Today I invite you to say yes to your bed-of-roses by repeating positive affirmations for success. These three simple things done on a daily basis will help develop excitement about your intentions, while erasing dreadful feelings of resistance. Eight Tips to Master Self-Actualization Self-care is essential to living an enjoyable life, but many times, we exert much of our energy towards helping others feel happy and loved. They are encouraging sentences that you read out loud to yourself every day to help raise your confidence. With time and with practise, eventually you’ll graduate from understudy to lead actress. Since posting these positive affirmations on my Instagram and Tumblr, I’ve had countless emails and comments from girls putting these affirmations in to practise. More recently some girls in Queensland were mowed down by a speeding motorist, one in particular was very badly injured.
If you’ve ever used my affirmations, please share your experience in the comments below or email me via this page. This summer, we sailed a sunfish sail boat, shot arrows for archery, developed photographs in a dark room, played a variation of volleyball, and cooked over a campfire … and that was just the first day! These little notes of affirmation quietly sent a positive message to everyone who noticed.
My daughter’s camp has a cult-like atmosphere wherein the girls truly feel that this is place where they can be who they are and that they will be accepted for it. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. I feel like her camp is a cult LOL but it is a wonderful place for developing young ladies! It’s YMCA Camp Chimney Corners for girls and YMCA Camp Becket for boys in the Berkshires, Massachusetts.

Multicultural Children’s Book Day Jan 27thMulticultural Children's Book Day is January 27th! Allow happiness, prosperity, and abundance to flourish in your life by believing in your right to experience these things.
You’ll become your own source of motivation, realizing you really can do anything you put your mind to. Activities such as making family meals, coordinating celebrations and taking part in extra-curricular activities help us satisfy the basic human need of belonging. As you start using them every day your mind will start forming a new habit, the habit of thinking positive, encouraging thoughts about you. Because you have become used to thinking negative thoughts automatically you have to start training your brain to start thinking more positive thoughts automatically.
Let’s re-write the script of your life where you give yourself the dazzling lead role. Most have been printed out and stuck on a mirror at home, a moodboard or above a desk at work. The idea is for me to shadow my daughter and participate in her life at camp; meeting her friends and their mothers, eating meals with her cabin, and participating in all her activities. At first, I thought no one really took the time to read them but then other moms mentioned the signs. I do think it was so empowering for my daughter to not care what she looks like or to submit to be judged for her appearance.
I tried clicking on the name you wrote but it didn’t take me to a summer camp website. Then, let’s bring it back home and look within -evaluating the choices we’ve made, (yes, please take responsibility), about the company we keep. If you feel that you are not ready to use any one affirmation or it makes you feel like you are lying to yourself then don't use it.

You are the heroin who saves the day (after all, no one else is going to ride up on a handsome horse and save you), so why not play her? Like the most practised method actor, you will become the heroine, making life of the words written in the script and grow into the strong woman who is in control of her life and of her thoughts. Saying these to yourself every morning is an extremely powerful way to invite in fresh, positive perspective. One of the other moms commented about the sign in the bathroom about not flushing down your dreams.
Because, when individuals do exceptional things, the world becomes a paramount place to be. Making a conscious effort to surround ourselves with inspirational and motivational people has tremendous benefit. These thoughts then become your reality, so the reason that affirmations work is because they train your brain to think positive things and expect positive things. As if The Universe heard my calls, a friend of mine worked with the pair and passed on my affirmation to her colleague still recovering in hospital. But all girls need to hear these kinds of affirmations … society and the media dog them with other negative messages incessently so it kind of balances that out.
Self esteem affirmations should always make you feel confident when you are using them.Second Write them all down on a piece of paper or print them out on your computer. She was struggling with how to deal with a new and unfamiliar body. I heard that my affirmation had been made the background to her phone and almost instantly my words inspired her to learn to love her body and completely shifted her perspective.

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