July 24, 2012By Kasley Killam - As my plane landed at the Toronto Pearson International Airport on Thursday, I looked out the window and saw large letters spelling “HAPPY” on the main terminal wall. The two-day conference began with an audio message from Martin Seligman, who noted that the CPPA is in fact the first North American positive psychology organization.
Robert Vallerand, who is the current president of the International Positive Psychology Association, delivered the opening keynote speech. For example, whereas people’s motive for moving is often a new job, Belic reprioritized after making the film and moved to a new city to be closer to his loved ones and hobbies. 1-3-2 rule: Dedicate one hour each day, three days each month, and two weeks each year to personal recovery, whether by participating in a rejuvenating activity (like yoga or reading), disconnecting from technology, or taking a trip with loved ones. The connection between well-being and mindfulness meditation, the self-discrepancy gap, nature, the creative economy, organizational culture, forgiveness, mothers with multiple sclerosis, intrinsic and extrinsic goals, and college students.
Positive psychology as relating to sports organizations, humor, halcyonic well-being, high-performance teams, the body, environmentally significant behaviors, music, and leadership in outdoor education.
Applications such as social-emotional leadership, building resilience, tools for couples, counselling, coaching, certification courses, clinical interventions, health care, appreciative inquiry, nursing mentorship, motivational interviewing, flourishing at work, and processing emotions. The conference was marked with novel discussions and ideas, new partnerships and friendships, and an overall advancement in positive psychology discourse. Special interest discussion groups at lunch tables, such as for psychologists, counselors, educators, organizations, and students.
Finally, two of the main conference organizers and CPPA board members, Louisa Jewell and Lisa Sansom, demonstrated many VIA strengths. Back at the Toronto Airport on Sunday, minutes from departure, I again gazed out the plane window at the main terminal.
Author’s Note: Interested in becoming a CPPA member or in learning more about the organization, positive psychology, and upcoming events (such as a call-in speaker series)?

Robert Vallerand’s research paper on goal-shielding is in press with the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
Your requested content delivery powered by FeedBlitz, LLC, 9 Thoreau Way, Sudbury, MA 01776, USA. Attending an ICF-approved program is recommended, but non-approved programs that meet ICF’s definition of coach-specific training are also accepted toward the training requirements once ICF has reviewed the course curriculum for an ICF Credential.
ICF recommends getting a credential, but coaching is not regulated by any country or state, so you are not required to get training or credentials. View a credential requirements chart detailing changes in the program starting April 1, 2014 here.
You can Mentor Coaches with the same level credential you hold or someone seeking a lower-level credential. You may purchase your application as soon as you have met all the requirements at the level of credential for which you are applying. We understand how busy your life is, but you can receive the education you deserve in a way that is suitable for you. Contact us today for more information about our programs by filling the contact application (link) and one of our admission counselors will contact you soon.  We look forward to hearing from you! Seligman also spoke about his current vision for the field, which centers on his interest in people being drawn toward the future rather than being pushed by the past. He distinguished between harmonious and obsessive passions, showing that both lead to practicing an activity and subsequently to improved performance, but that harmonious passion leads to positive results whereas obsessive passion can produce detrimental outcomes. Afterward, Robert Biswas-Diener gave a video-call commentary about the movie, its production, and his experiences with the director, Roko Belic, including how they personally changed as a result of the production. Biswas-Diener also answered questions from the audience and stated that he is shifting his research focus from courage to hospitality.

One particular strength of this event was people’s openness and approachability; presenters, board members, delegates, and volunteers equally mingled to create an integrated atmosphere.
The feat of organizing a top-notch conference in less than a year, with initially no money, while maintaining full-time careers, is indicative of perseverance, zest, teamwork, leadership, resilience, and hope. Army is the highest consumer of positive psychology, due to the University of Pennsylvania’s resilience training program.
For recommendations, you may join a Community of Practice in your specialty or find coaches in your specialty through the “Find a Coach” function on the ICF website. Less than half are in the United States and Canada, and most of those are in big cities or near the coasts. Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Health – FLICAH is an institute offering accessible, affordable, and innovative, high-quality center. Furthermore, Vallerand introduced his intriguing upcoming research on goal-shielding, where certain goals are protected from distracting information and other goals.
Notably, these can be triggered through supraliminal priming, in which individuals are aware of the cue but completely unaware of its effect on their behavior. The effect of primed goals on employee performance: Implications for human resource management.
Latham’s use of humor and animated story-telling perhaps left as strong an impression on me as his thought-provoking research. She worked as a research assistant at the University of Pennsylvania's Positive Psychology Center and is now the student representative for the Canadian Positive Psychology Association.

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