It is rarely an effective strategy to wait until risks generate unfavorable outcomes and then react quickly to address them "just-in-time. This technical management course utilizes tools and techniques for tracking and mitigating the broad range of risks and uncertainty inherent in the management of complex projects.
Professional courses are mapped against competencies in leadership, strategy, decision-making, innovation and, execution – knowledge commonly sought by engineers and technology professionals wishing to expand beyond their areas of expertise. Align your department's near-term goals with its high-level purpose, identity, and long-range vision. Make good decisions under pressure and better understand risk and decision-making to achieve strategic objectives. The Stanford Center for Professional Development is a registered education provider of the Project Management Institute. This program is designed for decision-makers and those who support strategic decision-making and risk management, working in areas such as strategic planning, R&D, business development, finance, engineering, marketing and HR. Venture Lab, developed by Stanford faculty and students, hosts five courses this fall on entrepreneurship, education, creativity and finance. Clearly, some projects will prosper and others will not, though in either case the experience will have taught team members invaluable lessons. The class, taught by Chuck Eesley, assistant professor of management science and engineering, is called Technology Entrepreneurship.
Experimenting is exactly what got Eesley and Saberi into the business of teaching the massive open online course (MOOC) in technology entrepreneurship, and it appears to have been a resounding success.
Eesley, who teaches and conducts research on entrepreneurship, began flipping his classroom, that is, putting his lectures on video and dedicating class time to more interactive, hands-on activities, and students seemed to like it. Saberi pointed out to Eesley that his class relied on teams that no existing MOOC platform could accommodate. Through social media, Eesley heard from some 80,000 people who said they'd be interested in taking an online course.
The platform, called Venture Lab, is distinctive precisely because it is designed for collaboration in the classroom. The mechanics of team formation, Eesley noted in an understatement, is "not a trivial coding exercise." It's a massive undertaking in its own right. Then all students had to do a warm-up exercise in which they identified the five worst and five best startup ideas they could think of. Each week there were video lectures and exercises, and teams quickly decided on their projects.
Each time a team submitted an assignment, everyone could evaluate each other's contribution.

Seelig said she knew the minute she learned about Saberi's platform that her Stanford class on creativity could be hosted nowhere else.
Each week, teams will watch a short video, do a bit of reading from Seelig's own book, inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity, and complete an assignment, the best of which will be posted on the home page.
The lively home page of Eesley's course in spring announced which teams and individuals (approximately 10,000 made it to the end) were most recently active, so students could keep track of each other.
Among the teams whose members had the most stars by their names was Team Alice, led by a Bay Area woman with vast experience in health care research and business development. Paul Kim, assistant dean and chief technology officer of the School of Education, also will be using the Venture Lab platform this fall. Eesley is teaching his class again, though while he prepares his tenure file he will rely on a co-instructor. In addition to being able to take courses on campus every March and September, you can complete Stanford’s program curriculum at your own pace from anywhere in the world.PMP is a registered mark of of the Project Management Institute, Inc.
In today's competitive global economy, managers must go beyond traditional roles to succeed. The best leaders are those who not only understand the science of their solutions but also the people, issues, and systems they hope to affect. Become a Stanford Certified Project Manager or earn a Stanford professional certificate in Strategic Decision and Risk Management.
Material is relevant to project management but not tailored for the PMP® completion exam.
Read first-hand accounts showing how participants have met challenges, achieved their goals, and brought new dimensions of leadership to their roles with the help of the Stanford Strategic Decision and Risk Management program. Amin Saberi, associate professor of management science and engineering who developed the platform, called Venture Lab, spent 20 minutes chatting with Hennessy and asking him questions submitted by students. The 37,000 students (from 150 countries) initially enrolled in his course offered some information about themselves: their country, language, background, skills, etc. Eesley confessed stealing the exercise from his colleague Tina Seelig, executive director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, who teaches courses on creativity and entrepreneurship at Stanford's This enabled good students, identified by five stars next to their name, to find each other, and it also made students feel accountable to each other, Saberi said. Teams will communicate via Skype or other existing Internet tools, and on Fridays she will host a Google Hangout to discuss the weekly project with students – with thousands listening in (and Tweeting their questions). They had already developed a portable wireless device to measure babies' vital signs and transfer that information to cell phones, presumably in the pocket or purse of a worried parent. In his 10-week, project-based course, Designing a New Learning Environment, teams of students will design ways in which technology can be leveraged to provide better interactive learning scenarios in K-12 classrooms.

Looking ahead, Eesley said, he'd like to do two things: more closely integrate his regular Stanford class with his MOOC and incorporate gaming and simulation technology.
Eesley said someone opened up an Internet cafe in Ghana just to enable people to take his course; in Seattle, meanwhile, Sridhar heard that a few dozen participants from different teams regularly gathered at a local startup incubator to talk over their plans. Gain skills needed to make quality decisions and implement strategy through effective management of resources.
They talked about technology, entrepreneurship, what a university president does all day (lots) and the future of online learning. His doctoral student Farnaz Ronaghi put it together and led a team of students working on the project. It took us a long time to figure out how to form teams." But finally, after some three weeks of this give-and-take, class was ready to start. Some had official mentors (of whom there were around 200) who signed up with the course to lend a hand. She will start by having all students watch the talk she gave at TEDxStanford last May and then write a 500-word essay on it. Venture Lab will host two additional classes in fall, on finance and advanced entrepreneurship. Stanford Engineering students are encouraged to become such leaders through innovative curricula and interdisciplinary programs. Venture Lab aims to make online learning usable and advantageous for classes that rely on groups working together. The essays will be shared, to enable students to learn more about each other and choose teammates. They figured out a division of labor, splitting marketing and coding, and together they created BumpMD, a service for women and families with fertility problems.
Enter Venture Lab, where the original members (along with new colleagues) saw their possibilities multiply. Originally they told Saberi's research assistant, Hamsa Sridhar, they had very strict ideas about which features to include, but through the class they learned to be more open and allow the product (now called Monbaby) to evolve.

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