, ethics and values, playing by the rules and role models implicated in sport.
This is because of the power and speed the bowler will be moving his arm at, without flexibility, the bowler could injure themselves and possibly tear a ligament. This is where you obtain 'the bleep test' cassette or CD and try to run across the gym before each time it bleeps. REACTION TIME 'The ruler drop test' This test is where you get a friend or a teacher to drop a ruler when your had is at zero and see how many cms it takes you to catch it once it is dropped. The need to maintain performance As for football but decreased intensity as only 60 minute duration Strength Deal with contact situations e.g. I was able to coordinate the movements between my arms and legs with precision, which helped me move ahead swiftly without tripping or falling along the way. Usually slow twitch fibres are red because they are rich in oxygen that provides the energy for the muscles. The performer was clearly favouring the left leg and it was obvious they weren't putting in full effort with particular movements.
This is opinion is valid because athletics brings in excess revenue for the universities, they are dedicated and spend numerous hours at practice and on the playing field, and mostly because they are providing a service to the school.
Being able to go to school without having to worry about how your tuition, housing and meals are going to be paid for is a great feeling and puts them financially in a better situation than other students.
This is another way universities can compensate their student athletes without budgeting a salary for players and working around given out equal payments to all of its student athletes.
The table below shows that I took 7 minutes to return to my resting heart rate after the 3km run. Most of the freshman season was spent in a supporting role for James Worthy and Sam Perkins, both whom went on to start in the NBA.
One of the things they did include stealing the ball and sitting on the court when they got out. One of the stories in the article was when Australian Cricketer Adam Gilchrist 'walked' in a world cup semi-final saying it was time players took responsibility. Famous sportspersons are role models for everyone by performing unacceptable gives a bad impression on all ages. This gear must include food, water, and shelter, or the means to obtain them, but very little else, and often in a more compact and simpler form than one would use for stationary camping. The weight of the thigh is the resistance, the hip joint is the fulcrum, and the contraction of the adductor muscle is the effort. Type 2; more commonly known as fast twitch fibres, they contract a lot quicker but are easily fatigued.
Thick filaments that are composed principally of myosin, and thin filaments, which are composed of actin.
Only after exercise stops does blood pH stabilise and return to its normal pH level of 7.4.
Others have the opposite opinion and believe that student athletes should not be receiving other payment because most are already receiving college tuition. There are plenty of other students out there who got into college and didn't get the financial aid they thought they were going to receive and have to take out huge student loans that are going to put them in financial debt for while once they graduate college.
The argument of whether or not student athletes should or should not be paid for play brings up alternating opinions. Damage to future career prospects Under their Code, if an athlete tests positive for a prohibited substance they are usually liable for a one-year ban. Next steps After this warm up it will be possible for the full personal exercise programme to start.
This resulted in the referee being biased pegging or serving the ball to their team at bad angles so they could not hit it.
Children might copy your actions so when playing sport you have to think about other people not only yourself. This test could be improved by doing it for longer because it would then be more to do with endurance and not just cardiovascular. Several small championships were organized but did not have the same impact as games played for money. A backpacking trip must include at least one overnight stay in the wilderness (otherwise it is a day hike). As a result, I was able to cover distances as planned out earlier on the map, which made it easier for us to locate where we are and where we need to go. We were all motivated to try hill walking and thus this motivation was with us all along the trip keeping our spirits high and so that we worked well. As a result, they are students first and athletes second so they should not be paid for their involvement on a collegiate athletics. These athletes will have all of their school paid for and will have a chance to land a multi-million dollar job from a professional sports team. Coming from an athletes' perspective they see their service to the team as a money making method through the dedication, commitment, and athletic abilities they provide for the school.
My pep consists of a warm up and has taken into account, principles of training and factors of fitness. A cool down will aid in the dissipation of waste products - including lactic acid and will reduce the potential for DOMS, and the chances of dizziness or fainting caused by the pooling of venous blood at the extremities.

As a compulsary component of the IGCSE Physical Education course, I was required take part in hill walking expedition in rural southern Maharashtra, on the western (Konkan) coast of India.
WEAKNESSES General Fitness Flexibility or Suppleness- In my opinion, I was not as flexible as I should have been during the expedition.
School- Our school encourages such activities as they want students to get an exposure of life without luxuries. While contraction is taking place the muscular system performs 3 functions; Motion, Heat Production and Maintenance of posture. However, when a muscle contracts this produces around 70% of body heat due to the energy produced in the muscle tissue. Then there are other students who are working two jobs to help pay for books, food and a place to live and are just getting by all while juggling the trouble of doing well in school. The camp was 3 days and 3 nights long, during which we had to perform various skill components of our hill walking course, such as backpacking, navigating, pitching a tent, first aid as well as survival skills. It was their initiative to tie with Nature Trails and provide us with an option of Hill walking for Physical Education. Blood is another essential element in temperature control; this is because during exercise, heat from the body core and working muscles is redirected to the skin when the body is overheating.
