is a site dedicated to bringing you information on project management degrees and careers. Given the important role project management plays in many companies and organizations, it’s no wonder why colleges and universities have created degree programs designed specifically to teach these skills. For students wanting to quickly earn their MS in Project Management degree, Boston University offers a fast-paced online program that requires no campus visitation for completion. Kaplan University offers online programs for a BS, MS, and MBA in Project Management so whether you are trying to start your career or take it to the next level, you will find a degree that matches your needs.
For students who need greater flexibility in their education, American InterContinental University has online classes for an MBA and BBA in Project Management. One of England's most popular schools, the University of Liverpool targets an international audience by offering entirely online degrees like the MS in Project Management. Norwich University provides a distance learning program for its MBA in Project Management degree. Capella University has a wide selection of project management degrees, including BS, MS, MBA, and PhD programs, reflecting its commitment to providing students with a versatile range of options for online education.
If you want to further your career by earning a graduate degree, Northcentral University offers a DBA and MBA in Project Management. Project management is one of the most important and valuable skillsets in today’s business world. A project team is typically responsible for implementing these components and documenting each step.
Motivation: A strong project leader knows how to both motivate and inspire others to get the job done.
Communication: Knowing how to communicate clearly and effectively is crucial to the success of a project manager. A degree in project management can be earned at the bachelor, graduate, and even certificate level. Certificate Programs: A certificate in project management is designed for students who want a solid foundation in basic project management skills but are not pursuing a graduate degree in the field.
Bachelor Degree Programs: Few schools offer a bachelor’s degree in project management, while others offer a bachelor degree with the option to specialize in project management. Graduate Programs: For students who are ready for graduate-level training in this field, a Master of Science in Project Management is available.
The programs listed above provide the training necessary to succeed in today’s competitive job market. Assistant Project Manager: Work side-by-side with experienced project managers in this position to help accomplish tasks and learn the ropes. Construction Project Manager: Supervise the building of residential homes, commercial properties, or both in this career. Information Technology Project Manager: Working with computers, servers, and entire networks is the focus here. Software Project Manager: Because all software is constantly updated, project managers are needed to oversee the development and improvement of existing and new software. Product Manager: This professional focuses on a specific product, its manufacturing, promotion, and even pricing. Business Project Manager: Often working in a corporate setting, the business project manager may be assigned tasks like working with clients, company infrastructure, and much more. Contract Project Manager: These professionals often work on a contract basis and do not have the same responsibilities of a full-time project manager. Senior Project Manager: It takes about ten years of experience as a project manager to become a senior project manager.
Online master’s degrees in project management are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. To earn your degree in project management, all you need to do is research online colleges within your budget.
The schools on the list below include general master of science and online MBA degrees in project management. For under $8,000 per year, students can earn an mba in project management at the University of Wisconsin at Platteville.
The University of Wisconsin at Platteville’s online master’s degree in project management is an internationally accredited program, with curriculum approval from the Global Accreditation Center for Project Management. Having high scores on College Prowler, the University of Mary offers students an mba in project management online. The University of Saint Mary’s online master’s degree in project management prepares students to lead teams decisively and efficiently, completing projects on time and within budget. Students who want to take advantage of the resources of the University of Alaska can do so without traveling all the way up to the frozen north. Brenau University understands that effective project managers are in high demand in the business world. Walden University helps students work towards an mba in program management for under $12,000 per year. Walden University boasts a top online master’s degree in project management, as evidenced by its prestigious accreditation by the Global Accreditation Center for Project Management. Work towards an mba in project management at New England College for under $11,000 per year. Colorado State University offers students a reliable and affordable online mba project management. Colorado State University is a well-established online college with degrees available in a multitude of areas. Bellevue University’s online master’s degree in project management was created in response to the high demand for such professionals in the United States. Missouri State University, ranked by Forbes as one of the top 150 colleges in the midwest, offers an affordable mba in program management. This Global Accreditation Center (GAC)-accredited program is another of the best online master’s degrees in project management in the nation. Learn more about business and networking at Western Carolina University with an mba in project management online. Western Carolina University’s affordable online master’s degree in project management is yet another program with GAC approval.
Liberty University’s program differs somewhat from the other schools on this list, in that it offers an online MBA degree in project management, as opposed to a traditional master’s of science.
Students of project management at Avila University go beyond numbers, focusing instead on the importance of people and relationships in business.
