The Portuguese Economic Journal aims to publish high-quality theoretical, empirical, applied or policy-oriented research papers on any field in economics. Created by a team of experts working for 15 years in the lighting and energy sectors , and since 2002 in LED technology, Novaday offers both services and innovative solutions to improve the energy performance of businesses. Novaday innovates through cooperative programs with industry, universities and research centers to provide services and efficient lighting products, customized products at competitive prices, Novaday aims to help you respond to economic and ecological challenges by a single decision. At Montargil, in the north of Alentejo, we can find a farm at the edge of a dam, named Herdade do Gamoal. It has 2ha cultivated land, where since 2007 grow in organic production, the herbs for infusions and teas which this farm sells. On our website women can easily and playfully design their own ballerinas with our 3D-configurator by choosing from one of our four basic models, a huge selection of materials, colors, accessories, design elements and much more. The individually designed shoes are hand made upon order by our Portuguese manufacturer and sent directly to the end customer. Thanks to the regional proximity of our suppliers, we are able to deliver the customized ballerinas within only 3 weeks. Kelly Services is currently ranked 441 in the Fortune 500 list of AmericaA’s largest companies. She makes ceramic painting workshops for children and adults at her studio, or at the invitation of schools and other public and private institutions.
The most important work are large panels that can be found in private collections and public buildings in Beijing (China), Toronto (Canada), Basel (Switzerland) and Ponta Delgada (Azores). Being in Portugal for more than 108 years, Siemens is a leader in the supply of engineering solutions in Industry, Energy, Healthcare and Infrastructures &Cities sectors. Panicongelados was constituted in 1994, its origins are a family run business with decades of experience in traditional bakery and pastry products.
The conjugation between the mastery of traditional production methods, acquired over more than 30 years of experience, and the incorporation of technological innovations to the processes, made of Panicongelados one of the pioneers in the production of deep-frozen bakery and pastry products. Panicongelados has a wide range of deep-frozen bakery and pastry products, prepared through industrial processes that always respect the quality, aroma, taste and textures of the traditional recipes.
The company Cost Killer was born out of the idea of helping managers to save time in analyzing the fixed costs for cost cuttings, thus concentrating on the operational part of the business. Our specialty focuses on reducing fixed costs of the company, thereby freeing up funds for other areas and investments. The fees for our services are only paid according to the successful cost reduction achieved.
In addition to our expertise in cost reduction, we also offer consulting services and management support.
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In the year 2000 we, the Swiss families Bernhard and Zehnder, came to the Alentejo region, the centre of Southern Portuguese olive oil production. For the exceptional quality of our oils, we achieved numerous prestigious awards, of which we emphasize the prize as The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Organic Farming in Marco Oreggiaa€™s guide to the world best extra virgin olive oils.
Our expertise fields are focused in certified welding, thermal and hydraulic power plants, erection of steam boilers and steam installations, design, fabrication and assembly of metal structures, supply of all kinds of piping, its accessories and respective thermal insulation. Founded in September 2005, agap2 is an European organization in the areas of Information Systems, Science and Technology, and a reference in the world of Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Industry, Pharmaceuticals and Energy.
Focused in innovation, agap2 is oriented to create a real value for its costumers and consultants. Founded in 2001, Digitalbrain is a company specialized in the fields of market research, performance evaluation, Political consulting, and political and public polls as well.
The company offers to their clients a complete spectrum of integrated solutions, from exploratory studies, market opportunity analysis, service quality evaluation, costumera€™s satisfaction evaluation and prospective analysis for strategic corporate decision-making by means distinct methodologies and data collection and analysis techniques. Through different projects in the context of strategic growth, we have contributed to the development and optimization of several organizations in different business sectors. Primesofta€™s business area Outsourcing RH offers specialist consultants in a large variety of technologies. STUCKY AtlA?ntico is the Portuguese branch of STUCKY Group, concentrating its activities in energy production systems, transmission, distribution and use of water and energy. Established in 2010, STUCKY AtlA?ntico has been involved in some of the main challenges Portugal is facing, in particular in the field of Dams. With a flexible managerial structure of project-oriented engineering teams, STUCKY AtlA?ntico provides services in consultancy, engineering and project management, from planning to commissioning as well as during the entire lifetime of the installations.