Type 2a; also known as fast-oxidative-glycolytic, have a quick contraction speed they are generally used for aerobic metabolism, and are able to use either glucose or fats as a source of energy.
All student athletes have to worry about is going to practice, their school work and playing well in their games and no worries whether or not they can afford to stay in school. On the other hand, you have those who believe that they signed their letter of commitment to their school in return for a free education and added life experiences, and that is enough of an exchange that they do no need to be rewarded with payment of play. This means that as your body starts to become more able and fit as a whole you can make it work harder, and at the correct level. JAMES TARLETON EVALUATION FOR CIRCUIT TRAINNING WEEK 3 This week my circuit stayed the same. My legs could move freer and my arms and hands need to be able to perform delicate movements smoothly and carefully in order to be able move swiftly. Rest- While on the expedition I made sure that my group and I got enough rest and sleep so that we were ready for the next day. When the internal heat of the body reaches too low of a level thermo receptors in the skin relay a message to the hypothalamus in the brain. Type 2b; also known as fast glycolytic, have a quick contraction speed and are only recruited for brief maximal efforts they are easily fatigued. Colleges and universities need to keep in mind that the student athletes' main reason for attending is for an education, not to play a varsity sport. Their education can bring them a lot farther in life than their athletic abilities; therefore, academics should take precedence over athletics. This can involve increasing the time you spend at each station, lowering the time in between each station which provides a shorter rest period. The circuit was set, progression started to take place during the second circuit as the first circuit was more of a warm up for my muscles so that by the time of the third circuit my muscles started to tighten and my body started to tire, although my breathing and cardio vascular system remained quite steady. An increase in flexibility will help me overcome obstacles with ease and help me perform techniques that require a large range of movement at joints. They are what most people would think of as sprinters muscle fibres, and are therefore of no use for sustained performance. They are still held to the same standards as a student who is not participating in a sport, therefore should be treated the same and should not receive secondary payment for their commitment to the college or university. Besides their education being paid for, student athletes are also being compensated with free amenities such as housing, meals, textbooks, equipment and special priority with classes. Student athletes should not be paid just because college is an educational institution not an athletic company so their first and primary focus should be on class rather than playing a varsity sport. Winning at all costs In another lesson when we were playing king of the court, one of the teams repeatedly kept pushing in front of the other teams to build up more points so as they would win the game.
Trekking was done only during daylight hours and by the end of the hourney, we had covered approximately 45 kilometers, stopping at various Maharashtran villages along the way in order to replenish our water supply. In the end, their commitment to the athletic department should not be validated through compensation for student athletes.
Overload should only be increased related to the correct amount for my own personal body fitness, which can go up by doing the circuit. Another thing they were doing was distracting players from other teams while they were on the court so they would miss the ball. Hill walking is mostly an aerobic activity which greatly relies on and improves one's cardiovascular endurance, since the activity lasts for a long period of time, and has a medium level of intensity. This hampered my movements greatly and also affected the speed at which I walked or climbed. For myself, it was not easy to carry all that weight, and walk such distances at high altitudes, hence that is why I had sound sleep every night in our tents. It is also beneficial to one's musles such as the quadriceps and hamstrings, since trekking for such long periods of time on a regular basis greatly improves a persons muscular endurance.
While going downhill, I nearly lost balance completely several times, this meant that I had to slow down and take extra care of my movements.
All levers use 5 different parts; Lever, Fulcrum, Muscle force, Resistive force and Torque.
If it works at a continuous level of exercise as it gets fitter, the exercise will not work. In the end playing the game fairly definitely matters more then having your mind set on winning.
Also, as per the American hiking society,hill walking is known help reverse the negative effects of osteoporosis by increasing the bone density and slowing the rate of calcium loss, thus strengthening the bones and decreasing their susceptibility to break. I feel that if I become well balanced, I will also be able to improve my speed, agility and coordination to a greater extent. By playing a game with great sportsmanship and ethics and values you are being a good role model. I can improve this with regular yoga, and various exercises in yoga that are meant for balancing. This did succeed unlike last week; in most of the third lap I kept my strength and stamina. JAMES TARLETON EVALUATION FOR CIRCUIT TRAINNING WEEK 4 This week my circuit changed as I added a sports specific of side steps around as many cones as possible.
The circuit was set, progression started to take place during the third circuit as the first circuit was more of a warm up for my muscles so that by the time of the third circuit my muscles started to tighten and my body started to tire, although my breathing and cardio vascular system remained quite steady. BS Conclusion In my circuit training I kept to what I said and I did all factors of fitness and principles of training. I thought my diet my have gone slightly wrong as I did not carbo load, this may have decreased the level of fitness I could have achieved.
I am pleased with my progress as I think my fitness gradually has increased since my last circuit training session.

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