Distractions away from the 'sporting arena' can often have a very detrimental effect on sporting performance. Chiron aim to understand the aims and objectives of the sporting employer, and thus build a mutually beneficial relationship for the sportsperson, - a sportsperson able to perform and behave to their optimum level, to achieve the employera€™s goals.
Rarely do sportspeople stand-back and fully survey their long term career and life plan - which is acceptable as they must remain focussed on their sporting commitments to achieve sporting success. The aim of the chart displayed below is to represent the extreme highs and lows of a sporting career experienced by many professionals.

Chiron Sports and Media assist sportspeople with not just their sporting career but their overall life-plan, - whether this be as simple as financial planning or simple goal setting and life-planning courses, so as to 'future-proof' (as much as possible) the rewards of a successful professional sporting career, and to sustain the sporting rewards for as long as possible for our sporting client. By putting in place a structured life and career plan a sportsperson will hopefully experience a rewarding life experience from their sporting successes, rather than just for the time of their career as represented by the chart below.
Early on in a professional sports career there are often characteristics of a dramatic rise in terms of skill, wealth, salary, ability and lifestyle.
The rapid rise is seen at the stages of being a 'rising sporting star' and an 'established professional'.

However a 'dramatic fall' is often experienced on 'sporting retirement, and often a second career has to be established when the rewards of professional sports have diminished.

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