Milton spoke passionately about Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce and how new music trends are like.
When I coached Milton one to one on his presentation skills, I suggested that he could consider using terms like Taylor Swift is the Celine Dion of 90s, whilst Beyonce is like the Toni Braxton of the 90s.
The directors and staff of a Singapore based renovations company attended the in house customised Impactful Presentations Skills Workshop in Aug 2015. They worked hard at it, and they came back 2 weeks later with another group in house presentation skills training (in Singapore)  – their story and their selling proposition was significantly strengthened, and we could then focus on their delivery styles. In 2015, this education company organised an in house  Effective Presentation Skills Training Workshop for their training staff – they create materials and train teachers and educators. Their challenge was how to make it interesting for their audience who are teachers, who are used to taking the lead in public speaking in classes. Are you seeking to be a more confident presenter so that you can impress the people you want to impress?

Are you hoping to improve your public speaking skills because you have lost many business opportunities? Are you seeking an in-house customised presentation skills training workshop for your team?
Contact Tan Teck Kim today if you too wish to improve your confidence and start connecting with your audience. This entry was posted in Presentation Skills Tips, Public Speaking Course in Singapore and tagged effective presentation skills course, FIRO Trainer Singapore, FIRO-B Trainer, how to improve public speaking, MBTI Trainer Singapore by Tan Teck Kim. This two day programme is designed for Business Leaders, Relationship Managers, Account Managers and Sales Professionals.
This is a practical programme where participants work on live business cases and sharpen their presentation skills within the group, gaining expert feedback in a 'safe space'.
Two-day workshop where participants initially deliver the presentation prepared as pre-work.

It has produced outstanding results for clients in industries that include Financial Services, Capital Goods, Property and Media.
Anyone could have said those statements and they don’t add any value to the audience. In short, study and carefully craft out their unique selling proposition with short stories or evidence. He also uses MBTI, FIRO, FIRO-B, Colored Brain Communication to help teams and professionals improve communication and enhance communication effectiveness.

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