The statistics below represent IT jobs advertised across the UK that had Senior Project Manager featuring in the job title.
The following table is for comparison with the above and provides statistics for the entire Job Titles category in permanent jobs advertised across the UK.
This chart provides the 3-month moving average for salaries quoted in permanent IT jobs citing Senior Project Manager within the UK. This chart provides a salary histogram for IT jobs citing Senior Project Manager over the 3 months to 24 May 2016 within the UK. The table below looks at the demand and provides a guide to the median salaries quoted in IT jobs citing Senior Project Manager within the UK over the 3 months to 24 May 2016. The 'Rank Change' column provides an indication of the change in demand within each location based on the same 3 month period last year.
For the 6 months to 24 May 2016, Senior Project Manager job roles required the following IT skills in order of popularity.
The figures indicate the number co-occurrences and its proportion to all job ads featuring Senior Project Manager in the job title.
Project managers organize and oversee programmes within companies and are responsible for ensuring that their projects are run efficiently, to budget and are completed on time.
When writing their curriculum vitae project managers need to demonstrate and also prove their ability to turn proposals into reality and show their experience across multiple and varied sectors.

All of the above can be done by emphasizing and giving examples of successful projects you have completed.
Remember emphasize and demonstrate to potential employers that you can make their organizations competitive and profitable.
Highlight your ability to identify present and future risks and to come up with solutions to deal with them. Explain your methods for identifying the resources needed for a project and you techniques for assigning individual responsibilities. Your experience at analyzing a projects feasibility, profitability, revenue margins and costs.
Included is a guide to the salaries offered over the 3 months to 24 May 2016 with a comparison to same period over 2 years. If during the course of your career you have managed to save your employers money then highlight this. To get noticed yours should be clear and concise, showing your related skills and experience. Mention your skill at identifying unreasonable project timelines, poorly defined requirements and unclear project objectives.
Demonstrate your good sense of business acumen and show how you have the ability to influence others to get the best out of them.

For instance you might manage the project for 50% of their time, then perform business analysis for 30% and finally work on and writing documentation for the remaining 20% of your time.
Job seekers may download and use these CV examples for their own personal use to help them create their own CVs. As such the figures in the first row provide an indication of the total number of permanent jobs in the overall sample. Bring to the attention of employers your real world experience, formal training and relevant certification. Mention your acceptance of taking the overall responsibility or accountability for the successful planning and execution of a project.
Avoid using bright colors or bizarre fonts, instead keep it structured, disciplined and professional looking. However these CVs must not be distributed or made available on other websites without our prior permission.

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