The priority of information security and the growing cyber threat has pushed cyber threats into the top 5 risks to global businesses according to the Lloyd’s risk list. The good news is that organisations are paying more attention to risk however confidence in preventing a cyber attack has slipped.
Routine fire safety management procedures cannot be ignored, no matter how good the building’s design is at minimising fire risk, said an expert at WSP Middle East. The comments came following the fire that broke out at Qatar’s Villagio Mall last week in which 19 lives were lost.

Speaking exclusively to fmME, Dean McGrail, head of specialists, WSP Middle East explained that occupied buildings must undertake regular fire safety risk assessments. McGrail added that the National Fire Protection Association’s latest stats demonstrate that the leading cause of fires in retail environments remains cooking equipment [19%], followed by electrical distribution and lighting equipment [12%]. FM's, building owners and managers, can help to mitigate fire risk by following seven simple steps.
Only 46% of those surveyed felt that they where better prepared to tackle cyber threats than 2 years ago – a sharp drop on the 70% of 2011.

However, the possibility of property damage resulting from a fire is more likely if a fire is initiated by electrical distribution and lighting equipment [19%]. However, no matter how good the design of a building, if routine fire safety management procedures are not implemented then the lives of building occupants and Civil Defence officers are put at unnecessary risk,” he added.

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