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JERSEY Cricket’s well established “Coaching in Schools Programme” has welcomed the signing of a new three year sponsorship deal with the Ana Leaf Foundation. The programme, which was first established in 1997 (pre ICC), has introduced the sport to several thousands of primary and early secondary school pupils over this time. The sponsorship covers the cost of equipment and two qualified development cricket coaches - Lee Meloy and Gemma Dunning who offer four or five session blocks to each school. Hayley de Putron a trustee of the Ana Leaf Foundation said that this programme is excellent and one that they are very proud to support. The Coaching in Schools programme is available to all schools from January each year through to the summer term and there is also an annual Summer School which takes place during July and August.
Start-Up will get you from not being able to run to completing a 5km or 30 minute non-stop run in 12 weeks. This online programme has been developed alongside my face-to-face programme because I know there are would-be runners all over who need guidance, accountability and support. Start-Up will get you from not being able to run to completing a 5km or 30 minute non-stop run.
You will become part of our special Facebook group where you will be teamed up with an accountability buddy and each fortnight we will have an online coaching call for you to check in with your progress. This programme, a collaboration between Run For Your Life and The Mother Hood, is especially for you. The 5km Mum Run will take you from not being able to run to completing a 5km or 30 minute non-stop run.
Alison is an accredited coach with Athletics Australia, registered with Athletics New Zealand and a Level 3 Fitness Instructor.
She has been a runner since 2004 when she recognised she needed to do something to save her life. This programme equates to $10 a week but you get amazing value in terms of support within the virtual training group, as well as an accountability buddy, and online group calls. This programme follows a run-walk approach, so you will gradually increase your running over the weeks, until week 12 when you should be able to run 5km.
Completion of this programme is not guaranteed, you are expected to complete the sessions to be able to run the final 5km.
But my Accelerate programmes will take you from being able to run 10 minutes to 5km or 10km within 6 weeks!

These programmes have been developed by coach Alison King for anyone who wants to train for and run a 10km, half marathon or marathon event. When you download your plan you will receive a schedule to get you to the start of your race and a detailed description on what the plan means. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste, get running regularly with this weekly programme. Whether you can run twice a week or workout all week, you can make this plan work for you -you pick the workout and the day, then report back in with us when you have done it – fitness and tracking in one.
These programmes have been developed by coach Alison King for anyone who wants to train for and run a half marathon or marathon event. The best way to make sure you reach your goals is to follow a plan, and a plan that is designed just for you. My 1-1 Training Plans use your current fitness levels, goals and individual circumstances to get you to race day in tip top shape. The programme takes place over a 6 week period, with regular life and wellbeing coaching, nutritional therapy and hypnotherapy to motivate you to reach your goals and sustain your new weight, fitness and well-being practices. Often clients decide that more support over a sustained period of time is appropriate for them.  The full “Coach Me Well” Programme for an amazingly affordable investment of ?495, can be offered for up to a 6-month period with monthly life and wellness coaching, 2 nutrition and exercise consultations, and 2 hypnotherapy sessions for changing eating and exercise habits (10 hours of individualised therapy in total).
Regular feedback will help you monitor and track your progress so you can recognise your successes and be motivated to achieve the lifelong results you desire.
Removal of unhealthy habits and behaviours and replacement with positive and helpful habits and behaviours.
Karen Kelsey is a qualified Coach, Psychometrics Practitioner, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and Clinical Hypnotherapist, and creator of the “Coach Me Well” approach to sustained weight loss and well-being.
Karen found that by employing coaching and NLP techniques, her clients were able to achieve transformational results in many areas of their life, including sustained weight loss, eliminating anxiety and stress related problems such as IBS, improved fitness and increased personal fulfilment and happiness. Karen developed the approach further to become a Sustainable Weight Loss and Well-being Programme, and recruited an amazing team of like-minded professionals in the fields of Nutrition, Fitness and Hypnotherapy to assist with the delivery of this powerful and innovative programme across the UK.
Our work enhances managers’ self awareness and demonstrates how coaching can become an integral part of a managerial tool kit, key in stretching high potential staff and in enabling others to grow their roles laterally by taking more responsibility and being more accountable. In addition 12 schools have run after school clubs for girls with attendance in excess of 180 girls.
Last year a second development coach joined the programme which has enabled even more young people to learn about the game and how they can access cricket clubs to continue to play outside of school.
She is the founder of The Mother Hood, an online community to support and empower mums through the journey that is ‘motherhood’.

These programmes have been designed for those who have discovered they can run around the block and who want to go further. She also realised how powerful hypnotherapy could to help clients remove habits associated with over-eating, like using food as an anaesthetic to block out negative or painful memories and feelings.
The Professionals are all united in their passion to help clients achieve their weight, fitness and well-being goals.
If you are serious about losing weight, sustaining a healthy weight, feeling more in control and less stressed or anxious, and leading an altogether healthier lifestyle, ring us today with no obligation to proceed.
In the current economic climate, where businesses are trying to achieve more with less, coaching skills are increasingly important. We enable managers to see clearly the potential of coaching skills for developing others so that they become more independent of their manager and realise their potential.
With the support of our professional team, you’ll make all the important decisions on your journey to a healthier and happier you – what you will eat, drink, how and when you will exercise.
I found I could open up to her without feeling as though I was being judged and left the session feeling as if a weight had been lifted. At the end of the programme, there is no return to ‘Normal’ phase, when all your hard work is slowly undone and you’re left disillusioned, unsupported and often weighing more than when you started. We discussed what I wanted to achieve from the sessions, how realistic my goals were and how I was going to carry out the changes. I was going to change my eating habits but not deprive myself or feel guilty about eating ‘bad’ foods. I’m eating healthier foods and smaller portions whilst not depriving myself should I want something a little more calorific.
I have lost nearly a stone and dropped two dress sizes and all the while not felt like I’ve missed out. If I had been dieting I would have given in by now and feeling angry with myself for not having enough willpower to stick to a diet. I haven’t lost weight as quickly as if I were following a dieting club but my weight loss is steady and much more likely to stay off for good.  I can’t recommend Karen and Andrew highly enough.
I am so much happier now I’ve changed my eating habits and outlook on life and feel this is a long term investment.

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