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As the Indian Product industry evolves from outsourcing to ‘product creation’, most companies in India look forward to transforming their technology professionals into product leaders.
Great product management teams know that there are two critical aspects to their role; they need to take care of business today whilst at the same time making sure they don’t lose sight of the long game. The key to managing the strategic effort of product management is to ensure some of their metrics and objectives are further out and your interactions with them show and interest and value in long term thinking.
Be aware of your teams comfort zone – most product managers find parts of the job easy and tend to stay there, ex developers spending too much time with technology, ex salespeople avoiding technical requirements definition, etc. Block some time in each product managers diary and challenge them to use it for visionary thinking.
Booking a CourseIf you have any questions about any of our courses, please feel free to contact us on +44 (0)161 660 7718 (UK and Europe) or 303 800 5990 (USA) or via our contact page. Tarigo Product ManagementTarigo delivers world-class product management training and consultancy across Europe and the US. Parcus Group, the supplier of product development training and consulting services today announced that it has signed an agreement with Dhiraagu, a leading telecom provider in Maldives to provide training services in product management and product development.

Parcus training offering combined with the product management decision support tools, provides an integrated set of market research, opportunity identification, business case development, product design and launch capability, that allow telecom personnel to perform their regular product development tasks at a new level of customer centricity, efficiency and productivity. Founded in 2004, Parcus Group provides product development, service creation and product management training and consulting services for telecommunications and ICT businesses, to improve time-to-market delivery of new products and services, increase staff productivity and enhance competitiveness. Dhiraagu was formed in 1988 as the Maldives’ first telecommunication service provider. This is a real dilemma – huge pressure is put on short term success and results, but they know that if they forget to look forward then all of that short term success will be for nothing as their products and services become outdated in the market. One product manager can be much more effective if they build short videos for the global sales team to watch – a better use of time and money than jumping on another flight to give the same presentation again! Product Managers should anticipate that a conversation with their manager is likely to not just look at what they’re doing to take care of business today, but also look at how they are taking care of the future. Our real-world experience and solutions enable product managers to recognise and understand fully the processes required to manage products successfully. The telecom market in Maldives is undergoing a transformation characterised by increased competition, lower service prices and rise in product innovation.
Since then, Dhiraagu business has been based on a commitment to providing innovative products and services and a philosophy that places high value on customer satisfaction.

For some, that means it never gets done (‘urgent’ meeting after meeting takes away time to do the important stuff). This is helped further by our Product Management Toolset and post-training coaching that help product managers drive continued success over time. To effectively differentiate, it is becoming increasingly important for carriers to improve their customer service quality as well as time-to-market speed of new product releases.
They paid a heavy price as the online content revolution swept over them and made them irrelevant to the customers they’d tried so hard to serve. Coach the team on what we want to achieve this year, the important tasks to make that happen and diary management to make it happen (for example, focus on important tasks for the first hour every morning. With over 350,000 customers, and employing 99% trained qualified Maldivians, company is present in 9 strategically located operating centres across the country and remains the largest telecommunications provider and the No.

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