The PDS is a structured and secure system for both embedding best-practice project procedures and also hosting all of the associated documents, templates and instructions. This online tool can be provided through a subscription model, or alternatively we have a Sharepoint version which can be run within your own IT environment. Using the PDS, you will be able to drill down into the system to view any template documents that may be needed at that point in the project lifecycle. Various levels of access are available, meaning documents available are relevant to job role. The French utilities giant EDF gets ever closer to finalising the heavily anticipated start of the build of the new Hinkley Point C power station. By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Fitzwilliam Institute cookie policy. Additional modules on Negotiation Skills, Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills are included in this Fast Paced Practical Course.
Defining the project manager's multi skilled role (initiating, planning, selecting the management team, ensuring effective communication, cooperation and collaboration within the project team, executing the project, managing budget, cash flow, timescale and quality, managing progress and change, leadership skills and conflict resolution), key project management responsibilities, and comparing project management to programme management. The four main project types (familiar, creative, unpredictable and unknown), and different project subject types (e.g. The main factors involved in project initiation (definitions, business plans, project sponsor and other stakeholders) planning at the initial stage for a successful project outcome, understanding and defining the project scope, recognising time, budget schedule restraints in the scope development. Initial project thoughts, defining and confirming the project goals, strategic planning, generating scenarios, questions and their outcomes, SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), rich picture analysis (holistic representation of the project), preparing a functional specification, STEEP factors (social, technological, ecological economic and political aspects), soft systems analysis (SSA), Cost Benefit Analysis, Features Analysis.

Gaining and maintaining authority, supporting the project team, key people in the organization (e.g.
Defining risk management, categories of risk (internal and external risks), identifying the projects? Setting up a New Project; Creating Sub Tasks, Setting Task Durations, Setting Task Dependencies, Modifying a Task, Adding Notes to a Task, Adding Resources to your Project. The course projects feature Real Life Briefs which are a critical part of the curriculum.
You produced an excellent course, extremely informative and most importantly very practical.
Our PDS uses roles associated with the Project Environment and matches them to the Project Lifecycle.
The Development Progression for organisations with a Comprehensive Project Management strategy is considerable. It is designed to manage small to medium sized projects and contains all the tools necessary to manage various types of projects including extensive reporting facilities. The ProjectLibre screen environment: Gantt Charts, Using Network Diagrams, the Resources View, the Work Breakdown Structure Chart, the Resources Breakdown Structure Chart, the Reports Screen, the Task Usage Detail Screen, the Resource Usage Detail Screen, the Histogram Screen. Work and Material Resource Types, Assigning & Modifying a Resource, Assigning Costs to a Resource, Adding Notes to a Resource. It requires participants to apply all practical techniques they've learned in the program in a Real Life Context.Practical guidance will be offered throughout the course to ensure that theoretical learning is translated into practical proposals.

It allows you to follow a graphical workflow to see the instructions associated with your role at any stage of a project. ProjectLibre is also compatible with Microsoft Project making transfer of projects easy and straightforward.
Inserting Milestones in a Project; Tracking your Project using Baselines, Creating Project Reports.
All fees must be paid before the course startsThe Fitzwilliam Institute Group closes on Bank Holidays and for a number of days at Christmas and New Year. It is the Course to advance your Career in this Exciting and Essential Development Area.
The Postgraduate Diploma is awarded by the Institute of Commercial Management.Who Should Apply Anyone working in the general business sector in a senior or support role which is likely to require Project Management Skills. Students are given the project briefs at the beginning of the course, whereby each project requires the participant to utilize the skills and knowledge gained from the modules to complete them.
Each project consists of a number of practical activities that are outlined in the relevant module. The practical activities are to be completed after the specific modules, and projects completed gradually as you work through the courseProject Management Course: Methods of TrainingOnline Lecture Modules, Subject Expert Feedback Sessions after each Module, practical case studies, end of module assignments.

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