The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise?s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.
Managing multiple and complex projects can be a cumbersome and challenging task if you do not use some kind of freeware or commercialsoftware to plan every step and keep track of everything. Multiple reviews give the following definition: Project management tools for Mac or Windows refer to a combination of tools that allow organizing a job and taking it through successful completion. No matter whether you use web based or desktop based solutions, you can communicate with members of your team and track status of their tasks. In this article, VIP Task Manager is given as a good example of free software (shareware) that is available for free evaluation within one month. Resource List tool for managing user accounts and setting roles for users who can access a centralized database. In order to start evaluating a 30-day free edition of VIP Task Manager, you need to fill in a short registration form on this website. All our processes are in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN 9100 and also with the EADS Airbus GREDS (General Requirements for Engineering Design Suppliers). Every company, be it big or relatively small, needs to plan its activities and evaluate the progress that it has achieved.Project management tools are created in order to help various companies to cope with planning and action-tracking activities more easily and effectively. Nowadays there are a lot of project management tools, which mainly have the same core functions, however may vary in some specific functions, aimed and created specifically for some industry, where this or that tool is applied. Resource management software is widely applied in all big companies all over the world, as it is has proven to be a useful and often necessary tool for the success of the company. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Scalability – Does the tool have features that might be need before taking on larger projects?
Flexibility – Can it be integrated with other tools to give it more flexibility and does it have an API? Harvest is primarily a time management tool, which is used by large and small agencies around the world. One of the main reasons that we chose Harvest was because it has an API and it can be integrated with lots of other software. Harvest has been great for GPMD as it’s easy to use, has loads of great features and they’re always thinking of new ways to improve it. Trello has been something we’ve been thinking about using for ages and a few members of our digital marketing team finally started using it recently. I think Trello is one of the only tools we’ve used that could potentially meet the requirements of both the development and marketing sides of the business. This article also provides a great guide to accessing the Trello API via Google Docs and mapping out user stories to cards in Trello. Conclusion: Trello is currently being tested on some projects as a possible solution for retainer work. Toms Planner is an online gantt chart tool that we use for scheduling both development and online marketing work. Toms Planner is really easy to use (drag and drop functionality) and has colour-coding options for different clients and you can also create different charts for different teams or projects. We’ve been using Toms Planner alongside other tools and have no plans of replacing it with any integrated tool. Conclusion: We do really like this tool but we are also planning on trialing Pivotal Tracker for another project to gauge which one our team members prefer. Redmine is a comprehensive project management tool that is designed for large projects and is highly customizable. Zendesk is a really useful customer service tool that allows you to track incoming enquiries in an organized way. Zendesk has been really useful for improving the way our development team deals with support assignments and we’ve used it a lot with the digital marketing team too. Conclusion: Zendesk is vital for both our development team and our online marketing team and I would definitely recommend it as a customer service tool.
If you have any other tools that you would recommend, please feel free to reference them in the comments below. Keep up with the latest digital marketing developments, views and how-tos through State of Digital’s digest newsletters. Thanks for the overview, have you bumped into a project managemnet solution which combines : project management, time registration and invoicing? I have used half of the tools that you have listed above in the past, but these did not go down well with me probably because of my kinda project management requirements were less demanding.
I have been using ( employee time recording software ) from Replicon, which tracks effectively all my activities and gives me reports of my work days.

