Per alcuni parlare in pubblico puo essere piacevole e magari divertente, per altri puo diventare un “incubo”. Subito una buona notizia: parlare al pubblico e una scienza e un’arte che si puo imparare! A pranzo e cena  saremo liberi, se lo vorrai potrai pranzare con noi usufrendo dei vantaggi soci .
Il “Metodo Crea™” e nato da oltre 25 anni di esperienza nella formazione, nella leadership, nel coaching e nella peak performance. Iscriviti alla newsletter, ti invieremo gli inviti agli eventi e corsi che attiveremo nella tua provincia e ti informeremo quando saranno disponibili nuovi articoli e risorse gratuite! The response to the new Speaker One-Sheet Templates has been amazing and exciting around here. When folks who aren’t yet speakers see them, they wonder if they might be able to use the Speaker One-Sheet Templates for another promotional product they have been wanting to market.
You see, although I originally designed these to be specifically for speakers who want to get their speech details and bio in front of meeting planners to help them get more bookings, there is no reason you couldn’t use them as just about any marketing flyer. Bookkeeper: Share your best tips for keeping receipts organized and highlight your services.
Esthetician: Share photos of your before and after work or photos of your location, along with a list of your services or to market a new service offering to your existing clients. Financial Adviser: Spotlight the best investments now or host a lunch and learn for potential clients and use the flyer as an invitation about what they will learn.
Group Exercise Instructor: Use any of the templates to share your upcoming class schedule, testimonials, and info about you and your studio. Insurance Agent: Mail a flyer to your customers quarterly explaining new products, new regulations, and sharing success stories of clients who benefited from working with you and having your insurance. Jazz Musician: Print copies promoting your upcoming shows, your website, and your current CDs or mp3s and provide them to all audience members. Marriage Counselor: Create a series of flyers that share various conflict resolution techniques and mail to past and current clients, or as a marketing tool to send to the homes in your area. Nutritionist: Send out monthly recipes with photos, promote various programs or services to current and past clients. Proofreader: Share your personal info, outline your proofreading services, and share a testimonial. Quilter: Provide information at quilt shows on your work, accolades, and showcase photos of past quilts. Virtual Assistant: Create a top 10 list of the ways a VA can save a business owner time and money, explain how to choose and VA, and share information about your services. Writer: Feature your latest book along with a description of it, where readers can read a free chapter, and info about you. X-Ray Center: Welcome new patients with a comforting note about x-rays and answer a few commonly asked questions. Youth Minister: Invite new members by including a flyer in your weekly bulletin that explains what youth group is about, sharing photos from past events, and inviting first-timers and their parents to an informational meeting. Zoologist: Create series of informational pieces for field trips of children visiting the zoo.
I recently launched a new tool designed to help speakers look more professional and get more speaking gigs.
Use the PDF version on your website so meeting planners can easily see more about you, print it from their end, and share it with their bosses, event committees, etc.
Get high quality copies made at your local print shop and use them in a direct mail campaign to reach out to meeting planners along with a copy of your book, pages of testimonials, sales letter, branded object(s), and more. Email all your personal and professional contacts with a copy or linking to your website telling them how excited you are to have your own professionally-designed speaker one–sheet and ask for contacts of meeting planners. Write a blog post about your speech topic and feature your one–sheet as the featured image.
Announce on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn that you now have a one–sheet and created a speech around your topic of expertise. Work with a coach (like yours truly!) to help you build an entire speaking marketing plan that incorporates the use of your one–sheet as one of the printed materials. Get your Speaker One-Sheet Template today and have your speaker one-sheet done before lunch. Do you wish you could overcome a fear of public speaking and talk eloquently and confidently to a group of people?
The further you go in your career the more likely it is that you will be required to make presentations and the more comfortable you feel in doing so can have a really positive impact on the image you project of yourself. One of the most common fears for people is the fear of public speaking, so you are not alone in feeling anxious, nervous or even downright petrified at the thought of standing up and talking through a presentation!
I have worked with some people who have such a fear of public speaking that they break out in a rash, break out in a cold sweat, have sleepless nights, become tongue tied  and are prepared to go any length to avoid having to stand up and talk. Research suggests that one of the reasons for a fear of public speaking can stem from a negative self image which feeds the belief that the speaker will appear anxious and vulnerable, which will automatically lead to poor performance in the speakers mind.
