Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Advisors) - Professors, Doctors, and Experts The AAPM a„? Board is the Member, Certifying and Regulatory Body for AAPMa„? Global Standards and RequrementsChariman - Prof. Track record of delivering Project outputs within Scope of supply, Budget at completion, Time schedule and defined Project Quality. George Mentz, JD, MBA, MPM a„?, CIPM a„? - Atty at Law - - General Counsel USA - Author of Project Management Books and Treatises and Teacher of PM College and Grad.
Amen is a nationally recognized expert on the relationship between the brain and behavior and on attention deficit disorder, and is the author of several books, including Windows into the ADD Mind and Firestorms in the Brain. Christopher D Lennon, MBA, LLB, MPMA®, CIPM - PM UK - Global Advisory Board - United Kingdom and Scotland  Dr. Allan Britton, PhD, MBA LLB (Hons) MPM A® CHSIII, Darlington, United Kingdom UK Do Hoang Nhat MPM, PMP, ITIL - Engineering Director - Asia Global Advisor Anthony Bowen, MPA, CTC, PME, MPM, CIPM - New York - USA - Project Manager Prof. Kester Ph.D, CPC - Distinguished Professor in the Department of Engineering - Shaw University - NC, USA Dr. Srabanti Sarkar, PhD, MPMA® - CEO, SIROM Consulting Services, Grants and Project Management Consultant, New Jersey, USA - Hon. Zulkhernain Shamsuddin, MBCS CITPa„? CIPMa„? MPMa„? CPDa„? CEng FAAPM, Chief Executive Officer, Syseneg International HGA Prof. Sean Patrick Rozario, DFA, MBA, MPM, MFP, FAD, CWM, MFC - Honorary Advisor Asia and Singapore. Bhoumik G Perumpilli, B Tech (Mechanical), M Tech (Aeronautical), PGDBA (Operations), MPMa„?, PMPa„?, CIPMa„?, CPCa„?, MAeSI - Senior Project Management Executive - India, Middle East & Australia Mike Placer, MPMA® CIPMA® PMPa„? - International Project Manager - Hon. Ahmad Cameron, BS, MS, MTech, PhD, PMP, MPM, CIPM CECC, AScT - Canada, EU and India Michael Tomaszewski, MBT JP(QUAL) MAIPM MIHEA MAIRAH CIPM MPM, Brisbane, Australia (Honorary Advisor) David Lewis, TSgt., USAF, MPM, CPRM, Construction and Energy Management Consultant Robert D.
Sammy C Germany, PhD, MPM, CIPM, CPRM, CPE, MBA - Long Beach, CA, USA - Global Advisor Prof. Yiowmin Chay, PhD, MBus, MBA, BAcc (Hons), MFP, MPM, MFM, MFC, RFS, CAM, FAD, CWM, CAM, CEC, CPA, CMILT, MBCS, CFTP - Special Advisor from Singapore and UK - Deloitte and Touche Dr. Global Advisor, Texas, USA Aslam Sardar Ansari, BE (Const), CEng (India), MPM, CIPM, Master Project Manager, PGDACM, DMtM, DHRM, ADBA, PGDOM, PGDLSS, Lean Expert, Six Sigma (Black Belt), Member (PMI), Member (AIMA), Member (IEI), PM Executive - Mumbai (India) - Hon. USA Oliver de los Santos ECE, CSSGB, PMP, MBA, MQM, MPM a„?, CIPM a„?- Project Manager and Certified Trainer a€“ Dubai UAE (Honorary Board Advisor Tejuoso, Olufemi Johnson (CIPM, ), CEO - Global Insight Consult, Egbeda, Lagos - Hon. Khoury, MSc, MPM, CIPM Master Project Manager, Certified International Project Manager - Hon. Papicchio, EUR ING, MPM Master Project Manager, Frankfurt am Main, Germany a€“ CEO Manager, Power Engineering & Management Consulting Dr. Global Advisor for AAPM a„? Board of Standards Tony Scatliffe, II, CIPM, MPM, MCP - Virgin Islands - Hon. Edward Foong, MPM, Associate Director, Macsimize - Asia Board Advisor Syed Raashid Ahmed, PMP, MPM - Project Management Specialist, Doha, Qatar. Boakai, BSc, PgDip, MSc (Eng), MPM a„?, CIPM a„? - Finland - Senior Project Manager - Honorary Global Adviser Kathleen A.