We have been using KT at our company (a team of nearly 50 people) and there is no complaints. I’ve been using Teamwork PM for about a year now and so far I am a very satisfied user.
I just shopped for a project management tool for my team, I almost bought Asana and then I met the Streamframe team at SxSW. I agree with Project Management HUB, Teamwork has a wide range of features such as time tracking, Reporting, Mobile access and much much more, It also comes with a free 30 day trial and if you decide it is the one for you then you can choose from 7 different purchase plans. If what you are looking for is not listed please email us and let us know, Or even if you need assistance with anything we will be more than happy to assist. Can I also recommend Admation – it is a really intuitive solution designed specifically for the ad agencies and marketing teams to manage creative projects. Such a task may become even more complicated when you need to organize multiple procuring services, subcontractors or employees, as well as various team members involved in your job. By using such tools, you can manage your project considering all the five typical stages of project life-cycle, including Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing.
As a project manager, you will be able to assign new tasks and duties, and in case of necessity you can delegate your own duties to your deputies. Many users of VIP Task Manager find this system as the perfect solution that gives a complete list of options and features. You can use this tool to filter and sort task lists, as well as send tasks by email (like in Google solution ).
This tool is also convenient for setting user-defined (custom) fields to use formulas and perform calculations (like in Excel spreadsheets). In comparison to many online project management tools for Googleapps, VIP Task Manager allows displaying project tasks in several views, including Daily view, Weekly view and Monthly view. It is indeed very convenient, when the progress in some task could be shown with the help of diagrams and visual graphics.
Using project management tools helps to define the order and priority of the company’s tasks and the schedule of their execution.
These special tools give the possibility of easier and flexible control over the company’s resources in order to be able to redirect them in accordance with the most urgent tasks that the company is currently doing. Company that has its activities planned and scheduled properly will feel itself more convenient in the modern market’s conditions. The deck contains professionally designed slides containing essential tools such as SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound), DPDMD (Definition, Planning, Development, Monitor, Deployment) and much more.
We’ve found that because of the differences in the way that the two departments work (sprints, phased projects and support work vs retainers and consultancy), it’s very difficult to find one tool that fits all. In addition to it’s standard time tracking features, it also allows users to send invoices, create reports and much more. Harvest also has apps available for iPhones, Android devices, Macs, PCs and plugins for Twitter, Gmail, all mainstream browsers and much more. Steve, our Head of Search is a huge advocate of Trello and has integrated it with a number of our other tools (including Google Docs) to add more value.
Trello uses boards for projects and caters for user stories through a scrum plugin (for Chrome). We started using OnTimeNow a couple of months ago, following a session where we tested lots of different tools. We’ve been using Redmine for the last year or so and it has helped us to improve our processes, bug tracking and workflow. We use Zendesk for our support desk and it has a number of great features that help us to be more efficient and remain on track. Before joining Buyagift in June 2013, Paul spent three years working for GPMD (a London-based ecommerce agency) as Head of Digital Marketing.
While the user interface could do with a polish, it is very functional and does what is needed (no rounded corners on boxes though). It’s taken us some time but it really helps to balance resources between teams, manage client hours and generate reports when required on staff hour utilisation and client hours.
Basically it’s a Trello and Basecamp mashup plus it adds the missing functionality like time tracking, reporting, calendars and more. But it is a whole lot easier to complete what matters most when we are more active and begin with the end in mind.
This software shows that exactly where I spend my time, and how much of that time was productive or unproductive. I have used a dozen of project management tools but none of them come even close in terms of usability, clarity and intuitiveness. We’ve using it for our own resource scheduling + very basic project planning and it has worked out quite well so far. It’s a collaborative, creative review and approval platform designed for in-house marketing and creative teams.

Many managers found that their initiatives begin running most efficiently when they have a system of PM tools that drive information collecting, task tracking and team collaboration. When an idea or concept for your new project comes to your mind, you can use shareware to organize necessary activities. For example, Microsoft solutions (such as MS Project and Outlook) offer powerful team collaboration and data sharing capabilities. Of course, the way each person works is unique, so finding the right online or desktop versions for you may take some individual research. Besides, project management tools always make it easier for employees and employers to plan their working-time.
Moreover, with the help of such systems, the tasks could be divided specifically between various branches within one and the same company.
Resource management software helps to indicate the overall amount of resources that company has and illustrate the internal spread of such resources. Impress your audience by integrating these editable graphics in your business and management presentations. We’ve also found that more technical members of the team respond better to different options. The integration with Google Docs is also really useful and data can be pulled from spreadsheets and pushed into spreadsheets.
IImho the best project management tool at the moment is Teamworkpm as it has recurring tasks, time tracking, and great tools for collaboration. My projects are being managed perfectly now, as I have got all of them tracked and reported accurately. It allows me to improve productivity and eliminate distractions or less productive activities.
Monitoring tasks, reporting milestones, monitoring deadlines and inputting recurring tasks. And finally… easy drag and drop interface plus apps for iPhone and Android smartphones. A intuitive Kanban project management and collaboration tool for businesses seeking to improve their performance. We use it for all our creative and marketing projects, and our vendors love how easy it is to collaborate on specific tasks within projects. A complete combination of those tools will allow all members of your team to be in the know on a specific activity or job within your work. These tools will help you develop a project plan, schedule project tasks and build a productive project team which will treat for successful completion of your project. You can use SharePoint technology to deploy information about your project on central MS Server. This fact makes the coordination of the job between various branches more convenient and effective.
Knowing all about company’s resources, it is more effective for the management of the company to change the division of them in case of some urgent and unplanned challenges and tasks.
So, having learnt a lot about the features that have helped us to improve our efficiency, I thought I’d write a blog post with my findings. These softwares helps the organizations to improve the efficiency and thus generate more profits.
Moreover this software also helps me to indulge in private discussions as well as helps to assign a task to multiple people. If you want best results for team collaboration, Teamwork PM can do this for you as it allows instant messaging, status updates and uploading files for sharing to other team members. Project management tools will allow your team to make collaborative efforts and share information.
Members of your team will do their tasks in collaboration and your deputies will give you regular reports stating current status and progress of your project. Once you have tried and evaluated this solution, most possible it will become the primary item in your list of favorites and you will continue using the software. You do not have to look through many PM tools comparisons on the Web in order to find your best solution for organizing, tracking and controlling project activities and project teams. However, MS solutions are expensive and inconvenient in terms of administration and maintenance.

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