Two day Workshop on “Responsibility of Police Department in Changing Environment and Expectations of Society” for Noida Police Personnel, organized jointly by Amity University with Noida Police, concluded today at Amity Campus, Sector- 125, Noida.
Sharing his views about the Workshop, a Constable participant posted in Police Station, Sector- 39, Noida said the Workshop was very helpful in apprising them of the changing expectations of public from Police. Yogesh Singh- S P City said that Noida, geographically, is situated close to Delhi which leads to lot of comparison between Noida Police and Delhi Police, making Noida Police open to public scrutiny. Addressing the participants, he said that it is they who deal with public on day to day basis; therefore, it is imperative for them to bring about a change in their behavior and outlook.
M P Singh- Superintendant of Police- Traffic revealed that his department has just 101 personnel to look after the entire area, which puts lot of pressure on Traffic Police Personnel.
Bharti Singh- SP (Crime) said that Police cannot resolve all the issues or complaints of the common public instantly but if they deal with them patiently and politely, they can resolve 70% of the issues faced by public. Shalini Singh- ASP, Gautam Buddh Nagar remarked that Noida Police and policing have to be changed with the changing times and context. He remarked that the session on Stress Management was very important and necessary since Police have to work under too much stress which is caused by long working hours, lack of facilities, lack of latest resources and technology to deal with criminals.

Vijaysen Pandey- Amity Institute of Psychology and Allied Sciences apprised the participants with the negative effects of Stress on human body and how to deal with it through different techniques. He called upon the people to understand the limitations and constraints under which Police works and stressed that the change has started coming into the system and very soon, the people would also realize this. Talking about the need to improve the image of Noida Police, the participant remarked that everybody in Police, just like any other profession, cannot be totally good or bad. Being polite may not resolve the issue but would provide succor and sympathy to the complainant. Singh stressed that Amity’s endeavor of conducting the Workshop would be successful if the participants are able to practice in real life, even 25% of what they were taught during the two days of Workshop. Singh praised Amity University for organizing such a grand workshop meticulously and proposed to conduct more such joint Workshops in future to train all the Noida Police Personnel. With the penetration of Internet, technology and active media, all eyes are watching Police. Vijaysen advised them to practice positive thinking, meditation and concentration, laughing loudly and deep breathing, in addition to proper time management, prioritizing tasks and controlling emotions.

He called upon the participants to be positive and used their might in bringing guilty and culprits behind the bars. This calls for an immediate change in the way Noida Police works in order to meet the expectations of society in the changing times.
He pointed out that common public, because of their pre-conceived wrong notions about Police, are afraid to approach police in the need of hour. He assured all the participants that the problems faced by them, which they have discussed with him during the Workshop, would be escalated to SSP City  and would surely be resolved.

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