Cornel Collins, MBA, MSc, PhD, MPMa„?, CIPMa„?, IWWP, CPM, CAC: - Lignum Technologies (Bahamas) Ltd. Military Academy, West Point, New York), - Chicago, USA - Executive Project Manager - *Global Advisor Prof. Pui Wah Lee, PhD, MPM, CIPM, Master Project Manager - Hong Kong, PRC - Global Advisor Eyad M. AbuKhalifeh, CBMA, CIPMA® , ERP & Financial Reporting Manager, Jordan Aviation Airline AAPM A® Hon Advisor. Moskowitz, PhD, MPMA®, CIPM A® - Scientist & Biochemist, Maryland USA - Board of Advisors Dr. Patrick Eulogius Yau, MMC, CPMC, CPITC, MPM, CPRM, PMP, CEC, Chief Operating Officer a€“ Governance, Risk, Audit and Compliance (GRAC), Hong Kong - Hon. Sadlow, BSc Eng, MSc Eng, Certified International Project Manager (CIPM a„?) - Water Supply Engineer, Environmental Engineer - Trinidad and Tobago (Honorary Advisor) Azmi Bachar El-Osman, PMPa„?, MPM a„?(Master Project Manager) - International Bank of Qatar (ibq) a€“ Qatar - Hon. Dean Gabriel Rovayo Vera, PhD, MPM, CIPM - IDE Business School - Equador Sanjoy Chatterjee , MBA, MPM - New Delhi - India (Honorary Advisory Board) James Koiyan, MBA, MSc, MPM a„?- PNC Global Investment Servicing - Deleware, USA - Hon.
Global Advisor Mark Straughan, MPM, MA, CIPM a„? (Project Management) Honorary Board Bradley Q.
Wootten, AB, BS, MS, CIPM, MPM - Project Management Executive and Faculty, Virginia, USA Sam Shah, MPM a„?, CIPMa„?, PMPA® Technology Mgr.

Stringfield , MPM - Reilingen Germany - Special Advisory Board Member Christian Doyen, BA, MPM, CIPM, PMPA®, MBA cand., - Washington DC - Ex.
Fawaz, BSC (Telecom), Project Manager, SDM, MPM a„?, CIPM a„?, Montreal CANADA (Honorary Advisory Board) Dwayne M. Manigault, MPMa„?, PMPA®, Comptia IT Project Plus Certified Project Manager (Honorary Advisor) Prof. Carl Thong, MPM a„?, MBA, CIPM a„?, CWM - Singapore (Board of Advisors) Ana Petkovic, MSc Arch, MPM - Singapore Proj. Robert Ankoma Opoku, PhD, CEC, PME - King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals Steven J.
Global Advisor - Ecuador Carmine Russo, BS, MS, MPM, CIPM, Prince2 Certified Project Manager - Rome Italy EU * Hon. Brenda Escobar, MBA, MPM a„?, CIPM a„? - Miami, Florida, USA - International Marketing and Projects (Hon. Global Advisor) Ellis, Calvin, MPM, CIPM: Member of US Armed Forces, (Honorary Member of Board of Advisors) Lori Chelbian, MPM, CIPM, CAPM - Masters in Technology GWU in DC - Illinois, USA * Honorary Advisor Guido Losi, MPM, CIPM - The Hague, Holland - Special Advisor to the Board Victor Delacruz, MAJ, United States Army (MBA, MPM) - AAPM Board Hon. Morey, BBA, MPM, CIPM a„? - 2006-7 SV, Arizona, USA * (Honorary Global Advisor) Kelly McPike, SCLA MBA - MPM, Project Management Executive - Oswego Illinois - USA -Hon. Kevin Sanderson, MPM a„?, CIPM a„? - 2003-2007 (Board of Advisors) Colorado USA Samer Albirawi, MBA, CIPM, Business Consultant, Canada - Hon.
Global Advisory Board Bruce Lee Chong Soon, MBA, MPM, CIPM - CrimsonLogic Hon Global Advisor - Singapore Steve P. Wise, MPM, CIPM, Master Project Manager, Certified International Project Manager - Alexandria, MN. Global Advisor Tan Oon Lye, PhD, MPM, CIPM - Republic of Singapore * Honorary Advisor to the Board C. Cooper, MFP, MPM a„? , CEC, PME (Honorary Board Member) 2003-2008 San Francisco, CA Charles M. Kelso, III, MPM a„? Honorary Advisory Board George Jucan, MSc, MPMa„?, PMP a„? - PM Consultant, Speaker, Trainer - Open Data Systems Inc. Raywat Chatreewisit, PhD, MPM, CIPM, CEC - Bangkok, Thailand Kalvin Hinds, MPM, CIPM - South Africa Project Manager - Hon. Bishop, PhD, MPM - 2004-07 (Board of Advisors) Elizabeth Dunn, MPM, CIPM - SC, USA - Project Manager Mark Fowler PMPA®, MPMa„?, CIPMa„? - Project Manager - South Africa (Special Advisor) Milton L. Jones, MPM - Project Management Executive - Washington, USA Rueben Smith, BS, MPM, CIPM - Smith Enterprises, LLC - Engineer - California, USA Babar Khan, MPM, CIPM, Engineer - Toronto, Canada (Special Advisory Board) Prof.
