If you think that this site is like all the other sites that make claims that they have the secret to win the lottery and all you have to do is give them a lot of money to share it with you, then you're wrong. So rather than starting with a 1 in 10,000 chance of winning the pick 4, your odds are 90% better. This formula is what serious lottery players have been looking for, and you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars to get it. To get your copy of the "FORMULA" click the buy now button or send payment to Erotic Wood 38 S BLUE ANGEL PKWY, STE 382 Pensacola, Fl. Exceptional lottery formula that increases your odds of winning 90% or more by eliminating losing combinations. When lottery players pick their numbers it is important to know that regardless of what game they like best,80% of players choose a quick pick letting the machine decide their luck. You will have access to an application that integrates into the Facebook profile, News Feed, and everything else Facebook users regularly enjoy.
Deep integration into Facebook helps to constantly promote to an already established target audience, illustrating the benefits of our groundbreaking application, so you don't have to - it sells itself!
Gain the "First Mover Advantage" on this Facebook revolution and ultimate opportunity! Be one of the first to learn how this powerful business, using a simple system, could earn you a residual income - besides increasing your chance of a stake in an international lottery jackpot! With millions of users and billions of connections between each, Facebook is growing every day. Imagine getting paid every time a friend you, or one of your friends, introduced plays the lottery! This is a very simple angle that helps many people capture more prizes using the same numbers within the PICK 5 games. My Quick-Hit System has beat the odds over and over again throughout the New York Pick 5 Lottery history.
Quick-Hit System explained: Since the inception of the NY PICK 5 lotto game I have been charting each drawing and came up with some interesting statistics.

Check out the Color Coded version at Number Player for an easier way to understand what the Quick-Hit System provides. Number Player has all the FREE systems listed and they are updated twice a month for your Number Playing pleasure. Thanks for visiting my site – how to pick winning lottery numbers and I hope you find some useful information. I live in the UK where we have the lottery on a daily basis, with the main draw being on a saturday. I would love to hear from you if you have any hints or tips to share about the best lottery numbers to go for, or even better your success stories of lottery wins! All real winners displayed below.So what are you waiting for- this is the real deal, the proof is right here in front of you.
And all of the different methods available at the time were not working.So over the years I studied the various lottery games and discovered that there really is a pattern in how the numbers play. Rather than a  1 in 1000 chance for winning the pick 3, your odds or 90% better and the same applies to the lottery and powerball or any 2 to 6 digit lottery game. From the numbers you select, to the draws you enter, your winnings are always close to hand on the payment method you choose!
This System has been proven up to a 70% Hit Rate, all you have to do apply it correctly to yield a winning ticket. Some numbers "repeat", some numbers come out on a "skip" basis and some numbers come out on a "two-skip" basis.Take a look at these current statistics. You will usually find duplicated numbers making this Wheel easier and cheaper to play. Lets use the the numbers from above in our sample wheel. This website has produced hundreds of winning numbers and it will continue to provide you the edge you need to "Hit the Number"! I have been interested in lotteries and statistics for awhile now and find it a fasinating subject. Click the last box above and see a report by an independent source and then be assured that this is the real deal.Let's face it, the reason why people play lottery games is to win money!!!

Once this became clear,the answer to winning more often was to understand the pattern better. So if 80% of the players using quick picks won half of the time and the remaining 20% who pick their own numbers won the other half, then which group has the advantage? This is the site where you can win money, real cash money, the reason why you play the lottery. All you need to do is "mix up" the last 3 days of results by using your favorite wheeling system or simply compile numerous sets of 5 numbers using a combination of the last 15 balls that were drawn.
For all the female lottery players, would you rather have a 90% advantage or a 1 in 1000 chance of winning? This shows that your odds of winning are dramatically increased when you know more and have a better understanding of how lottery numbers works. Do you know when its better to play more odd than even numbers or more high than low numbers or how the sums of numbers are a factor in your number selection? If you really want a way to win money, then continue through the site and see for yourself, proof of real winning tickets below showing different games won using this formula. Do you know the relevance of hot or cold numbers or how to use sister numbers or traveling numbers, all of these concepts play a part in any lottery game.This is where formulas come into play. All good formulas take these factors into consideration which gives the 20% who pick their own numbers a greater advantage.
There are hundreds if not thousands of lottery sites that say they have the secret for winning the lottery, but during a search of the internet, some of them are using this site to promote theirs. So don't be fooled by the copy cats.Winning lottery numbers are what you get here for any game you play.
When you began winning use the comment box on the "what's new" page to let others know that this formula works.

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