This has been demonstrated by the TV series, The Kings & Queens of Speech on Sky, which follows school children from various schools whose lives are transformed through taking part in a debating competition.
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Andrew Davis has run 15+ panels at conventions in the last 3 years and shares his knowledge about how to run a successful panel and command a room. So today I want to deconstruct the coaching process and give some tips to people out there who may be coaching others about how they can become better and more effective speakers.
The majority of these methods are actually taken from Tim Ferris – the author of The Four Hour Work Week. We will later look at the notion of sequencing but I believe that the way that we teach people is not the way that we should be going about doing it.
But I suggest that the best way is two-fold and both would be while filming them on camera.
The first thing would be to get them to deliver a prepared speech of three to five minutes. And the second thing would be to get them to give an impromptu speech of approximately two minutes and measure how well they did when they were put on the spot. Deconstruction is so important in public speaking because so often we fail to realise that public speaking is actually a multidimensional task.
So deconstructing the many skills that we need to learn can help our students become better public speakers. Look at every single aspect of public speaking and deconstruct it so you can teach your students each individual aspect. The way that I learned in school involved talking about technique and then watching some professional speeches.
The way I learned to become a decent public speaker was to start by recording podcasts sitting down. Moving from podcasts to speaking heads and then further back allowed me to progress through the different facets of public speaking.
Those first coaching appointments are going to be some of the most important moments that you have with your students.
Tim Ferris recommends that the first five lessons need to be in that no stakes environment before we move up to things that have meaning. Once we’ve gone through the no stakes process we can then look at building incentives. And if you grow and acquire the skill then you can get the money back or give it to a charity of your choice.
Money is a massive motivator so that’s one way that we can build incentives into our coaching. Focus on what people do well and reinforce your student with positive affirmation on the things that they do well.
We celebrated my sister’s wedding recently where my Dad delivered a great Father of the Bride speech. And so I spoke to him about how he went about creating that speech and what tips he could offer to any other dads out there who need to create a Father of the Bride speech.
Traditional Father of the Bride speeches would once have involved reading out telegrams from absent guests. Other standard aspects of the Father of the Bride speech involve things like complimenting the bridesmaids and checking with the bride as to what she wants – or doesn’t want – included in the speech. A good idea is to decide on the central theme and to then structure the rest of your speech around that idea. But you should definitely be familiar with speech so that you can offer a smooth and confident delivery. This is not only important in getting a laugh from your jokes but also in building emotion. Feel free to get in touch if you have any more questions about creating your Father of the Bride speech. Today we will be looking more into Toastmasters and how you can be involved in its various speaking competitions. Often these competitions will take the place of the meeting’s usual proceedings and will be undergone instead of the regular activities or speeches.
There are a lot of different Toastmasters competitions that the more competitive members can undergo. There are a number of competitions held throughout the year on a number of different topics. It’s also worth noting that in my father’s club, one member – who’d gotten to the international finals but had not attended the club for twenty-five years – returned and won several competitions. Competitions will come up naturally and you can speak to your group about which competitions you can get involved in. My father is a Toastmaster and I spoke with him recently to learn more about how the Toastmasters meetings work. So how do things progress and how do we learn more about public speaking once we become a member?
You could also look at going to multiple clubs if you really wanted to speed up the process.

The third topic is about finding your objective and getting to the core point of your speech without waffling on.
Essentially you will work through the list of contents in the various manuals and practise each of the skills being explored.  The manuals provide advice and activities.
Members have the chance to speak during Table Topics and to practise their impromptu speaking skills. Or you might be sergeant of arms that week – in charge of setting up the lectern and making sure the supplies are filled. Toastmasters will not only teach you how to become a better speaker but also how to obtain important skills involved in leadership and other effective communications skills.
The fact is that everyone is going to have to get up and speak in front of people at some point in their life.
And you’re getting help all along the way with salient advice and confidence-building feedback from your peers. I recently interviewed my father – a member and regular frequenter of Toastmasters – and got some information from him about what it would be like to go to one of these meetings for the first time.