Granite State College offers a cheap online master’s degree in project management with in-state and out-of-state tuition rates that are similarly low. For under $8,000 per year, students can work towards an mba in program management at Saint Leo University. The online MBA degree in project management from Saint Leo University is a great choice for students with a serious interest in business. Sam Houston State University’s affordable online master’s degree in project management is practically a steal, coming in at less than $5,000 annually for in-state students. Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota helps students advance their career in a big way, and offers a reliable mba project management online. Like many other programs on this list, Saint Mary’s University’s online master’s degree in project management is accredited by the Global Accreditation Center for Project Management. For under &8,000 per year, the Grand Canyon University offers students an online mba project management. The cheap online MBA in project management from Grand Canyon University is an incredible bargain for what it provides. For under $7,000 per year, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University helps students work towards an mba in project management online. An master’s degree in project management online from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University can do wonders for students’ careers. For only $3,900 per year, Grantham University helps students work towards an mba in program management.
The accredited online master’s degree in Grantham University sacrifices nothing to maintain its low cost. Iris Stone began her writing career when she started working as a freelance writer and researcher in 2011. If you do not meet the formal entry requirements specified, Foundation Entry offers an alternative route to study this degree. Foundation Entry is an alternative route for those who wish to study an undergraduate Honours degree but don’t meet the formal entry requirements.
Non-standard entrants will be considered on an individual basis, normally through interview, and are expected to be able to demonstrate personal reflection on their career to-date and show a strong desire and ability to study.

View our fantastic facilities, learn more about your course of interest and get an insight into student life. This course is ideal if you want to become a manager in the construction industry and provides a good professional grounding in construction. We are committed to delivering academic learning of the highest quality, helping you to stretch your mind and fulfil your university ambitions.
This delivery model facilitates the subject experts, within this academic discipline, in sharing their knowledge and experience across the degree programmes, enhancing the student experience. The professional knowledge and expertise of the staff delivering the programme is reflected in the coursework undertaken by students, which is often based upon real-life projects and case studies, using a problem solving approach in achieving the specific learning outcomes of the programme. Our placement tutor has close links with industry and can work with you to ensure that you get the skills and current knowledge that employers are looking for. International opportunities are available on this course, whether it’s an overseas placement, a chance to study abroad as part of the course or an opportunity for an overseas study visit. The construction industry is highly competitive and graduates require a range of skills to demonstrate they have the ability to thrive in the workplace.
The course is well received by industry and a construction careers event is held in the Autumn term so potential employers can recruit graduates and placement students. This course is fully accredited by the Chartered Institute of Building, giving exemption from the Institute’s membership examinations. Most assessments are examination and coursework; the final mark being the average of the two. Flexible delivery of this course allows you to study whilst in employment – our part-time teaching is delivered just one day per week.
Project management is a popular online degree with programs available at almost every education level. A degree in project management prepares graduates to be proficient in project and contract management as well as leaders in their respective fields. Boston U is a leading research university established almost 200 years ago and is a provider of higher education in undergraduate and graduate degrees. Kaplan is a large school network with over 70 campuses, 53,000 students currently enrolled, and over 170 programs available.
The BBA program is designed to teach students fundamental skills and management tools while the MBA is a great match for working professionals looking to develop their careers. This program takes an in-depth look at project lifecycles and management disciplines, using technology and results-driven curriculum to develop your understanding of core competencies.
Norwich is America's first private military school and focuses on providing leadership and administrative training to both military and civilian students. Each level takes a further look into the world of project management, allowing you to choose the program that best matches your career goals.
While both programs require an undergraduate degree to enroll, the MBA program takes only two years to complete and the DBA can be complete in three. Documentation allows the client or supervisor to view the scope of the project and to ensure budget compliance. Organization skills include the gathering of pertinent information, organizing data into useful and presentable information, and managing multiple priorities. Depending on your career and professional goals, you can earn a degree in this field in as little as one year. These programs are typically comprised of three to four courses that teacher project management technique in a short period of time.
These programs take three to four years to complete and incorporate general education coursework. These programs take two or three years to complete and provide intense career training in managerial accounting, organizational communication, and interpersonal skills, and many other essential topics. Everything from plastics to skyscrapers have project managers to manage to the day-to-day duties of the work and oversee other workers. They often have a long track record of skills and knowledge of a specific or a multitude of project management tasks. Career advancement for project managers involves knowledge of respective area of employment, the ability to delegate, supervise, and motivate others to complete a project on time and under budget. This is because the demand for qualified project management professionals continues to increase, as more and more businesses rely on charismatic leaders to motivate employees and execute strategies. Some schools exist entirely in the virtual realm, while others exist as an “e-campus” version of larger state institutions. Many of them have special accreditation due to the quality of their curricula, and some also follow special guidelines recommended by the Project Management Institute. Classes are designed to help students prepare to cultivate relationships between employees and customers, lead complex teams, and manage their time and money. All courses are held online and are accessible from any computer with access to the internet. Students gain communication and leadership skills while taking most courses online, with satellite locations at a variety of sites around North Dakota.
