There were over a million Powerball winners, but unfortunately no one will be taking home jackpot check. Next Estimated Jackpots Next Estimated Jackpots Lottery Draw Date Jackpot Prize Wed, May 25, 2016$80 MillionEst. The South African Powerball a€“ SA Powerball a€“ is the biggest and latest game to appear in the South African Lottery portfolio and the one that generally offers the largest lottery jackpot.
The National Lottery South Africa a€“ Lotto SA a€“ that we see today was introduced in the year 2000 and it has more participating players than any other from of wagering and gambling in South Africa. Uthingo was the first organisation that operated and organised a South African Lotto which is now run by Gidani a€“ a company that was formed in 2005 to tender for the license to administer South African National Lottery games. Games offered by the National Lottery South Africa include the ever popular South African Lotto, SA Lotto PLUS, Sportstake, Wina Manje scratch cards and the most popular South Africa Lottery game that we will be looking at more closely here a€“ the South African Powerball a€“ SA Powerball.
The first lottery tickets for the Powerball South Africa were put on sale on Friday 16th October 2009 with the very first South African Powerball draw taking place on Friday 23rd October 2009. The Powerball South Africa is drawn twice every week by the National Lottery South Africa a€“ on Tuesdays and Fridays with draws taking place at 21.30 and being shown live on SABC2. Jackpots for the SA Powerball start off at a guaranteed minumum of R 3 Million and each time that the South African Powerball jackpot is not won a€“ it will rollover to the next draw until there is a winner a€“ which can lead to some incredibly large jackpot amounts.
The South African Powerball game uses a double matrix similar to other Powerball games around the world such as the huge US Powerball, the Powerball Australia and the New Zealand Powerball. If you successfully match all of the 5 main numbers drawn plus the Power Ball then you will be the winner of a South African Powerball jackpot prize.
Each of the two sets of numbers are drawn from two separate drawing machines using lottery balls that are precision made from solid rubber a€“ first the 5 main numbers are drawn followed by the 1 Power Ball.

In addition to the South African Powerball jackpot a€“ there are also 7 other ways in which you can win on this South Africa Lottery game a€“ meaning that there are a huge number of prizes to be won twice every week. Powerball South Africa numbers online and purchase your tickets from anywhere in the world. The South African Powerball is drawn every week by the National Lottery South Africa on both Tuesdays and Fridays at 9.30pm.
You can check the latest South African Powerball Results at any time by clicking the link here or by watching the Powerball draw live on SABC2 at 9.30pm on Tuesdays and Fridays.
You can also easily find any past SA Powerball Results plus other South African Lotto results by revisiting Global Lottery Review at any time where they are always available to view. The odds of winning on the SA Powerball from the National Lottery South Africa are very good when compared to many lotteries around the world and with 8 different ways to win the lottery a€“ this means that there lots of prizes to be won every week. The chances of you winning a South Africa Powerball jackpot by successfully matching the 5 main numbers plus the Power Ball are 1 in 24.43 million a€“ for these odds you could be one of the Powerball South Africa top prize winners. For one of the 2nd level prizes a€“ the odds of you winning come in at 1 in 1.28 million for matching 5 of the main Powerball numbers.
Your chances of winning a 3rd division prize is 1 in 122,176 for matching 4 of the main numbers plus the Power Ball and for a prize in the 4th division the odds are 1 in 6,430 for matching just 4 of the main numbers. For a 5th division prize the odds of winning are 1 in just 3,133 for matching 3 of the main numbers plus the Power Ball with the odds of you winning on the 6th division being only 1 in 165 for matching just 3 of the main numbers. For a 7th division prize your odds of winning are 1 in 247 for matching 2 of the main numbers plus the Power Ball and for a prize in the final a€“ 8th division a€“ the winning odds are just 1 in 53 for matching only 1 of the main numbers plus the Power Ball. The 3rd largest win to have been achieved on the Powerball SA so far has been the fantastic R 69.54 Million won on July 13th 2010 by a 29 year old married Father from the Western Cape.

The 4th biggest jackpot to be won so far on the South African Powerball has been the R 64 Million won by a 34 year old Father of 2 from the Limpopo province on Tuesday October 12th 2010. The 5th highest lottery jackpot win on the National Lottery South Africa a€“ Powerball SA a€“ has been the R 61.26 Million won on December 8th 2015.
For any SA Lotto or Powerball prize you will need to claim your prize within 365 days of the draw taking place before your lottery ticket will become invalid. If you have won a South African Powerball prize of up to R 2,000 a€“ you will be able to claim your prize at any South Africa National Lottery retail outlet the day after the draw. If you have become the lucky winner of more than R 50,000 on the National Lottery South Africa Powerball a€“ you must claim your prize at one of the offices of the National Lottery South Africa having completed a Claim Form and provided proof of identity. You needna€™t worry if you play lottery online with one of the genuine and authorised online lottery ticket sale companies like TheLotter a€“ as part of their role is to look after all these details for you a€“ making sure that you receive your SA Lotto winnings directly and quickly. 34% of all revenue generated by the National Lottery South Africa is paid over to the National Lottery Distribution Fund a€“ NLDT a€“ for onward distribution to a variety of good causes that will benefit from Lotto South Africa funding. Various organisations benefit from revenue raised by National Lottery South Africa games a€“ with a major beneficiary being reconstruction and development projects which in turn provide a much better quality of life for many citizens of South Africa. The Oklahoma Lottery has had four Powerball jackpot winners and this prize is the 30th prize of $1 million or more, since its launch. Main in Ada.The Powerball winning numbers results are 8, 24, 39, 49, 59, and the red Powerball number is 5.

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