Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations from a project.
WMG's PM follows the processes and guidelines established by the international Project Management Institute (PMI) Standards Committee.
The figure above provides an overview of the process groups that will be implemented in any phase of a project. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. There’s good news and not so good news and downright bad news on the project management software front. The good news is — there are lots of excellent software choices out there at all price points. The bad news is — the garbage in, garbage out rule is as true today as it was 20 years ago. While I am sure this list is not exhaustive, here’s a good sampling of the most commonly used project management tools for agencies. Anyone want to testify on behalf of one of these pieces of ad agency project management software?┬áHave a favorite or one that gets your team to boo and hiss?
We’ve been using Classic Basecamp for just over a year, and really like the time reporting features. We use Replicon – Project Tracking Software for all our project management, tracking and billing needs. Sometimes all the project management tools in the world won’t help if the initial brief and expectations are aligned from day one.
We are a small PR firm looking for project management software that will integrate with our existing Timeslips time and billing software.
Fortunately, there are tools that will do budgeting, project management and timesheets all in one.
Nice list…Our web agency producers are using Hub Planner to manage and plan their teams working across different projects and offices. There are several project management software available these days but since I used a great project time management software by Replicon Inc.

It can also be quickly implemented, and also be integrated with QuickBooks etc; all reports can be exported to excel.
Hi Drew, This is an old article but based on the date of the comments it is still an area of interest to many agencies and the industry.
Admation’s resource and project management modules have been designed specifically for the needs of agencies managing creative projects. Apologies for the delay in coming back to you – if you are still interested in taking a test drive of admation please let me know and we can tee up a time.
I am looking for a solution with a customizable client request form so I can stop putting all my project request information into the system and just have it migrate from form to project. We are currently using Workamajig, however the time consuming flow in process and the accounting functions available within one program take so long it has restricted our work functions at our company. I talk to about 200+ agencies a year and believe it or not, Workamajig is the least hated of all the options. We have been trying to implement it for the last 6 months but it is so complicated and their training system is extremely complex and boring all at the same time. What most agency owners tell me is that the implementation is painful but once they get it in place — they are happy with it. WMG's Project Managers (PM), experienced in various IT & IS projects will be able to quickly integrate with your project team. We built our own custom software tool and it’s been great for us for the last 10+ years but updates are expensive.
Great project management capabilities, easy exporting of time entry records to our financial software (C&P), great customer service. One of the hardest things clients have to do is write a better, concise brief for their agencies. Just recently I went to a Xero demo (cloud based accounting software) we’re currently using MYOB.
But at the end of the day the integration of Xero with WorkflowMax and CapsuleCRM might win me over. Really nice tool to work with as they obviously spent a lot of time on the small design details and smart functionality.

We provide web based project and financial management software that is specifically designed for creative agencies.
WorkBook is a fantastic integrated solution that covers CRM, Project Management, Resource Management + Accounting meaning that all info me and my team require is in 1 system.
You have so many great options with this app such as, it can be accessed from anywhere, just using a web browser. We provide a platform specifically for in-house teams with multiple request forms that can be customized. We provide a platform specifically for in-house teams with multiple request forms that can be customized. Has anyone experienced Workamajig which is close to the end result of both project management and accounting in another software program? Not a fun program to work on and extremely complicated which is something they just don’t admit to in the sell in. One of the newer entries, Zerys is mostly a custom content management system but also includes project management functionality. And, since our business changes so rapidly, it’s pretty costly to keep it up-to-date.
By the way, it has a lock-out feature that prevents employees from accessing their worklist if they have not yet entered their time from the day before. Function Point’s creative agency management software has a strong integration with QuickBooks and other accounting packages which helps it stand out from some of the other programs in this list. Have a look at the website or give me a call directly and we can see if this would suit what your looking for.
So, we’ve been limping along for the last couple years not wanting to spend the money to update it.

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