Many parents and teachers avoid presenting The Solar System to younger children as they feel the material is too complicated. The Solar System is primarily comprised of the Sun and the 8 planets (Pluto, since 2006, is no longer classified as a planet). Of all the moons in our Solar System, the Earth’s moon is the only one that children can see in the night sky.
Materials needed:  Trix® or other round colored cereal (the swirled Trix® really look like miniature planets), 4 bowls, spoons or tweezers (to transfer), and a tray.

In order to help our children better understand the planets, we asked each of them to create the Sun and the 8 planets out of Wikki Stix.
Materials needed:  Numbered Playdough Mats Printable (linked above) and playdough or Wikki Stix. Extension for older students:  Have students try to read the number words on each line (pages 5-6 of the pdf) and place that many planet balls in each row. Extension for older students #2: Use the addition or subtraction equations (pages 7-8 of the pdf) to figure out how many planets are needed in each row.

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