In the Leading Change Workshop, teams compete to help a fictional company called GlobalTech navigate a major change in their business strategy. Some of GlobalTech’s employees think this change is good, some are on the fence, and others are opposed.
Over 8,000 artists, leaders, and researchers from across Canada and around the world participate in programs at The Banff Centre every year.

Given a timeframe of 18 months, a budget of $500K, and 50 different actions you could potentially deploy (or not), your team will create and implement a change plan aimed at raising the buy-in level of the workforce from the current level of 6% buy-in, to over 60% (hopefully!). Through its multidisciplinary programming, The Banff Centre provides them with the support they need to create, to develop solutions, and to make the impossible possible.
As you implement your plan you will get real-time feedback from the workforce on what parts of your plan are helping (or hindering) the initiative.

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