Data flow diagram institute management system  gives an over view of this application for system analysis and design.
In this data flow diagram there are two modules student and staff which is shown in the diagram.
Main aim of institute management system project is to provide a software application for college students and institute for connection different aspects of college information in to single web application.
Related PostsImplementing Institute Management System Project Institute Management System project is developed to manage information of institutes using a online portal.
Change Password Form: Admin can change password by entering old password and new password and conform.

Employee Details: Information of employees working in jeweler shop are managed using this form. Taking orders from customers and updating customer’s information to database for further contact.
Students who want to develop this application as mini project with new features can add SMS request option for updating billing details, order status. In present trend most of the showrooms like cloth stores, mobile stores, music stores are using software applications for managing daily activities to reduce manual work and improve standards for data management. Employee name, address, phone number, salary details are stored in table_employee database table.

This method is old process in which there are chances of loosing data and analyzing reports and transactions is time taking process. Students can understand flow from one phase to other face and based on requirements they can design in a better way. Student module consists of course registration, exam result management and master details where as staff module consists of only master details.

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