Profidata Group is a Swiss provider of investment and wealth management software for the financial service industry.

Over 70 clients in Europe use the software products XENTIS and e-AMIS of the Swiss company that was founded in 1985. Today the group headquarters and software development centre are located in Urdorf (near Zurich). The software systems XENTIS and e-AMIS are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the front, middle and back offices.
Ambienti D'Interni is a company dedicated to design, manufacturing and assembly of interiors, development of 3D projects, installation of equipment, profiles of laminated plaster, storage systems for vehicles and modular homes.
The combination of a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience, broad technical knowledge and propensity for innovation, allows the company to keep abreast of latest developments, trends and innovation, aiming at full satisfaction of customer requirements, striving always to exceed their expectations.
The Portuguese Civil Aviation Pilots’ Union ( SPAC) has issued a 24 hour strike announcement for August 9. SPAC’s president, Jaime Prieto, made a public statement remarking that the strike is a protest against the “coercion and persecution” within the working environment  at TAP Air Portugal. The decision was taken at a general union meeting after the conflict between workers and management has intensified in recent weeks. TAP Air Portugal has cancelled 37 flights this past week due to the failure in the delivery of six new aircraft that should have been delivered in July.
TAP Air Portugal is Portugal’s national flag carrier, operating in the United States from Newark (NJ) and Miami (FL). The Lisbon MBA International is a joint project between the two top business schools in Portugal, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa and Universidade Nova de Lisboa. The Business School at Universidade Catolica also accredited with AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA has been ranked amongst the Top European Business Schools according to the London based Financial Times. Basic structure of the conceptual model Figure 1 represents the conceptual model developed and adopted in the prospective study.
Driving forces identified in selected global prospective studies For the classification of external and internal variables listed in Tables 2 and 3, a squared matrix (variables x variables) was fulfilled by experts from Brazilian Science and Technology (S&T) Community specially invited by CGEE for this purpose. Context variables Conclusions The aim of this paper was to emphasize the importance of understanding and anticipating the global driving forces and the key factors that directly influence the diffusion of emergent technologies into industrial configurations and processes. Scenarios and diffusion of emergent technologies: focus on the energy sector References BERGEK, A.
Through audits and personalised support, ita€™s possible to significantly reduce operating costs through lighting and be part of a sustainable development approach.
At the same time, there is business experience at international level in order to meet the needs of international clients. At that time we decided to attempt our luck as producers of organic olive oil and bought a 90ha property with old olive trees. Its fields of expertise are metal structures, pipe work, welding, insulation, mechanical lining, lifting platforms, heating systems, HVAC systems and fencing building. Its capacity to act globally allied to a high experience and deep technical, functional and business know-how, guarantee a response of excellence to the most demanding and complex challenges. We have reached a situation where passengers pay for a TAP ticket and end up flying on charter companies that they don’t know and that we don’t know,” he said.
The company has been leasing aircraft and crews from outside carriers to minimize the inconvenience. Both Portuguese universities hold the triple crown accreditation of AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB – a renowned International Management Schools’ accreditation.
The geographical reference in the name of the journal only means that the journal is an initiative of Portuguese scholars. The judgments were based on analysis of previous prospective studies, as follows: (i) five global prospective studies, and (ii) several sectorial prospective studies.
The Novaday team designs and markets professional-quality products, tested and certified by DEKRA laboratory. KellyA® offers a comprehensive array of outsourcing and consulting services as well as world-class staffing on a temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct-hire basis.
She has made exhibitions in Museums and at Galleries since 1996 until today in Portugal and Switzerland. Shaping and exploiting technological opportunities: the case of renewable energy technology in Sweden. Serving clients around the globe, Kelly provides employment to more than 560,000 employees annually.
