These planning process groups enable the stakeholders and project managers to create a comprehensive and detailed scope, schedule, costing, and other required information that will help them manage and control established plans for the construction project.
Developing construction management plan is the key to success of your project, lack and incomplete plan will result to failure of your project , if there are processes you need to focus more in the field of construction management it is the planning process . Is an approved plan that describes how the project will be executed, monitored, controlled, communicated, and closed out.
Methodology – including deliverable, phases, sequential in nature, graph of cost, and staff vs. Process – including dependencies, inputs and outputs, interaction of process, tools and techniques being used, and how to execute the work. Is a vital part of the project management plan for construction , which consists of the processes of analyzing, evaluating, approving, and managing changes to project document, deliverable, and the project management plan itself. This is more focused on the documentation, identification, and controlling changes to the project baselines.

Planning for construction management needs a lot of importance and considerations, always remember that we will execute what has been planned, incomplete and mistakes in planning will be generally resulted to failed construction project. I am a Certified Project Manager (PMP) and a Registered Civil Engineer, Author, Creator of CPMPro and I have been in the construction industry for almost 14 years. Construction Project Management Pro is all about helping project managers and construction related professionals worldwide to achieve success in managing the construction project, the first company to release a comprehensive and complete tools, guide, templates and documents on the web. Our ProductsMonitoring and Controling Excel Sheet, From Primavera to Excel by one click!The must have Excel sheet for every Planning Engineer, Project Manager, Construction Manager, and whoever is involved in monitoring and controlling projects.
This document does not offer formal policy guidance from the Office of Special Education Programs at the United States Department of Education. It is composed of process groups aimed to establish a concrete construction management plan and identify all the necessary documents for the project. Here, all of your baselines will depend in this process and eventually you’ll execute this plan.

This document follows a specific type of format either summary type or a more detailed outline.
He works closely with the Account Managers, allocated Senior Engineers and all other staff involved in projects, including sub contractors, Telcos etc.
I created this Excel sheet from my best practices working as Planning Manager during my 11 years experiences. Every stage of a project is monitored and feedback provided to all parties involved ensuring a smooth and hassle free implementation.

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