One way to implement project management is to start with “just enough” and then gradually move up to “a lot,” or as much as your project needs dictate.  An easy way to do this is to deploy SharePoint project management templates that bake an amount of project management into a SharePoint site, and you’re off and running.
But what happens when you lots of individual project sites in your SharePoint environment?  You need a template that will crawl through your individual project sites and roll up your data, from multiple projects, into a nice and easy to use Project Office dashboard. The key here is that you have individual project sites with differing amounts of project management aggregating up to one shared location. For examples, if you open Status Reports, you will see all of the most recent status reports from all the various projects with the hierarchy.
The same would be true for Work or My Work, Issues, etc.  Really what we’re doing here is getting a quick and easy view of what is happening in all the projects underneath this project office. So at this point you have built a series of project templates, with differing amount of project management, rolling up to a project office dashboard.
Now your stakeholders are telling you that the reports are not showing them the information they want.  Not to worry… we can take this template to the next level with Personal Report configuration.
For example, a stakeholder opens this report and simply finds way too much stuff here.  It needs to be cut down. See how we’ve whittled down the information to only render what you need?  With the personal reporting feature from BrightWork, every time you come back to this page it will show you the information you want, exactly the way you configured it.  Not bad, huh? So the idea behind the Project Office template is that you have lots of people managing lots of projects, in lots of different ways, but no way easy way to look across all that information.  With a template like this you can go to one central location and see exactly what’s going on across every active project in the hierarchy. This entry was posted in BrightWork, Project Management, SharePoint on February 5, 2013 by William Guinan. SeiteninhaltHalten Sie Ihr Projektteam, Interessenten und die Geschaftsleitung auf dem Laufenden uber den Status all Ihrer Projekte mit einer einzigen Sharepoint Seite.
Verschwenden Sie keine weitere Minute mit der Generierung von Projekt Daten fur Ihr Reporting.Das Sharepoint Project Portfolio Dashboard bietet Ihnen in einer einzigen Ansicht den Fortschritt, Erfolgs- und Risiko Level der Projekte Ihres gesamten Projekt Portfolios. Konfiguriert das Dashboard fur ein einzelnes Projekt oder fur ein gesamtes Projekt Portfolio.
Dashboard Daten basieren auf umfangreiche Projekt Management Daten um die Projekt Perfomance zu messen.
Fur bis zu 9 verschiedene Elemente anpassbar welche Ihnen ermoglichen die Daten durch Gantt, Kreis- und Balken Diagramme zu kommunizieren sowie eine Ampel Kennzeichnung und ein Ergebnismesser.

Anpassung des Element Layouts innerhalb des Webparts durch direktes bearbeiten im HTML Code. Wahlt aus einer Liste von vordefinierten Kreis und Balken Diagrammen das Aussehen Ihrer Diagramme.
Projekt Manager konnen die benotigte Zeit zur Erstellung von Projektdaten drastisch reduzieren und den Status an die Interessenten und das obere Management kommunizieren. Fur Unternehmen die den Erwerb einer teuren Projektmanagement Anwendung ins Auge gefasst haben bietet Sharepoint out-of-the-box Features mit dem Bamboo Project Portfolio Dashboard ein Projekt Management mit dem Sie Geld sparen und ein Projekt Management realisieren.
Projekt Manager konnen schnell den Status einzelner Projekte oder des Projekt Portfolios abrufen und es dem Projekt Team inklusive der Interessenten und dem oberen Management kommunizieren. Wie es arbeitet?Bamboo's Sharepoint Project Portfolio Dashboard ist ein Webpart welches mehrere anpassbare Elemente beinhaltet. Verbinden Sie die Werkzeugleiste fur dieses Webpart und passen Sie nur die Elemente an welche Sie fur Ihre Projektdaten benotigen. Passen Sie das Layout fur das Element an um die Daten so zu kommunizieren, dass es fur Ihre Empfanger Sinn macht.
Many of our customers use Microsoft Excel to manage their projects, and when you don’t really have much projects management at all, that’s a good start. When you click on update projects, it opens up the Excel-like grid I refer to above.  It has all the information fields you would expect like Project Name, Project Status, Project Manager, Finish Date, etc.
This entry was posted in Project Management, SharePoint on January 28, 2013 by William Guinan. Based on MatchPoint 3, we have created a project workspace solution that lets you manage documents, tasks, issues and contacts in a self-service application where users can create and manage their own workspaces. The solution is provided as is and can be configured or extended to meet your specific requirements using standard MatchPoint functionality.
This blog is about technical and non-technical aspects of the product MatchPoint and other SharePoint topics.
Microsoft SharePoint can be configured to mimic project management processes to provide a collaborative workspace for project teams.  But many organizations simply don’t know where to start. So in this blog I will run through 7 components that make up a great SharePoint Project Management site and if used effectively, will make collaborative project management incredibly easy.  And don’t forget… if you want to try this out for yourself then download our Free SharePoint Project Management Templates that puts everything I’m about to discuss into practice and gives you a very fast starting point!

The project home page should reveal key project information at a glance and also offer navigation to other project management dashboards. The site Quick Launch exposes all of the links into the various lists and reports housed in the template and should be mapped to a project management process. The Project Home Page is perfect for a quick glance at the overall status of a proejct.  Sometimes, however, the Project Manager or a stakeholder will require more detail on a specific task or issue or process, so it’s important to have project management dashboards that roll up information from across the project site.
Project team members won’t get any work done if they don’t know what work they’re supposed to be doing in the frist place! Automatic Status Report Capture Workflow, which takes project information entered into a datasheet and turns it into a Project Status Report with KPIs, comments, dates, etc. If you are doing risk management, then use a workflow to create an issue from a risk that has become a problem.  Using workflows will allow you to create an issue from a Risk or a Task that will automatically appear on the Open Issues list. Project management guidance can come in a number of different formats, but why not include some help in a Project Wiki in your project site.  Use the wiki to share information about your project management approach or how to use the project site to offer so that others who are also working on the project can find a bit of help if needed.
Jedes Element ist mit einer Sortierung, Gruppierung, Filterung, Achsenbezeichnung, Element Gro?e und Seiteneinstellungen frei konfigurierbar.
Jedes Element bietet eine Messeinheit von Projekt Fortschritten aus verschiedenen Perspektiven inklusive des Budgets, Terminplanung, Risiko und Gesamtuberwachung.
Project teams like the idea of project workspaces where they can manage documents, tasks, issues and other project information. That way you best practices baked right into the project site itself.  Below you see a Quick Launch that is designed to mimic a basic five phase project management methodology.
One example is a Project Status Report revealing more detail on KPIs and metrics, Open Work, project schedule, status comments, etc. Sie konnen auch eine von all diesen Komponenten nutzen um Ihre Projektdaten in dem Dashboard anzeigen zu lassen genau wie Sie das Layout fur diese Komponente bestimmen konnen.

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