Giving an effective presentation requires two major steps; one that the presentation should be well planned and prepared, and secondly the confidence level and appearance of the presenter should be appealing. The proper spacing and ambience is also very important to deliver your presentation effectively. Day and time matters greatly as it helps you to understand the mood, and the capacity of the audience to listen and understand.
Add the a€?WOWa€? factor in your presentations, pump up your confidence, learn to entertain and engage your audience as well as convey serious information at the same time. The thought of giving a presentation in front of an audience can make even the most seasoned professionals uncomfortable. Work Better Training equips people to become expert presenters, who are articulate and passionate. Our Presentation Skills Training programs are tailored in-house to address specific issues within your company.
Our tools are practical, interactive and easy to internalize immediately, irrespective of the scale of the presentation. We understand that organising content and managing flow is as important as the delivery of a presentation. Work Better Training programs help speakers capitalise on their strengths and become excellent presenters who can capture the power of the moment to persuade, inform, inspire and even entertain.
A working professional is generally required to give a presentation sometime or the other in his career.
After going through the basic training for enhancing presentation skills, even the most talented and experienced presenters can fail to motivate their audience. Working in the BFSI (Banking & Financial Industry), will make you come across mind boggling data with lots of numbers and statistics. Sales presentations, if anything less than powerful, professional, polished, and focused on the needs of your clients; will land you in the right place. A structured prepared and oral form of communication, purposeful interactive formal and audience oriented. Preparing presentation involves developing the central ideas, gathering materials, planing visual and organizing the matter.
Delivery of the presentation is the key to a successful job done and requires certain amount of practice and also understanding the key facets of the human body which deserve attention in presentation skills.

There are many presentation ideas, to start with, work to create a presentation that suits your natural style.
Record your presentation as you run through your main points and you will be able to tell if you sound engaging or very nervous. According to experts in the field of communication training, presentation skills includes not only, aspects relating to non-verbal skills, etiquette and grooming, but also other factors such as listening and speaking. Body movement: This includes the movement of the body such as shrugs and shuffles, arms crossed or left lose, strides or standing in one position.
So for the purpose of this article we will discuss the planning and preparing of the presentation.
A few points to keep in mind with respect to your audience is the demographics, size, level of knowledge, their motivation to listen to you, why they are attending the presentation and what they expect. The number of seats and attendees, the seating arrangements, proper lighting, visual and audio equipment are some of the aspects that need to be well thought out and checked well in advance.
When someone presents well, it sends the message that the person is capable, confident, intelligent, and competent. We understand the objective of the presentations being made, the profile of the participants and the audience to be addressed. We start with the basics, work on various elements of the content and help design extremely effective slides and presentations.
Perhaps you have found humour works well for you, maybe you like to create powerful, interactive presentations, or perhaps your strengths lie in your sincerity and product knowledge.
If you are using PowerPoint, then just add relevant bullet points so that it jogs your memory as you speak.
This can help you to get used to making eye contact, knowing how you look at certain times, checking that the tension in your body is not making your shoulders perch ungainly under your ears.
The following six points are major steps that need to be taken for an effective presentation. Once these questions are answered you can make sure that your idea or concept gets through to the audience.
Every presentation needs a proper outline and the story board or multimedia should also be precisely made to emphasize on the important points. Timing of the presentation is very important as you do not want to over or under do your presentation.

It can be especially nerve-wracking if you are not familiar with the necessary techniques that enable you to stand up in front of people and to perform. Whatever your natural skill set, don’t rest on your laurels but practise your timing, any humour and complete delivery, until you know it off by heart. Never fall into the trap of writing copious amounts because those listening to you will simply be reading off of the screen too, and this equals feelings of boredom.
Practise smiling and enjoy the warmth emanates from your eyes otherwise your smile will simply look false. Performing in front of an audience, large or small can actually help because you can use the energy in the room to fuel your session.
The idea and the concept should be clear in your mind for a good and effective presentation. Visual aids are very important in delivering the presentation effectively and getting through to the audience.
If it is possible then rehearse in the actual room of the main presentation so that you are familiar with the surroundings and comfortable with them.
But don’t worry, these presentation skills can be learned, providing you have a little bit of time on your side, you can practise and deliver a perfect presentation.
If you have concerns about your ability to hold the audiences’ attention, then it may be worthwhile attending an event that deals with effective communication and that will boost your confidence at the same time. The first few sentences are the hardest, but once you have warmed up, you will settle into the moment and your natural presentation skills will become apparent.
There are plenty of events around but choose one that is run professionally and with an engaging speaker.
You don’t need to stand still, frozen to the spot, if you have the stage, make the most of it.
Don’t be put off by the body language of those seated in front of you, instead focus on the job in hand and keep your voice steady. You may be terrified that your voice will sound squeaky with nerves, but just breathe deeply and slow your voice.

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