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Innovation Tools - (Digital) tools that will increase the innovation potential of your team or company. This is the third part in a series of articles that take the need of innovation under the loop and share some of the imperatives, must haves if you will, to create and sustain “NEW” in business or organizations. The ‘‘stage’’ refers to the critical activities that need to be undertaken at a particular stage of product development.
The ‘‘gating’’ process involves ownership, decision makers, degree of flexibility, criteria, and prioritization. I asked long-time associate and new product developer Jeff DeFazio how to determine whether one’s NPD process is up to snuff.
The key purpose of the NPD pipeline is to create a structured, transparent process that allows management of project groups, DeFazio explained.
In terms of quality, the innovation team strives to select projects that, if successful, will deliver the best strategic outcome for the invested funds. For capability, the process helps track how effectively an individual project is managed and allowed to progress. Capacity refers to how the business manages and prioritizes resources supporting a portfolio of well managed (or ‘‘capable’’) projects. Further, portfolio management will be simplified and flexible enough to achieve the optimal balance and mix of products in the hopper. Widen the Innovation Highway: Make the system lean, adaptive, flexible and scalable, in order that you can simultaneously process different types and risk levels of projects. Open, as in Wide Open, refers to making sure you have and stimulate an Open environment inside the organization. Can anyone please tell me what is the different of New Product Development Process during recession and recovery periods?
Really no difference, you need an effective repeatable process for success in any type of economic time, the only thing it that you will be urged to do more with less and quicker, looking for quick hits in tougher times. The online Adult Weight Management Self-Study Module addresses the fundamentals of adult weight management. This module and assessment test fulfills the pre-test requirement for a Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management program that will be offered between November 1, 2015, and October 31, 2016. This Module is separate and distinct from the Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management. Please note: Upon completion of your order, a link to access your purchase will be sent to the email address you have on file with the Academy. This self-paced course prepares participants to take part in the ACEND® accreditation process using the 2012 standards to accurately complete a Program Assessment Reportor Self-Study Report and effectively plan for and participate in a site visit. This webinar series addresses how to write the Self-Study Report and PAR, host the site visit and complete the accreditation process to meet the ACEND 2012 accreditation standards. Learn the basics of ACEND® accreditation, how to participate in the accreditation review process and the requirements to obtain and maintain accreditation under the 2012 accreditation standards. The goal of this session is to help wellness dietitians properly advise their overweight and obese clients about how to best fuel for effective exercise that contribute to body fat loss, muscle gain and enjoyment.
Participants will learn new approaches for identifying vitamin D deficiency and the differences in vitamin D requirements.

In this module, we will discuss how you, as an RDN and DTR, can develop your Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management plan.
Executive managers need a communication toolkit which should be constantly evolving and improving as you have more experiences to draw upon and learn from. This modules provides background information on the Career Laddering and Succession Planning process. This module demonstrates how executive management positions impact the profession of dietetics. Learn the techniques that help transform an organization's governance, in terms of both philosophy and structure.
In this module we will be identifying ways to develop and improve upon the skills and techniques required to become a true leader. This module will provide participants with the tools they need to succeed during crucial conversations. In this module, we are going to take leadership to the the level of being an appreciative leader. This module goes through different techniques of communication that are applicable to any place and situation.
In this module we will discuss how you as dietetic professional can develop your strategic management abilities to enhance your professional competitive advantage. This module will walk you through important considerations for the patient or client from birth through adulthood.
We will provide resources and tools that you can use in practical application for managing food allergies in your practice. This module will explore the dynamic relationship between leadership, coaching and mentoring. This module discusses dietary reference intakes, food groups and national trends in intakes of sodium, protein, phosphorus and potassium. This module will demonstrate how anti-hypertensive medications impact serum potassium and urine albumin levels in a patient who is approaching kidney failure. Follow how CKD increases risk for other conditions including anemia, hypoalbuminemia, hyperkalemia, metabolic acidosis, and mineral and bone disorders. Covers basic information about chronic kidney disease, kidney anatomy and functions, identification and Medical Nutrition Therapy benefits. This module should enhance dietitians' understanding of the Standards of Practice and Standards of Professional Performance in diabetes care. This module will review how the manufacturing industry can successfully address food allergens in their facilities, as well as provide insight for foodservice facilities and restaurants.
This module will advance how registered dietitians can assume leadership roles through mentoring, coaching and communication. This module for Restaurant Menu Labeling will provide viewers with an overview of the current restaurant labeling legislation, consumer research and counseling techniques to be able to educate consumers effectively. This module of Restaurant Menu Labeling reviews the most current information regarding the new Federal Menu Labeling Law. This module of Restaurant Menu Labeling instructs participants how to analyze recipes through calculation using current software programs. The goal of this module is to review the skills and tools that RDs need when contemplating work in the restaurant labeling arena.

This module will provide an overview of food allergies and focus particularly on guidelines for the accurate diagnosis and management of food allergies.
Specific types of carbohydrates and fat have varying evidence for inflammation effects, and it is important to understand what is known and what is uncertain about controlling inflammation with nutrients.
This webinar should assist dietetics practitioners in being able to identify appropriate applications of social media to avoid legal and ethical problems in practice.
Hear directly from staff from the HHS, ODPHP, and USDA, CNPP, about the 2015-2020 DGA and what it means for registered dietitian nutritionists and dietetic technicians, registered. However, the probability of a commercial success of a newly launched product is slim at best.
Although alternative approaches exist the most common type is referred to as the Stage-Gate® Process (Stage-Gate ® is a registered trademark of Product Development Institute Inc.).
Success criteria at the gates will be concretized, and, ideally, a financial overlay will further help prioritize projects against available resources.
A large private company in adhesives and grout that operates globally added a structured NPD process and New Product sales grew from 6 to 18 percent over time. Many organizations now modify the front end of the NPD process to feature more opportunity for experimentation. There, you’ll see how we take our ‘‘wild idea’’ from a gleam in the eye (dream), through the discovery phase, to design, then development, and, finally, delivery. Cooper advises, find and fill the product “white spaces” – untapped marketplace opportunities. The book contains assessment tools, tips, in depth chapters on the importance of Intellectual Property, working with multinational teams and more. To obtain CPEUs, the assessment must be completed and submitted to CDR by October 31, 2017.
The success hinges on “getting it right” at every step of concept selection, development, launch, and life-cycle management process. Stage content, in my experience, should be divided among all business functions—it is not purely a technology process. Establishment of a mix of input metrics (such as average time in each stage), and output metrics, such as the value of launched products, percentage of new product sales, and so on, provides a balanced scorecard for innovation.
Having gained hands-on experience in bringing innovation to market, creating and improving the necessary product development processes and needed culture, he delivered and exceeded to bring “at least one new product per year to market” resulting in double digit profitable growth and shareholder value.
It’s a good word to hear however not sure how to create such an environment given such a hectic business world. Customers will receive an e-mail with online access instructions within 24 hours of purchase.
One of the most important parts in your innovation process is having an up to snuff new product development process.
Additionally, a streamlined, or ‘‘express’’ version of the process can be utilized for line extensions, to accelerate progress.
Attendees will create a new product concept starting with a “fuzzy front end” where creativity and ambiguity rule, and end with a hand-off to a product management for management of a product through its life-cycle.

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