I know there’s a lot of people who want to attend a toastmasters event but are too scared to actually go. Here’s some information about what it is like to go to a Toastmasters meeting for the first time.
Public speaking and learning how to do that is very important if we want to get ahead in life.
You don’t have to be a guest – or a member – in order to see what a Toastmaster meeting is like. Many people will travel to different cities to see what their Toastmasters clubs are like and will be welcomed warmly. Again, guests and first-time attendees have the choice to opt-out of any activity that they don’t wish to participate in. At the end of the meeting the Toastmaster in charge will invite you to make a comment about the event. Then you will likely speak with the VPE – the Vice President of Education – or someone who’s in charge of new members. Obviously they would give you the option to go back as a guest a number of times to see if that’s the club you want to join. And again I would stress that it’s probably advisable to have a look a couple of different clubs around where you are. Impromptu speaking is one of the best skills people can have because it helps to override one of the key fears associated with public speaking – the fear of stammering and failing and having nothing to say.
By becoming a great impromptu speaker you know that you can pick up the conversation from any point – no matter what happens.
Toastmasters are very welcoming and offer a great environment where you can learn and better yourself as a public speaker. Using pauses during a public speech or presentation is an important way to engage the audience and to deliver your message effectively.
A lot of us fail to use pauses in the right manner and therefore we throw our audience off and lose their engagement throughout the presentation. Pausing is something that we hate to do and something that we find very difficult during a presentation.
When we pause during our everyday conversations we are indicating that someone else can begin talking.
So here are my twelve tips on how you can effectively use pauses during your public speech or presentation. Filling our pauses with words will feel and sound awkward and will prevent you from using pauses comfortably and effectively. Pauses are great if you feel like you’re talking too fast and can help you to maintain your pace. Pausing for even half a second can calm you down and start to bring you back to a regular pace. The end of a sentence forms a natural point in your presentation where you can pause for a moment and then continue on.
A pause symbolises that you have finished your sentence and that you are now moving on to another one.
These pauses indicate that we’re now moving on to another point or to a completely different topic. Or you could simply pause for an extended period of time at the end of your important point. Either way will direct your audience’s attention to the point that you just delivered.
Pausing at the end of a rhetorical question will give your audience time to think and time to answer the question in their own minds. Consider pausing for a moment at the start of your presentation rather than leaping straight into your speech.
You may want to use the power stance – legs slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and arms comfortably held at your side. This pause will symbolise to the audience that you’re ready to start your presentation and will likely grab their attention.
This is not a practical tip for video presentations because people could easily click elsewhere if their attention is not immediately grabbed.
This is particularly useful if you’re using a PowerPoint or a Keynote Presentation or something similar.
So there you have twelve tips about how to effectively use pauses during your public speech or presentation.
This is another common fear scenario that has you in front of an audience and will say something embarrassing. Standing in front of an audience and completely forgetting what to say, is a situation that may make you nervous even reading this. You wouldn't expect someone diagnosed with an anxiety condition would become Public Speaking trainer, but that's exactly what Lucas Mattiello did.
Lucas is passionate in empowering business professionals with the tools, techniques, and strategies needed to communicate with confidence. Magari ad una riunione di lavoro o semplicemente per la tipologia di lavoro che svolgi, oppure nel sociale per motivi goliardici o per raggiungere e convincere diverse persone (o che una sola). People from all over the world and speakers with all sorts of topics have been snapping up and designing their Speaker One-Sheets since I launched them just 7 days ago. A listing of how businesses from A-Z can use the Speaker One-Sheet Templates for FAR more than promoting speaking. The tool is a set of Speaker One-Sheet Templates that you can 100% customize to showcase your expertise, your speaking topics, your book(s), and more.
Do you wish you could overcome a fear of public speaking and volunteer to make that presentation at your next team meeting? Our online course in presenting skills can help you develop your ability and overcome a fear of public speaking. However the rest of the time they are confident, eloquent and happy to argue their case in a group discussion. Therefore they are defeated by the fear of public speaking before they have even opned their mouths. When we first see them they all have a fear of public speaking and have a low self image with many feeling they do not fit in and isolated. It takes practise and needs you to step out of your comfort zone, but there are some simple techniques you can use which will enable you to increase your confidence in this area. The content covers a wide variety of areas you need to consider to help you prepare for a presentation, and can be followed up with us providing you with 1-2-1 coaching programme – details on request.
