Mitigation, Planning and Research Unit- advocates policy planning, GIS analysis, mitigation planning, implementation of mitigation strategies, data collection, dissemination of information, research and critical facilities protection. Preparedness and Response Unit- is responsible for the coordination of First Responder agencies, facilitation of training and capacity building, strengthening programmes for the first responder agencies and the development of Response Plans. Administrative Support and Finance Unit- is responsible for business services, human resources, finance and accounting and information communications technology.
Project Management Unit- assists the ODPM’s strategic unit in project monitoring, tracking and reporting to internal or external agencies.
Adapted with permission from the BCM Lifecycle developed by the Business Continuity Institute.

The following links show organisational diagrams of Romania's lines of command, communication and coordination during a large scale disaster, from national down to local levels. The following linked diagrams show Lithuania's disaster management structure, lines of command and communication, from the national level right down to the disaster site itself. This flow chart shows Belgiums disaster management structure, including government bodies, emergency services, and warning dissemination structures. This organisational diagram shows Croatia's disaster management structure, including emergency services, practitioners and decision makers, flowing from national to local level.
This diagram shows the line of command, for decision makers and GO's during a county-side emergency in Croatia.

This organisational flow diagram shows Bulgaria's Disaster Management Structure, including preparation for disaster departments and civil protection.

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