Jenks , CEC, MPM - 2004-07 (Board of Advisors) Washington DC Gregor Jeffrey, MPM, CIPM, AP.APMP Managing Director - Jeffrey Strategic - United Kingdom Advisor N. Perez, MPM a„?, CIPM a„?, PME a„? (Advisory Board) France CHINEDU, Paschal Uchenna, MPM, CIPM - Proj.
Ware, MPM, CIPM - Virginia, USA Project Manager (Special Advisor) Sheema Zahid, MBA, MBBS, MPM - Canada Project Manager - (Honorary Advisory Board) Edward James Donaldson IV, CIPM Arizona, USA K.
Chee, CIPM - Chee Keng Buan - Malaysia - Project Manager (Advisory Committee 2007) Ronald Sigur, MPM, CIPM - (Honorary Advisory Board) - Texas, USA Gerald Taylor, MBA, MPM, Six Sigma Black Belt, Member: Honorary Global Advisory Committee - AZ, US Steven M. Jenkins, MPM - New York City - (Honorary Advisory Board) Kent Chan Siewho, CIPM, CPE - Chapter President (Malaysia) Prof. McDanials, MBA, MPM - EU Austria (Honorary Advisory Board) Donald Mayer, CIPM, MPM- Alberta Canada Project Manager Hon. Geoff Bye, MPM a„?, CIPM a„?, PME a„? - (Advisory Board) Kuwait - Middle East - Gulf Region - Chair of the Ethics Committe - Certification Board - GCC, Middle East, Africa, India and the UK Great Britain.
Henry Oh, PhD, MPM, RRT-NPS, MT, CLC; Director of Health Sciences Simulation Center, San Juan College, NM, USA.
Advisor Bronwyn Hanley, CIPM - Senior Project Manager - Field Operations - Australia Joseph P Nair, MPMa„?, CIPMa„?, CSCMa„?, ITIL(r),, PMPA® -India Project Manager Professional * Hon. John Birdwell, MPM a„?, CIPM, CEC (Masters Degree in Industry and Technology ) Texas, USA AAPM Advisor Shahid Malik, MPM, CEC - Asian Advisory Committee - Melbourne, Australia * Rajesh Soni, BsC, CIPM Certified International Project Manager - India - Special Advisor Mohammed M.F. Abu-Sharkh, MPM - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Project Management Executive (Special Advisor) Ndaya Muhammad Yelwa, MPM, MSc. Adv.) Patrick Beck, MPM a„?, CIPM - Colorado USA - Military Veterans Honorary Advisor Eur Ing Marios A. Ierides, MPM a„? CIPM a„?, Dipl.Eng MIET MIEEE ACMI MAPM - Honorary Global Advisor James H. Mitchell, BS, MS, MPM a„? - Florida - (Special Advisor) Joel Carboni, MPM - Project Manager - Indiana USA - Hon.

Global Advisor Sarji Mohammedali, B Tech (Computer Engg), MBA, PGDSM, MPM a„? - Kochi, India Hons. Global Advisor Abhijit Ganguly, MBA, MPMa„?, PMPa„? - India - Honorary Advisor ADETOYINBO, Adeboye Olugbenga, MPM, CIPM - Abuja, Nigeria Special Advisor Sami Soubra, MPM, CIPM - Doha, Qatar (Special Advisor) Lloyd Bumanglag, MPM, CIPM - Project Management California * Horea L.
Rizvi, MPM a„?, CIPM a„?- Project Executive - Kuwait Petroleum * Honorary Advisor Wing Yeng Andrew LEE, CPE Certified Planning Engineer - Australia * Honorary Global Advisor Prof. MSM - Singapore Construction Project Manager (Honorary Advisor) Syed Rayhan Qaiser (MBA,MPM) - Hon. Special Advisor Pakistan Aaron Ogunfeyimi, MPM a„?, CIPM a„?, Nigeria, Africa (Honorary Advisor) Murali Venkatesh, MPM, CSM - Program Manager, SAIC Corporation (Honorary Advisor) Nicholas O. Oture MBA, MPM a„?, CIPM a„?-N'djamena, Chad, Africa (Special Advisor) Ndaya Muhammad Yelwa, MSc, MPM, CIPM (Honoraey Advisor) Abuja, Nigeria (Honorary Advisor) Akindele Opoola, HND, B.Sc, MCP, MBA, MPM a„? Master Project Manager a„?, CIPM Honorary Advisor Nagappa H. Hall, MBA, MPM - Philadelphia, USA - Project Manager - Honorary Advisor Mohammad Nazre Alam, BE, MPM, CIPM, CPE- Engineer - Qatar (Hon. Advisor) Lawal, Musiliu Adebayo, MPM a„?, CIPM - Lagos - Honorary Advisor Fouad Abou Rjeili, CIPM a„?- UAE - Project Manager * Honorary Advisor Muhammad Shahid Shah, MPM - Pakistan - Project Management Executive - Hon.
