Bashbayo Technical Services Limited which has been active since 2004, and duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria for the provision of Facilities and Project Management Services in 2009. Our corporate mission is to provide our customers a quality service that is incomparable in industrial and domestic engineering using qualified and experienced personnel. Our services are facilities management, water engineering, Aluminum and glass works, general office support services and equipment procurement. To become the nation foremost provide facilities management on M & E, water engineering, Aluminum and glass works, general office support services and equipment procurement service firm providing innovative, Flexible and Customized products and services that satisfy & exceeds customer expectations.
To consistently provide high quality operational support services for companies at a competitive market rate to meet their set objectives in todaya€™s demanding and rapidly changing commercial environment. Our aim is to make our clients more competitive by providing them with a complete solution that reduces their cost, increase service levels, and allows them to focus human and capital resources on their core business. When it comes to keeping an eye on the progress of a project or making sure your milestones are clearly marked and presented to your team, nothing works better than a Gantt chart. With this web app you can make use of modern browsers to create, access and share Gantt charts online. TeamGantt is another fine online Gantt chart web app with an easy to use interface and online collaboration options. Doolphy is an excellent project management tool which is both easy to use and feature rich, with support for mobile devices.
This JavaScript comes with advanced zooming, filtering, customization and a configurable grid to help create Gantt charts.
This Gantt chart jQuery component is a plugin which uses ajax for retrieving json data using features like paging and zooming.

This Excel Online Template allows making Gantt charts right from your browser with the power of Excel Online. Our form grasps of market dynamics, our distinctive of creativity and rigor and our renowned objectivity enable us to exceed the high level of quality and innovation that our clients expect. In our business niche area, we have developed unparalleled industry knowledge, techniques and data sources. There are a plethora of Gant chart tools and free Office templates which can make your day to day project management tasks easier and we have compiled a list of some of the very best of them to help you make the most out of your Gantt charts. Tom’s Planner comes with the utility to import data from Microsoft Excel and MS Project, as well as allows importing files from the JSON and Open GXML format. With Doolphy you can organize and manage your projects and project tasks, with the power of online collaboration and the utility to assign tasks based on deadlines.
Designed like an online spreadsheet, this tool has all the basic features required to design and manage a Gantt chart with ease. GanttProject has all the necessary tools that you need to create professional Gantt charts with specific milestones that come binded to a priority level. It works with native jQuery syntax and users can alter the colors, task bars, text and the like for using it for jQuery websites. It supports all major modern browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. Using this customizable presentation template you can create your own Gantt chart slides to display project plans, milestones, schedules, etc.
This Excel Template can help you effectively create Gantt charts and manage your projects using Microsoft Excel with visual representations of your added data.

Just login with your Microsoft account to begin customizing the template from your browser.
This gives us a head start in service delivery to our selected clientele in the government and private sector of the economy. Designed like an Excel spreadsheet, this web app is perfect for making and sharing Gantt charts online with various online collaboration options to communicate with your team members. This web app is perfect for people looking for an uncomplicated online Gantt chart tool which can also provide online collaboration options. You can draw dependency constraints and create baselines to compare project status with your previous plans.
With this template you can track your project activity, timelines, assigned tasks and more.
You can also download the template to use it with the offline version of Excel installed on your device. Family Of Fish WinBatch PC Registry Shield PC Win Booster symbol Total Commander ADRC Data Recovery Tools avast! Independent re-sizeable and hideable windows show PERT views and Gantt (bar chart) views of the project in addition to the spreadsheet view.

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