Since then we have worked tirelessly in the olive groves, planted new trees and built our own processing plant, equipped with the latest technology. The scenario-building exercises developed during the participative phase have generated important insights concerning challenges of current situation and have also showed which new technologies are relevant for governments, companies, and other stakeholders to face the challenges.
It was assumed that the evolution of these sectors based on the diffusion of emergent technologies would have a great impact on the achievement of the vision for a sustainable future in 2030.

This allows us to process the olives, harvested during the months of November and December, as quickly and gently as possible to extra virgin olive oil. In many cases, these technologies will determine the development and restructuring of industries as never before.
These changes, in turn, will promote debates and revisions of current regulatory frameworks and corporate business models.
They were developed during an expert panel involving more than 60 representatives of the Brazilian government, universities, and industrial sectors. They could also help companies to establish their low carbon corporate strategies, and also academic institutions to define their sustainable R&D guidelines.
The purpose of this paper is to describe the evolutionary trajectories of these sectors, based on diffusion of the so-called emergent technologies in a time horizon of 20 years. The 2020 future scenes for these sectors were translated into new baseline (Base line 1, in Figure 1). The scenarios highlighted how a sustainable future can be supported by emergent technologies, considering social, economic, and political forces, and can provide decision-makers with information relevant to their future strategic choices. The emergence of a growth industry: a comparative analysis of the German, Dutch and Swedish wind turbine industries. Content analysis of the five global studies listed in Table 1 allowed us to identify the main issues directly associated with emerging technologies and future industrial configurations. The findings concerning the remaining sectors can be found in the final report of the prospective study (CGEE, 2010). The application of the MICMAC tool helped to validate this list, confirming the adequacy of the original selection.
Or will technological advances be more incremental, concerning the improvement of existing technologies and businesses?
A detailed explanation of variables was indispensable to follow up the structural analysis and recognize relationships between the variables.
Which new industrial configurations will emerge as a result of the diffusion of innovations related to biotechnology, nanotechnology, green chemistry, and ICT? Objective and clear definitions helped to identify former changes, variables which started the evolutions, to characterize the present situation and to recognize trends or future ruptures.
Sectorial innovation systems: technological regimes, schumpeterian dynamics, and spatial boundaries.
To what extent the so-called emergent technologies will create or resolve ethical dilemmas?
It comprised seven external variables (associated to the context) and ten internal variables (related to the system).
Prospective studies help managers to understand the commercial potential of emerging technologies and to use this understanding to formulate objective and consistent policies and programs for the consolidation of new industrial configurations. They also contribute to the revision of appropriate regulatory frameworks surrounding the diffusion and incorporation of new technologies in products, processes and services in the future. National Intelligence Council, in 2002, (ii) "Global Scenarios 2025", which were prepared by Shell in 2005; and (iii) "Global Scenarios 2065", proposed by the Global Scenario Group as part of the normative study "Great Transition", published in 2002. At sectorial level, the main reference adopted was a prospective study titled "Vision 2050: the new agenda for business", which was published in 2010 by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.
According to Lipsor (2010), this form of analysis describes the system using a matrix which combines the constituent components of the system. It was assumed that the evolution of these sectors based on emergent technologies' diffusion and respective public policies would have a great impact on the achievement of a vision for a sustainable future in 2030.
Prospective study on industries of the future and emerging technologies: a vision for a sustainable future.
The MICMAC method consists of a program of matrix multiplication applied to direct relationships matrix, which allows to study the diffusion of impacts throughout the influence chain and feedback and, consequently, to rank more accurately the system variables. Its goal, as mentioned before, is to highlight the driving forces (the most influential) and also the most dependent, called "depending variables". Figure 3 represents the "influence-dependence chart", according to MICMAC method developed by Lipsor, in France (Lipsor, 2010). Finally, in the "Conclusive phase", the results of previous phases were consolidated in a final report entitled "Prospective study on industries of the future and emerging technologies: a vision for a sustainable future" (CGEE, 2010, in Portuguese). Constructive technology assessment and technology dynamics: the case of clean technologies.

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