Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Agile portfolio administration helps groups and directors to understand the actual potential to subsequently perform their tasks successfully. Corporate Learning and Development departments are seeing the value of offering corporate training via our Global Markets Academy.
Capital Market Simulator, Portfolio Management Simulator, Fixed Income Trading Simulator, Forex Trading Simulator, Real News Trading Simulator and Option Strategy Analyzer. Integrating our simulation platforms into your finance and economic courses can greatly assist your students in mastering the complexity of the financial markets. Technology Enable Learning– We live in a dramatically evolving technological and knowledge society. At CapitalWave, it is not our place to debate the merits of the meaning but the phrase “communication technology” leaves out the learning dimension and that ultimately is what technology enabled learning is all about. Technology Enabled Learning (TEL) is the ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources. With our DNA in corporate training, we know first hand the value of using simulations to aid in the learning process.
Simulations allow for the ability to experiment with alternative strategies for portfolio investing, Forex trading, fixed income trading and equity trading.
If you have not seen or given consideration to this innovative delivery, then you may find your firm falling behind the industry leaders.
Imagine yourself as an owner of large enterprise or self entrepreneur who wants to know the asset value of your company so that you can make an effective investment.
Calculating your stock portfolio is an important task and all the investments of your company any form must be outlined that is whether it’s in the form of bonds and stocks as well as in certain cases it’s also include property owned by company.
Profit maximization is a major motive of each business which can be achieved through good investment.

Proper information regarding financial condition of company helps in making better decisions for the business.
Proper information regarding money n banks and hand helps in making beneficial decisions for company.
Effective portfolio performance as well as by monitoring stock in hands and in store helps in risk reduction as market trends can be followed quickly and easily.
However different types of time span is adopted by different companies for portfolio calculation, some are likely to focus on more frequent measuring as others prefer some long term span. Traders and business adopting this type not becomes me confident over their decisions as they rely on current market trend as well demand in present time which may be effected due to other factors like customer unaware of the product or undeveloped housing society right now. They don’t rely the importance of time as it will get some time to customer becoming aware of their product and then responding to it.
PMO ME was established in 2011 in Dubai, UAE as the MENA region’s thought leader for project management and governance. PMO ME is a PM consulting company that provides consultancy services including assessment, portfolio management, establishing PMO, project audit, tender management, and outsourcing by following international standards. Today with the accessibility of coordinated administration preparing suppliers on the web, you can undoubtedly take up far reaching dexterous preparing according to your need and accessibility of time.
Our Digital Learning Environment (or DLE) uses the popular MOOC learning-framework to delivery training to geographically dispersed staff is a cost effective method to deliver training. In common parlance, technology is a tool; at least communication technology, to the average person, means computers, Internet, online video, mobile phones, iPhones, iPads and tablets.
Project management comprises the way in which projects are organized, prepared, scheduled, implemented and completed.
Performance in excel is identification of all these assets in excel as well as their calculation. Excel template for this purpose can be updated and modified easily as adding or deleting existing information and names.

Time is of major importance in business therefore less frequent checking is better than recent checking.
Project management is the work of Project Leaders and generally includes various sub-projects with associated teams and Team Leads. Business decisions are mostly made for long term purposes however in this case of more frequent performance evaluating it may helps in making effective short term decisions.
This helps in calculating stock portfolio performance exactly and useful and effective decisions can be made by management for increasing profit and reducing risks. PMO ME provides wide range of training courses to help your project management team and practice achieving business benefits from your organization initiatives and projects.
Coach can help your staff following project management best practices processes, methods, and templates to accelerate the effectiveness of major change initiatives that impact the entire organization.
The standard Oxford dictionary definition of technology is “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes”.
Stock control sheet of month shows all the names of items as well as their quantity in stock. We can provide customized tailored trainings that fit your nature of projects, industry, and culture.
Naturally, knowledge of methods and techniques is necessary but perhaps a greater role is reserved for soft skills, management skills and a professional attitude. Innovations and change are vital to keep your organization effective and capable of keeping pace with new developments.
All these courses are recognized internationally as standards and are based on structured methods for effective Project & Program Management, developed using best practices.

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