You can start right now, you can listen to the recording and reprogram the subconscious mind to activate the Law of Attraction in health, wealth, relationships, and work.
It is our free gift just for visiting, and all you have to do is "unwrap" it by telling us where to send your instant access instructions. See All Our Audio Programs Watch this video and learn how to change your life with I AM Law of Attraction affirmations Affirmations change lives. The answer is in using powerful I AM affirmations, and I have created a series of recorded affirmation sessions that are designed to reprogram the mind for success and abundance.
The Ask, Believe, Receive Process Our thoughts are powerful, but our words put thought into action. I AM Affirmations Success comes from creating affirmations that are yours, that are owned by the subconscious mind, and spoken as truth.
Loving Kindness One of the most powerful of all meditations, is the Loving-Kindness Meditation. Each program includes an audio recording of affirmations specifically targeted to attract a specific desirable result. Each program contains multiple back ground tracks with various combinations of audible and subliminal vocals, soothing meditative music, and Theta frequency Brainwave Entrainment. A> There are many factors involved in learning to “manage” the Law of Attraction on one’s life.
You are GuaranteedI want you to be extremely happy with every product you buy from me, which is why I give a 'no hassle' money back guarantee. Improve your memory and ability to retain and recall information, facts, figures, places and dates, by boosting your alpha brainwave activity.
This extended 3 hour track is specifically designed for memorizing information over a longer study period.
The track stimulates your brainwaves to increase activity of the 10.2 Hz frequency in Alpha.

This session is based on a memory recognition study in 2006 by Jonathan Williams, Deepa Ramaswamy and Abderrahim Oulhaj. This isochronic tones session begins beating at 10.2Hz in Apha, where it holds for 6 minutes.
The main focus of the track is on boosting your Alpha brainwave activity, but I’ve also included periodic short bursts of low Beta stimulation, to help keep your concentration levels up and prevent you from getting too relaxed and drifting off. In addition to the relaxing, tranquil soundscapes, I’ve also included a couple of more upbeat tracks to give you some variety.
This track is suitable for listening to at any time during the day or evening, but it is not designed for using while you are asleep. It’s important to maintain a good level of hydration, especially when doing mental activities which require a high level of concentration, as your brain needs water to function well. If you do decide to wear headphones, most normal headphones will do, as you don’t need anything top of the range for it to work.
Memorization Study Aid is also available as part of the Study Aid Collection, which offers a package deal saving of 40% off. I have used my time to create affirmations for others, since fully recovering from my illness and I want to share with you these powerful recordings that can activate the Law of Attraction in your life.
There are people who say the Law of attraction has not worked for them, but we doubt they have asked through a positive process of I AM affirmations.
We are cleaning out the old negative thoughts, revealing the beautiful subconscious resources you possess. The more passionate you are about your desired result, the quicker things seem to manifest. Watch this short video and find out how to finally activate the Law of Attraction in your life.
After a serious brain tumor that doctors said was inoperable, I have my life - and believe it or not  - it is better than ever!

Action is required, and your belief will be magnified when you receive first in the small thing, and then in everything. And to create love from within and mentally share that love with others, and accept love in return. The goal is to help you focus your thoughts, energy, faith and beliefs onto the desired result. The human brain functions at various states, or frequencies, with each frequency band producing various results.
It shows you higher power, the universe, that you are grateful with what you are given, and then it will be given unto you. Be this, and say to yourself, "I AM Wealthy" and begin by noting now what you do have at this moment, not what you lack and be a success. The “Theta” frequency is the desired frequency for meditation and learning by becoming greater in tune with one’s subconscious faculties.
These audio affirmations programs will guide and assist you in reprogramming you subconscious. The commercials are programming your subconscious mind to believe that you, your life, is “incomplete” or “unhappy” and that by buying their product, you will “Be Happy”, Feel Better, Look younger, etc.
It is YOUR responsibility to focus on your desired results and have faith and a strong belief in the desired outcome.

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