Tweet TweetFor many, daily positive affirmation statements are one of the first steps taken on the road to self improvement or self help but what is a personal affirmation of this kind supposed to do, and what should it consist of? I am honest and truthful with myself and others I can accomplish anything I set my mind to I am open minded I am true to myself I am smart and resourceful I treat others with respect and dignity I take care of my body and make healthy choices I am worthy of love Although the affirmations listed above may seem quite simple, they are perfect examples for those looking for more understanding, so that they can begin to create daily positive messages for their own mind that are more tailored to their own needs.
All week I have been talking about the importance of positive self-talk to help us improve our lives and our businesses. Today I want to share a super fun, creative way to cultivate an ongoing self-talk habit using I am statements.
The beauty of this project is that it is small and does not take too much time, allowing you to be creative and still have time to accomplish your daily to-do list. For this month’s project I chose to create daily affirmations using the “I Am” writing prompt in a small weekly planner.
First, start with the planner you have chosen to be your “journal” that you will use to create your I Am affirmations in. I love this idea of creating a daily affirmation journal and you can see Nichole Rae’s beautiful example in the image at the top of the post.
To help you write your I am statements, in case you are feeling stuck or finding it a challenge to think of anything positive, here is a list of powerful, positive words. I am also proud to be a wife and mom of two teens doing my best to maintain the balance in my life and in my business. Have been on the lookout for your posts this week, Minette, but somehow, every time I would scroll down, they just kept getting lost.

Amen to that Judy, would love ALL children to feel loved, supported and confident and help them understand how that it all starts with loving themselves.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Recent Commentsminette on 5 Ways to Connect to Creative Expressionminette on 5 Ways to Connect to Creative Expressionminette on 30 Ways to Boost Creative Confidence – Day 2: Ideas Listminette on Not Making a Profit in Your Business? I am beginning to settle into this time allowing my spirit to unfold into the process of creating. I have always loved using a planner though having a entire week in front of me can be overwhelming at times. Pick one that you want to embrace or randomly select a different one each day for your journal. I chose to use a small planner that I would just have for my affirmations though you can use your daily planner that you keep your calendar in as well.
It’s a statement pronouncing something positive about yourself that you don’t necessarily fully yet believe. I am an award-winning entrepreneur with close to 15 years experience in marketing, sales and education. You have to cultivate the habit, especially if you have a history of constantly belittling, demeaning or beating yourself up about everything from your body to your business.
Having a love for creating daily, I wanted to utilize my planner in a creative way and explore new journaling possibilities.

In my professional life, I am a coach, author, and speaker who is passionate about helping creative women entrepreneurs build profitable businesses. I love all of the roles I play and work every day to juggle all the balls that I am holding, sometimes I drop all the balls and drink a couple of glasses of wine. Can you imagine how young women would feel about themselves, if teachers gave them daily assignments to use these words about themselves in sentences! It should be in the present tense, stated as if it is already truth,and it should be specific.
Very specific to your desired outcome rather than of a general nature which covers a lot of things. I also wanted to find a way for me to connect with the weekly tasks in my planner, easing the anxious feelings that arise. Marianne goes on to give us some basic, sample affirmation statements which we can use in our own lives.
What are your own experiences with affirmations, do you have any favorite daily affirmation statements that you would like to share with our readers? We would love to hear your opinions, please tell us what you are thinking in the comments section below.

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