Manager - Pune, India - Honorary Advisor Muhammad Atif Islam Bangash MBA (MISS & MRK) CIPM a„?- Islamabad Pakistan - Hon.
Global Advisor Tristan Boutros, MPM a„?, CSM, CSPO - Michigan, USA - Honorary Global Advisor Dr. Advisor Tomide Ojo BSc (Econ), MPMa„?, Director Business Development and Projects, BroadSpectrum Synergy Limited. Advisor Praveen Dayal, CISA, PMP, CPRM, Singapore, Honorary Advisor, Global Advisory Board, Asia Pacific Odusoga Akeem Adesanya, MPM - Lagos, Nigeria Hon. Advisor - Lagos, Nigeria Galina Fedorova, MBA, CIPM, Social Entrepreneur, Leadership and Executive Management, Hon. Global Advisor, USA & Russia Babar Hussain Khan, CIPM - Director Finance Training - Islamabad - Hon.
Global Advisor Comrade Andrew Ugbodaga, MPM, CIPM Global project manager, Lagos Nigeria Ashraf Al-Astal, MBA, BSc, MPM, PME, CIPM, MCSE - Project Management Engineer - Gaza, Palestine - Hon Glo.
Ahmet Yalcinkaya, MS, MPM, PMJSC, Honorary Advisor, Istanbul, Turkey Mark Johnson, MPM, ASAPM, South Carolina - Project Manager - Hon. Syed Aaun Abbas a€“MBA, MPM, Senior Manager PMO (Telecommunication), Lahore , Pakistan Hon.
Global Advisor Shezaad Shaikh, BA, CEC, CEA, MPM, CIPM, PME RASS GLOBAL Professional Technology & Media Services-Toronto, Canada - Hon.
Global Advisor Carlos Guilherme Stevenson Prado, Master Project Manager (MPMa„?), Quality Management Specialist, Project Management Specialist, Consulting Director - Brazil (Honorary Advisor) Matthew.
Global Advisor Mohammed Abduallah Mohammed Ahamed, MBA, CPE, PMP - Project Manager & Engineer - Hon. Global Advisor - Canada Ruth Baranowski, MPM, Program Director Compliance, Canada - Trinidad - Hon. Thomas business, marketing and e-Business savvy has earned her recognition in Black Enterprise Magazine (2000) and Hispanic Network Magazine (2009) - Honorary Global Board Advisor for CEC and AAPM Thomas Keenan, PMP, ITIL, IPMA-D, MPM - TX, USA - Global Advisor Dock Marshall Clavon, MBA, MPM, CIPMa„?, California, USA (Honorary Advisor) Suddhashil Sarkar, BS, MS, MPM a„?, CIPM a„? - Canada Hon. Global Advisory Board Raymond Lee, MSc, MPMa„?, MCMI, MIET, MASHRAE, Master Project Managera„? - Hong Kong - Hon. Global Advisory Board Joslin Johnson, MSA, MPMa„?, CIPMa„?, CCM - Hon Global Advisor Captain Emmanuel M. Global Advisor Eduardo Gonzalez, BSEE, BET, Master Project Manager (MPMa„?) - Project Manager, Project Engineer, Commissioning Engineer, cGMP - Texas & Puerto Rico -USA, Honorary Advisor Kofi Richard Osei Owusu, MPM, CIPM, CPE - China - Hon.
Global Advisor Fahim Bhuiyan, MA, MS, MBA, PMP a„?, CRMPa„?, CIPM a„?, MCPa„?, AM.APMPa„?, ERP Project Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton, Hon.
Global Advisor Demetrios Gianniris, MPM - (Honorary Advisor) Malay Mitra, MPM - Bangkok, Thailand - Hon. Eric Russell Linton I, MPM, CIPM, MIT - AAPMA® Hon Global Advisory Colin Mc Donnell MPM Master Project Manager a„? International Marine industries - Hon.
Ivers BSc, MPMA®, CIPMA®, Program & Project Management Specialist, (Honorary Advisor) LO Man-fung Kelvin, BBA(IS), PGDE(LS), MSc(IS), MA(QAB)(in progress), CEC, MPMa„?, PME, CCEBS, SJAA Nicholas Thairu, MPM A®, CIPM A®, Nairobi, Kenya, Hon.

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