In my opinion, AIG is the best Six sigma Training institute available today, for me it is no more an institute it has become my second home .
The Project+ certification nowadays is largely considered a "PMP Lite." It's officially based on the PMBOK from PMI, but it's a much shorter test than the PMP, and it's often recommended for students who either don't have the needed hours of experience to qualify for the PMP, or who don't presently have the time to commit to the more demanding study required for the PMP.
The Project+ cert makes for a great "stepping-stone" to the PMP, as a much shorter test that is quicker and easier to pass. Unitek Education's approach is to provide a thorough 5-day boot-camp that prepares students for either the PMP, CAPM, or Project+ certification, whichever is the right level for each student. Our Education Coordinators can help you make the best decision about which level of PM certification is right for you.
After intensive training and test preparation, you have the option of taking the Project+ certification exam at our training location, on the last day.
15 dedicated testing stations for students, test administrator available throughout the day and evening. Fresh catered meals - breakfast (with hotel package), and all lunches and snacks at Unitek location included!! Certified students will acquire the necessary skills to plan and implement IT projects effectively. Certified students will also see an increase in projects and responsibilities assigned to them, making them more promotable.
This Project+ certification boot camp course is designed for IT professionals who want to gain the skills and knowledge required to successfully manage and deploy an IT project. Our team of professionals at PMP training institute would be glad to help you with your query.
I did my hard work to get the promotion as an Assistant Manager & fortunately got the same however sometime later I realized that my career growth chart unlike other professionals, was walking tortoise speed. I still remember the day when I took my first step with AIG, little apprehensive of the world of numbers, stats and ISO that I was getting into.

Attending training programme here became a pivotal point in my life regarding my own personal enhancement, direction and most of all, the simplicity of managing my own state.
Pranay Kumar who has unique style of imparting training and is someone who is highly adored by all the students , his practical examples goes a long way in making the concepts clear. It developed by previous experience with the material into a whole new and better understanding of how to apply these principles. Students take the Project+ test, pass it, review their score-sheets, and then go on from there to study more and take the PMP test soon after. For specific details about our project management certification class, see the description of our 5-Day PMP Boot Camp, which also fully qualifies students for the CompTIA Project+ certification. However, the inspirational and motivational words of Pranay Kumar are still fresh in my mind and heart. I have been observing how AIG's instructors skillfully and thoughtfully made their presentation special and unique for each person in attendance.
And some students who don't have the qualifying hours of experience for the PMP take both the Project+ and CAPM exams after this class, so they can add both certifications to their resume until later when they've accrued the works hours to go for their PMP. Passing the Project+ exam is equivalent to possessing the knowledge and problem-solving skills of an individual with practical IT and project management experience of 2,000 hours..
The reason for this is that many consider project management undervalued skill rather than core business function (in much the same way as IT is not considered a core function) and yet no business can grow without IT skills and, increasingly, without PM skills.Too often project management is seen as a one-off cost that has to be borne for individual projects rather than a strategic, organisation-wide function that could reduce inefficiencies and hence costs. Since I was really good in numbers & analysis, I decided to go for Six Sigma & Lean Training.
Pranay Kumar & his training team made these training programs so flexible & simple so that it covers every area of quality as well as statistics.
Post decision, another question cropped up in my mind regarding selection of best training centre.
His extensive schedule of preparation for jobs & interviews helped me in getting my new job in India's No.

That under-development is, in fact, one of it’s strengths because it means there is plenty of improvement and growth to be had, but it also means that it is changing a€“ just look at how project management control methods have developed in the past 15 years a€“ a period over which core accounting methods, for instance, have remained the same.
A person whose career was going nowhere and who was still unsure of his future was suddenly standing into the thick of the actions and had numerous companies asking him to come on their payroll.
Post this training program unlike other institutes, I was handled completely by Pranay which helped me in getting lucrative offers & ultimately a path to success. Today and always, I dedicate, whatever success I have achieved to one and only- Pranay Kumar and his dream AIG. How many project managers do you know who are comfortable standing up in board level meetings and describing why they are so useful to the company, how their skills add value and arguing the case for approaching project management across all functions within the organisation so that all projects complement each other and contribute to the goal of improving profits.
Pranay Kumar & his team for such a hard work they are putting in to create career paths for others. And on top of that will be able to communicate to people at all levels of the project from team members to senior executives,In fact, many of the skills that make a great leader in any walk of life.Lack of Emphasis on Project ManagementProjects continue to fail entirely or fail to meet their objectives and yet businesses continue to fail to place enough emphasis on the importance of good project management and well-trained, experienced project managers. Often believing they can simply assign someone from a different role to magically become a project manager who can accomplish a successful project.Those organisations who understand the value of both training and experience do provide the essential training but can fail to see the bigger picture of how all projects contribute to the success of the business. Providing decent training to all PMs is not the whole solution.A graduate leaving university with a PM degree is unlikely to have the experience required to successfully run a project and yet companies are seeking more talent like this. Do organisations under-value project managers and, if so, how can the industry effect change. Learn More About Parallel Training CoursesCourses including: APM, PMI, PRINCE2, distance learning or face to face courses.

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