Nancy is a small business coach who is also a specialist in helping women transition from corporate employment to being a small business owner. She spent nineteen years in the corporate world and is the former Vice President of a large national bank.
Nancy is the mother of two daughters and a native Oregonian who has lived her entire life in the Northwest, almost exclusively the Portland metropolitan area. She is a worldwide traveler who is passionate about traveling, keeps her passport current, loves the adventure of new places and new people, but has a fondness for the sun and the water. Nancy is a Professional Certified Coach who received her coach training  at the Centre for Coach Training in Portland, Oregon.  Her ongoing professional development occurs through membership in NW Coaches Association and Compass as well as through ongoing training programs. Nancy is my Business Coach and brings a wealth of knowledge from her own corporate background. As a small business owner with a “to-do” list much too long, Nancy helped me with time management, prioritizing tasks and implementing creative ways to increase my business revenue.
Receiving a different perspective than what you get from your spouse, co-worker, or child is one of the most valuable aspects of coaching.
I was offered a new job (at a 40% pay increase) that is one of the best jobs I’ve ever had, and I’m so much happier! Nancy has helped me become a much more powerful business woman and leader which in turn supports me to do what I love — healing for my clients and my community through individual counseling and The Way of the Heart(tm)Training. A lot of members of the Engineering Career Community love to travel, both for work and for play. But exiting your comfort zone is a necessity for growth, growth as a person and as a professional. Volunteers are an essential component of COACH's ongoing success in taking health informatics mainstream. Read our tips on how you can be an effective volunteer leader:  Demonstrate the leadership skills you have developed throughout your career as a successful health informatics professional, it is evident that you have developed leadership skills that work! Although volunteering opportunities can be fun, carrying out a project successfully or meeting a goal requires a sense of professionalism and commitment on behalf of the leader. Delegate tasks by assigning clear roles to your volunteers that the entire team understands and agrees upon.
If your volunteers do not see the value or the purpose of their roles, they will become disengaged in the project.
Your passion will inspire your volunteers to put their best foot forward and bring positive energy to the team resulting in volunteers who feel more engaged and satisfied with their work. Sarah Jiwa, a former COACH co-op student, wrote this article, originally published in the 2013 COACH Central.

Quotes from David Robertson: Your going nowhere fast when your seeing a professional with less than 2 years experience.
As a manager for fourteen years, she acquired comprehensive and diverse business skills, primarily working in information technology. To add to the adventure of tropical travels, she recently became a certified scuba diver and spent a month diving in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. She received her degree in computer programming in addition to studying business at Portland State University and Linfield College. She helped me focus on what I needed to and let go of what was eating up my time, while not increasing my revenue.
At first I was concerned that she had not worked with a financial advisor before and would not understand my career.
I also was able to recognize unhelpful patterns in other areas of my life, and started a wonderful new love relationship! Nancy has helped me develop my business vision, my marketing plan, and the day to day running of my business which supports me to do what has meaning rather than being in bondage to the menial tasks of running a business. I can’t describe how rewarding it’s been to work hard but know I’m going in a direction I want to head. Over the past several years, numerous COACH members have expressed an interest in dedicating their expertise and time to advancing health informatics in Canada as voluntary member of committees and task forces. You also know that different leadership styles are required for different groups and projects. Showing your team that you take your role and the task at hand seriously will motivate your fellow volunteers to follow suit and allow them to become more engaged in their roles. Fast - paced careers, family and personal responsibilities can take up much of a health informatics professional's free time. After delegating regularly follow up with your volunteers to ensure that progress is being made and they are receiving support to complete their task, If volunteers are aware that the team is counting on them to complete a task they will likely make more of an effort to carry out their roles with care and competency. With each new task, remind your volunteers what the objectives and goals you are working towards are and how their roles and contributions fit into the overall vision.
Key to her success is her innate people skills and her passion for helping people succeed, whether in their business or their personal lives.
With her guidance I see the BIGGER picture of where I want go and how to take my business forward.

Nancy’s nonjudgmental, loving and helpful attitude allows her to facilitate change in her clients in a subtle yet powerful way. Nancy has aided my growth through her insightful questions, discerning comments, and objective yet supportive approach.
Many of these have taken their voluntary roles to the next level in terms of commitment, passion and leadership, and have inspired others to do so as well.
Get to know your team, reflect on experience you've had throughout your career and find what works best for you and your team.
Whatever standards you hold for your team, remember to hold yourself to the same or even higher standards. Nancy left her corporate career to start a coaching business that will allow her to more directly impact and enrich people’s lives, understanding this is also a way to add more meaning to her own life. My business gross doubled this year and I can honestly say that the help I received from Nancy contributed to the clarity it took to achieve that. My income increased dramatically and I provide more appropriate and higher quality service to my clients. So, what does it take to be an effective volunteer leader and what can you do as a volunteer leader to motivate your team? Your readiness in becoming a volunteer leader shows that you have established some balance between your volunteer, professional and personal responsibilities. I’ve appreciated Nancy’s unique approach: she combines exceptional business acumen with an extraordinarily perceptive and caring style. If your team members are struggling to keep up with their volunteer work, motivate other team members to take on some of the workload. She has exactly the right blend of personal interest and objective compassion that helps her clients achieve their own success.

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