For all Property Services Call POSHPADZ Direct: USA (001)-561-768-3137 or (001)-561-768-2984. Anacostia River Realty provides RELIABLE property management services ranging from procuring well-qualified tenants, to providing easy online access to your account and financial reports, to overseeing repairs made by owner approved service professionals. If you are just seeking leasing services, please contact us to ask for advice and discuss how we can help. This entry was posted in Owners, Property Management Tips and tagged Chico Property Management, Owners, Property Improvements, Tip & Advice on December 16, 2013 by ipmchico.

Real estate management in Memphis, TN, United States of America, was the main reason for the logo choice of our client. We specialize in property management in neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River in Washington, DC. We are the real estate in Deanwood, Anacostia, Hillcrest, Barry Farms, Congress heights and Washington DC property management. Our property management team will treat you and your properties with the level of professionalism you expect and deserve.

The levels of the home are a smaller roof top with chimney designed to the left of the viewer.
We currently have over 100 single-family homes, apartments and condos in our property management portfolio.

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