Assigning tasks to the four quadrants is a good way to quickly make a plan for the day - especially the first day after vacations. Time management is one of the popular topics we train our client organizations at Learning Dynamics. Reactive approaches typically find us on the work treadmill, sweating and straining to keep up while never getting anywhere. A critical skill among successful time managers is the ability to say “no” to certain activities.
A good indicator of whether a person is functioning at his or her level – and hopefully above – is the occasional check-in with that person’s job description.
The sad truth is that many young professionals have never been exposed to the ideas of planning and prioritization and have no idea how to do it. Learning Dynamics can help your company inspire better productivity and effectiveness with time management training. This entry was posted in Coaching, Time Management and tagged burn out, effectiveness, planning, prioritization, productivity on September 16, 2015 by admin. My blog aims to offer efficient solutions to problems and situations entrepreneurs and business men may face in their daily work. Home > Organization - 12,206 views 13-10-2012 The eisenhower box: save your time by prioritizing your tasks How do you define which task to start with and which one to put aside?
Eisenhower would have said "What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important". A task might be Urgent (has to be done within today, for example) but not Important (its impact is very limited). Also, a task might be Important (greatly influence the future of your company, for example) but not Urgent (the meeting to present this task will not take place before a month at least). Based on this understanding, we can place our different tasks in a 2 dimensions box called the "Eisenhower box". To optimal solution would be to use the Eisenhower box each time you get a new task in order to estimate what to do with this task. That way, you keep only tasks that make sense for you to handle and know immediately what type of priority you should give it, if any.
If you wish to go for a real life-change, I suggest you read "The Power of Habit" that will give you keys to life management. Tags: eisenhower box task management prioritize tasks tasks priorities urgent important Was this article useful to you? I recently wrote a book, Project Mom with my co-author Bianca Elizalde.  In one of our preliminary meetings to discuss the book’s contents we agreed on the basics such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, food, health and so on. Most mommy manuals don’t contain much information on taking care of mom and tend to focus on the baby.
You may be nodding your head in agreement right now, but thinking that there is no room in your schedule for Me Time.
So, before you reach that stressful stage of mommy burnout, remember to schedule in some Me Time.
The cut of a diamond refers to its proportions and finish, both of which are used to capture and reflect light. It also works for 'Mail Box'-type exercises found in job assessments (you get a heap of taks and have to prioritize or allocate resources, and of course you have too little of everything).
Managers and senior executives recognize their teams need the training and individual contributors and first-line supervisors realize they need it.
Urgency created in a reactive environment can burn people out and leave them frustrated as their goals never get closer. Typically the frivolous and distracting, these are time-wasters that deserve no time on the professional’s calendar. Is the employee fulfilling her roles and responsibilities, or is she spending time operating at a lower functional level? With a small investment of a leader’s time, this next generation of your company’s managers can be working smarter by focusing on important, high-value activities to drive results, rather than low-value tasks that just fill the day.

