Back in mid-2015, a video surfaced on the Internet that appeared to show Planned Parenthood employees discussing the illegal sale of fetal tissues to undercover activists. About The Black Youth ProjectThe Black Youth Project examines the attitudes, resources and culture of the young black millennials.
Priests for Life, Stand True Youth Outreach and Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust sponsored a large youth presence at Planned Parenthood abortion mill on January 24th. Praying outside of the Planned Parenthood in DC., may God bless all Mothers, Fathers, and the precious unborn.
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Before the hideous fence went up, someone formed the sign of the cross out of large rocks on the hillock facing Planned Parenthood. One of my first assignments was to head over to PP and snap some pictures of the newly erected wall of shrubbery [WAV] going up along the sidewalk where we've been praying. The Aurora police did a great job of keeping the peace and defending our First Amendment rights—that is, until the near the end of the Rally, when Police Chief William Powell and Corporation Counsel Alayne Weingartz came on the scene. On Tuesday, the Government Operations Committee, under acting chairman Stephanie Kifowit, refused to send on to the Committee of the Whole a non-binding resolution proposed by Alderman Chris Beykirch which would call upon the State of Illinois to enact and enforce a parental notification law.
The little crosses in this photo were dug up out of the dirt around Planned Parenthood and tossed in the gutter by a couple of employees one day during the 40-day vigil. Folks seemed to appreciate the open discussion thread last Wednesday, so I thought I'd make it a regular Wednesday feature. This will be the fifth City Council meeting in a row at which pro-life citizens have stood up to speak on the issues. The Parental Notice ordinance is an important piece of legislation that affects all of you in a personal way. If you are following other blogs here, you are aware of the decision by the Portland School Committee in Maine to allow distribution of birth control products in King Middle School in Maine. The Archdiocese of Chicago (currently running the Chicago 40-Days For Life Prayer Vigil) invited Youth For Truth to hold a Pro-Life Youth Rally in Chicago. When the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic opened a few weeks back, I’m certain that Mayor Weisner, Steve Trombley and the pro-aborts expected us to go home and consider the case over. I attended last week’s City Council meeting and was quite honestly surprised to see so many pro-lifers out in force to maintain pressure on the Mayor and to support life. With growing limits on citizen speeches during council meetings, I asked those outside if they had any messages for the Mayor… and did they!
Families Against Planned Parenthood » Blog Archive » Live from the March for Life! He says we need to remember that life is just as important in the womb, in schools, in prison, overseas, wherever life is present, life is precious and sacred.

The senator reminds us that our real enemy in the fight for life is death and fear and despair.
We are reminded of the importance of the upcoming presidential race and Senator Brownback expresses hope about getting a pro-life president this time around.
A: Missouri has embryonic stem cell research legislation coming up, as well as other states.
Senator Brownback also thinks we need to encourage getting poorer people into family structures to build the foundation of our nation and help people get out of poverty. He thinks we (specifically republicans) need to put more emphasis on how we're going to deal with the poverty problem. That was the last question, but it was a real privilege to see a pro-life power house like Senator Brownback!
15 states adopted abortion clinic regulation laws and three states enacted laws forbidding anyone from coercing a woman into an abortion. In the first two weeks of 2007 we have already seen over 100 new abortion regulation bills introduced into state legislatures and more to come! All in all it seems that laws (even like the Parental Notification Ordinance we're going to try to pass in Aurora) do have an actual, significant effect on the number of abortions.
Judie says that, though they've made great progress in the last 25 years, we have a long way to go in the pro-life movement. Off topic, but when I read this article a few moments ago, it really made me think about parental notification.
Many thanks to all of the bloggers who were our guests today at FRC for the 2008 Blogs for Life conference.
I just got back last night from escorting 32 high school juniors and seniors to Washington for the March. Please add the link for the Virtual march for Life for those who cannot make it and would like to be counted by legislators.
Well, a Texas grand jury has indicted the two responsible for making the video on multiple counts.
The remind me of those ikthys fishes etched into the walls of ancient cities by our Christian ancestors. Today, Beykirch called a special meeting of the Buildings, Grounds and Infrastructure Committee to discuss the issue.
The City Council meeting was once again packed with citizens demanding that the Mayor enforce Aurora laws and shut down the clinic.
Many citizens no longer have a voice in Aurora City Council meetings, but they were still eager to send a message, even a small one, to the Mayor. I am very excited that, though I arrived at Blogs for life a little late, I made it in time for Senator Sam Brownback, one of our fiercest pro-life politicians.
Senator Brownback reminds us about the scientific triumphs of the past year and warns us of the looming threat of genetic manipulation that could mix human and animal DNA and pass that on to future generations.

He says one of the things most quickly leading people to poverty is to get people into marriage and families. The Senator says we must return to a strict constructionist view that returns the supreme court to its proper role as a court, not a legislative body.
Apparently, both abortion restriction laws proposed and abortion laws enacted went up last year! At least 9 states considered partial birth abortion bans and Louisiana actually enacted one! Between 1992 and 2000 we have seen an incredible increase in abortion restriction legislation on the state level.
New also thinks that these 24 or 48 hour waiting periods some states have tried are good, but not enough. Judie Brown, director of the American Life League (ALL), talks about their organization's focus on education. But the scene outside of city hall was equally compelling, as crowds of pro-lifers gathered to protest the Mayor’s actions and pray for the clinic to close. Also, he hopes that states will begin examining the conditions in abortion clinics, if only on a sanitation level.
This, he says, is a fundamental necessity if we're to support the welfare of this nation. There has been a lot of incremental progress that helps to curb the total number of abortions.
New, who is a very very smart guy and has done an unbelievable amount of research on how effective abortions restrictions have been, feels that they have been very effective.
They try not to work on things like legislation and other ways of doing pro-life work, they focus on raising the awareness of the American public regarding the real humanity of the un-born child. I'll be updating wherever I have internet access, beginning with the Blogs for Life Conference, where I am right now.
He again affirms the importance of having a pro-life president to get pro-life justices on the supreme court. He overwhelmed us with mountains of data and bar graphs all of which add up to less abortions due to all of the various restriction methods states have tried. Cardinal Rigali rocked the Basilica with his homily at the Vigil Mass and the Silent No More testimonies really moved all of our teens.

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