The school’s online master’s degree in project management is available entirely over the internet, with courses designed for the working professional.
That’s why the administration created an affordable online master’s degree in project management, which can help students learn how to define objectives, marshall resources, develop plans, and accomplish tasks on schedule.
Walden is also an approved provider of project management training and is considered a “PMI Registered Education Provider.” The program can also help students become Project Management Professional certified, but only if they meet all experience requirements and sit for the exam.
The flexible program also offers new classes every 7 weeks, meaning there are a variety of start dates throughout the year. One of these is the online master’s degee in project management, which also includes supplemental concentration courses in information technology, healthcare administration, international management, criminal justice leadership, and more.
The curriculum is aligned with the Project Management Institute’s globally-recognized standards and covers all the core areas suggested in the “Project Management Body of Knowledge” Guide. It prepares students to become accredited professionals in the field, offering such classes as “Product Design and Development,” “Management of Innovations and Technology,” “Project Risk Analysis,” and “Project Leadership.” Other topics of study include cost analysis, control systems, and management, while electives cover everything from communicaton to statistics.
In fact, it was the first program to ever be accredited by the Project Management Institute, due to its high quality, international faculty and global focus. The MBA designation indicates that much of the program’s focus is on general business principles. They take all classes in the master’s degree in project management online, gaining critical thinking and communication skills while also practicing how to motivate employees. Highly qualified instructors provide education on how to manage risk, make ethical decisions, employ effective strategies, evaluate processes, and lead teams. It combines broad-based business principles with speciality training in project management, and thus is a great choice for professionals in construction, information technology, telecommunications, healthcare, entertainment, or even defense.
Department professionals designed the high caliber program to cater to the needs of current businessmen and women. A degree from SMU in Minnesota can help professionals advance their career in a big way, opening the door to high level project management positions. Although it’s less than $7,500 a year in tuition dollars to attend, the program offers a comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of project management. Taking into consideration the complex nature of today’s business environment, program faculty focus on how to maximize organizational efficiency within corporations – even in the face of looming deadlines or tight budgets. Despite being less than $4,000 a year, the program is nonetheless PMI-approved, closely following the reputable “Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge” (GPMBK) guidelines.
Her freelance business soon took off and she now owns and operates a writing and editing firm that works with clients all across the country. An additional, preliminary year of study provides the skills and confidence to succeed at Honours degree level.
They may be asked to produce a piece of written work to help assess their ability to benefit from the programme. This degree will give you the professional grounding in construction you need to be a manager that delivers success. In achieving this commitment the Construction Project Management degree is delivered in conjunction with the degrees in Facilities Management, Quantity Surveying and Building Surveying, allowing you to share knowledge across programmes and the opportunity to transfer if you wish to.
As an example, the specific construction project management content of the programme is delivered by chartered professionals with substantial experience in both academia and practice. Staff have active research interests in construction, project management, surveying, sustainability and construction law and these interests are incorporated into the delivery of the degree.
A course module (Professional Practice), which you will study as part of your degree programme, will provide you with the skills that employers are looking for in graduates. Chartered Builder status (MCIOB) can be expected within three years’ suitable postgraduate experience. Most modules are lecture-based but computing facilities are made available when necessary to learn how to use AutoCAD and Microsoft Project.

There are also specializations available in various fields like information technology, healthcare, and business administration.
Norwich is especially a great choice if you are currently serving and deployed across seas. Employees who know how to tackle a project from start to finish are often the first to be promoted. It involves many players, many tasks, and step-by-step guidelines for initiating, planning, and managing projects. For example, some projects involve more development than research, some address investments and grantmaking, while others focus on long-term goals such as business startups and retention.
Teams often assign roles to group members in order to facilitate communicate and minimize confusion. Keeping staff on track and performing inline with expectations takes a trained and experienced project leader.
What’s more, critical information may not reach upper management if the project manager fails to keep key players informed. Being able to delegate responsibilities is an important skill and one of the most sought-after qualities in a project manager.
Students often take classes in business management, statistics, communication, and other key subjects that project managers need for success. Even startups look to hire project managers to oversee the development of new business initiatives. The most recent statistics reveal that project management specialists can make nearly $90,000 a year, and those with master’s degrees often earn north of $100,000 annually.
Either way, you’re practically guaranteed to find a school that offers the degree you want at the price you need – and you won’t even have to leave your house! The curriculum also integrates Christian, Benedictine, and Catholic values into courses to help students develop the morals they need to succeed in both their professional and personal lives. The 15-course, 45-credit program not only covers all the core aspects of project management, but also prepares graduates to sit for the professional certification exams offered by the Project Management Institute. Potential classes include “Planning and Administering Project Contracts,” “Business Process Management and Systems,” and “Leading Vibrant and Diverse Teams,” as well as a Capstone Course. The program is organized as a graduate degree in organizational leadership, augmented by a specialization in project management. The degree is designed to help professionals build on their past work experience, offering advanced education in strategy, planning and control, tracking, negotiation and conflict resolution, finance, and accounting. Students first expand their theoretical understanding of project management before exercising their new-found knowledge in real-world situations. Forbes ranks Missouri State on its list of top 150 colleges in the Midwest, and in the top 600 in the nation.