The eisenhower box gives you a very easy trick to define the way to treat your various tasks. It has to be done quickly but the impact is very limited, therefore ask for someone else to handle it.
Once decided, you shall store the corresponding task in a "ToDoList" according to its priority level. There is a whole separate stash of Potential Projects…these players could be subbed into the game AT ANY MOMENT! I had forgotten one of the tenets that I preach when it comes to some of my golden rules for motherhood.
But I suggested that we add a chapter dedicated solely to mothers, as women and individuals. I found that when I was a new mother, that first year, there were times where I was so overwhelmed and anxious that I sometimes felt like I was drowning and what really saved me was scheduling some me time.
However, it is vital to carve out time in your schedule to unwind, recharge and rediscover yourself. For those venturing into the world of diamonds for the first time, many will find buying one can often be an intimidating process. Fancy shaped diamonds or those with geometrical shapes will make your diamond look larger than round diamonds. Good leaders should recognize when their people are simply responding, putting out fires, rather than working toward important outcomes. This might be appropriate in some roles, but for many working in our knowledge economy, one in which companies hire people for their ability to contribute at a level above the rote and routine, planning based on priorities must be part of the roadmap to success. Managers can help their people think about and determine which items can be removed from the schedule and workplace by looking critically at the low-value tasks that can be eliminated or pushed further down in the organization (or out of it altogether). Frequently, this situation is the product of poor planning and prioritization, and a supportive manager can have the coaching conversation to keep that employee focused on higher-value functions that will help her or him and the entire organization reach its goals. I had failed to take time out for myself otherwise known as “Me Time”.  No wonder I was stretched beyond my limits, constantly on the verge of a mini breakdown. I wanted to address the importance of staying connected to yourself as an individual after you become a mom. There were times when I would cry from exhaustion and fear that I might not be getting this motherhood gig quite right. Me time is about taking some time and space to reboot and recharge yourself away from your responsibilities.
Me Time is essential because you need to have space and moments where it can be all about you. But it truly is one of the best and most important things we can do for ourselves, for our children, and everyone else around us. The initial step usually entails familiarizing yourself with The Four C’s (Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight) and how these characteristics are used to determine a diamond’s worth. Additionally, if you invest in a ring setting with a halo, your diamond will look larger and more brilliant. The Covey Matrix is a tool that helps you prioritize your work and brings you back into charge.
They find themselves reacting rather than planning, responding to the latest crisis rather than investing their efforts into achieving important, lasting outcomes. I hadn’t been able to reset and recharge my mind because I had been with my children 24-7 since we arrived in Singapore. I had read all the books and they had helped, but nothing really prepares you or gives you quite a quick tutorial than having an actual baby that you are fully responsible for 24 hours a day. The lack of sleep and hormones took a while to regulate.  At the end of three months I realized I needed to find some time to take care of me a little, to help me regain my sanity. Why is this so important for your emotional well being?  We are a generation of women who have been told we can do it all, have it all, and not feel an ounce of guilt for wanting it all. Whether it is exercise, meditation, coffee with your girlfriend, a massage or simply putting your feet up and reading a book.

It reenergizes you, helps you refocus, and gives you a dose of positive energy you may have been missing.
You’re better off spending more money on a higher cut diamond and saving as much as possible on the other C’s. During the crazy adventure that is parenthood you have a tendency to get lost in the shuffle.  Your sense of self becomes so entwined with being someone’s mom that most women forget to take time out to reconnect with themselves as an individual completely separate from her child and family.
But taking care of yourself is an essential preventative measure for your mental and emotional health.
If you go for something between VS2 and SI2, you’ll save quite a bit of money without a noticeable difference to the naked eye. A  When you do, you’ll receive our Finding Time Boundary Template and our popular, weekly Finding Time Tips in addition to the monthly edition of the Finding Time E-zine – all right to your in-box! The doctor couldn’t overstate the importance of FINDING the time for my emotional and physical health. The ones that have to try to keep the boat of life from rocking too much so that everyone else onboard can be happy and stable.
You feel confident.Your skill at prioritizing helps you remain agile, even asA new situations arise.
This powerful-yet-simple tool encourages you toA confront and overcome obstacles as you move toward yourA top priority.Obstacles might well include distractions that appeal to you. A When you identify them as threats to your success, you assignA them a lower priority, at least for now. Thanks to yourA prioritizing, you have given yourself a destination and aA clear path to follow in the hours ahead.2.
You set up budgets on a quarterly basis,A and you need to obtain your figures from the financeA department. Since they generally take three weeks, prioritizeA your request so that you make it well in advance of your dueA date.
This ensures that you get the necessary information inA plenty of time.Of course, others depend on YOU, as well. A Why not get started today?And if you’d like to explore Heart-Based Time Managementa„? more deeply, there’s a great way to do that right now! I also really enjoyed the calm, peaceful tone of your audio and feel like I can breathe again with all my ducks lining up!
Click the button below to claim your FREE Success Kit!Claim Your Success Kit Here  We respect and protect your privacy. Paulaa€™s teaching style is gentle and non-judgmental which has made it very easy to accept the tools which she provides.
Paula has introduced me to a process that opens up undiscovered areas that I can return to and build on again and again. Paula combines pragmatism with extraordinary personal depth, guiding me to develop the a€?musclea€™ to live powerfully. She has taught me to relate to my life from the inside out, thus creating a solid base from which to move forward. With her guidance, Ia€™m learning to manage time, deal with stress, develop pragmatic strategies for coaching others and handle difficult situations on the job. Throughout all of our meetings, her insightful and interactive teaching style has shown me how to clarify and manage my life priorities. When I retired after 27 years of interacting with more than 100 people daily to become a consultant, I became acutely aware that I was a€?time challengeda€?. Although we have never met, it is like I am getting messages from a wise friend who is in my corner. Why Cana€™t I Find My Direction?a€? 17 Priority Powera„? Questions to Serve as Your Compass is a workbook designed to support you in making the changes you most desire.

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