Accountable members (also referred to as Approvers or Approving Authorities) are individuals whose approval of the work is required before the task or activity is considered completed.
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People often think they have to write long introductions to make themselves look more impressive but this isn’t true. Creating a RACI matrix can provide the project manager with a valuable tool to make delegation decisions and ensure that the right people are assigned to the right jobs. Each team member is designated a role in the RACI hierarchy which is an acronym that stands for (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed).

Accountables are the people in the spotlight -- the first ones called if something goes wrong and the first ones showered with praise for the successes.
Responsible members are persons whose contributions and efforts result in a tangible deliverable or completed task.
Consulted members are persons who play an indirect or advisory role and whose contributions are in the form of special knowledge or expertise.
Responsible participants work "in the trenches" and have a broad knowledge base of the task at hand.
There can be multiple consultants, but their input is essential to moving the task forward to successful completion.

Informed members are persons who should be kept in the loop even though they have no direct or indirect role in the activity.
These people need to be notified of important decisions and included on the list to receive regular status reports.

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