Students learn all the “soft skills” they need to become effective project management professionals, and work in virtual teams despite taking classes online.
Students learn about marketing, finance, business law, human resources, economics, and organizational business as part of their core requirements, and only afterward take a few concentration classes in project management. The university is yet another Registered Education Provider through PMI, and awards 10 credits of graduate coursework to current PMP-certified individuals. The program is a great choice for professionals currently working in project management, but is also suitable for working adults simply seeking a career change. The curriculum combines leading software resources with team training mechanisms, using collaborative learning to help students excel.
They place emphasis on all aspects of the project life cycle, pushing students to face challenges head on and adapt to an ever-changing business environment. The principles and practices of the curriculum closely mirror the PMBKG guidelines, including human resource management, quality control, planning and estimating, and project evaluation. Classes are structured around the three main PMI certifications: the Certified Associate in Project Management, Project Management Professional, and the Agile Certified Professional. ERAU offers classes online and all over the world, and its global presence adds an important element of diversity to web-based classrooms. For rock bottom tuition, students get a set of classes adhering to the same high quality standards that much more expensive schools boast. Despite the time it takes to run a business she still does much of the writing herself, and her work has included a variety of content related to education policy, colleges and universities, academic programs, and graduates’ careers.
Applicants will have to demonstrate that they will benefit from the course and that they have a good grasp of the English language, English should be at or above 6.0 IELTS or equivalent.
The degree is made up of an exciting mix of subjects that encourages innovation and an understanding of the quality management systems and design principles that are essential to a project manager. The majority of graduates are working in construction as construction managers and project managers. Organizational and leadership skills also play a key role in the successful execution of a project.
News & World Report rated it one of the best online master’s degrees in project management, as a part of its selection of top 100 online graduate schools in business. Students on College Prowler give particularly high reviews of the knowledgeable professors and helpful career services department.
Classes cover everything from educating employees to improving productivity and financial performance.
It is also a Registered Education Provider, certified by the PMI, and is qualified to offer “professional development units” that can help maintain PMP certification.
The curriculum covers technical tools, such as GANTT and PERT; offers quality analysis in ISO 9000, 9001, and 9002, and provides instruction in all the dynamics of facilitating projects, including costs, schedules, risks, manpower, workflow, and the supply chain. CSU Global is currently listed 6th on selection of top online schools for the 2015 school year. The fundamentals of team dynamics, multiculturalism, and virtual teams ground the curriculum and provide a solid launch pad for more advanced topics. The department keeps the program small (between 20 and 30 total students over the past few years) to ensure that each individual gets the attention they need to succeed. This means that well-qualified individuals can acquire their master’s degree in just 24 credits, or potentially just one year! All classes follow the guidelines set forth by the “Project Management Body of Knowledge” 5th Edition and can help members prepare for the PMP certification exam. Princeton Review conducted a comprehensive review of SMU’s affordability, academics, and resources, and named it one of the best schools in the Midwest for 2015. Students on College Prowler make plenty of positive reviews of GCU, and rate the knowledgeable professors, valuable education, and low-stress course load as major benefits.
The curriculum boasts Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education approval, in addition to being acknowledged by U.S.
Required courses include “Organizational Behavior,” “Project Management Essentials,” “Emerging Technologies,” “Project Management Integration,” and much more. Her interests actually span far beyond writing, and she is currently studying to be a physicist!
You will learn how to manage and coordinate construction project activities, how to optimise the commercial outcome of construction contracts and how to ensure legislative compliance.
Other graduates have gone on to postgraduate study to gain an MSc in Construction Project Management.
But most importantly, they represent the 20 cheapest online project management degrees available, ranging from just $17,000 in tuition to less than $4,000 a year! News “Best Regional College” and “Best for Vets,” and has received additional recognition as a Military Friendly School. Students can also earn a related certificate in Executive Project Management, Executive Leadership, or Strategic Human Resource Integration. Students will also strengthen their understanding of ethics, strategic communication, accounting, finance, and transformational change.
News as some of the best available, an indication that it truly provides a top online master’s degree in project management. College Prowler survey respondents laud Grantham and its online master’s degree in project management for its meaningful online courses, flexibility, and affordability. News and Forbes both place UAA on their lists of top colleges, and the former publication even included it as one of the best 20 public schools in the West.

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