But I don’t necessarily do it in the structured way that Toastmasters or our school system might teach us. He is a professional at learning things very quickly and I’ve taken the way that he goes about learning new skills and applied it to public speaking to help you be a more effective speech coach. Break them down into just a few tasks and I believe that we can teach public speaking more effectively. We would then deconstruct those speeches and look at the different techniques that they used.
Here you can pledge a certain amount of money to a charity that you would hate for your money to go to. I hope that these speech coaching tips have helped you to understand how you can be more confident in teaching your students and how you can build your students’ confidence and skills faster by doing things in a non-traditional manner. We don’t get many telegrams these days but it is still important to read out congratulatory messages and well-wishes from anyone who couldn’t attend the wedding. Thank everyone on behalf of the bride and groom for being there and thank them from travelling from their homes – particularly if they are from interstate or overseas. Speak about the groom and your feelings towards him as the man in your daughter’s life. The Best Man may tell embarrassing stories or poke fun, but the cringe-factor is not for the dad. You can easily provide yourself with notes and cue-cards to guide yourself through the speech.
Then you would compete to win the zone competition and work your way up to the international competition held in the U.S. You could also participate in several different competitions if you become a member of more than one club.
After working through these manuals you will have developed a fine understanding of the basics of public speaking. They teach people how to be a leader because it’s such a good thing to have in life and to build that confidence.
The whole point of Toastmasters is to become more confident in public speaking so it really is a great thing to become involved in. It brings people forward and helps them with their public speaking skills for both their working and personal lives.
But you then would have the option to speak and take part or to simply observe the proceedings.

They look at correspondence and see what information has been sent in from Toastmasters International. This could include things like raising money to buy a new microphone or discussing the filming of members’ speeches. They have about four speakers for the evening who would have worked their way through the various manuals. I hope that this information has given you the courage to go and check them out for yourself.
So we naturally use filler words – “umm” and “err” and “you know” – if we need to show that we have not yet finished speaking. These filler words are actually going to distract from the message that you’re trying to deliver. Understanding when we use these filler words and removing them from our vocabulary will open up the opportunity to pause and create a better presentation. Planning your pauses in advance will help you use them in the right spots and use them effectively. You’ll be able to maintain a constant speed of your presentation and you’ll avoid speaking too fast as many nervous speakers tend to do. Pausing here will get your audience in the correct mind frame and make sure that you maintain their attention. This will give people time to read that slide and absorb its message before you continue with your speech. I’m a curious person and want to assist everyone to achieve their greatness, so the fear of public speaking is a perfect fit for me to explore. This creates a situation where 90% of people will tell you how nervous they get or how much they hate public speaking. This creates tremendous anxiety as it’s commonly linked to a worst-case scenario of extreme embarrassment  When I ask where this thought comes from, most of my clients recall a situation from their school years where they spoke in class and were laughed at. This is what causes many people to completely script their presentations and spend hours trying to memorize it.
List out the most important points you want to address and fill in the supporting information. He uses his experiences of living with anxiety for 15 years, the self-management tools he used to control stress, and his training as a Certified Professional Coach to connect with clients.
He is an internationally renowned trainer in communications and stress management that has been featured in Forbes and numerous news shows, is a best selling author, and his corporate clients include: Vancouver Coastal Health, City of Burnaby, and Cactus Club Ltd. Yes, some of these were a stretch (if you know of any careers that start with X or Z, let me know!), but many of these I know from experience of working with the to develop their Signature Speeches™ and businesses.  What other businesses can use these? However, with encouragement from the debate mentor they gradually overcome this fear and their self confidence blossoms as a result. Our online course, Click here for details , can help you develop the confidence and techniques to ensure you feel more comfortable when presenting to others.
Breaking down public speaking and focussing on the things that are most important will help to bring your students up to a very high standard. And then it all concluded at the end with me needing to stand up in front of a crowd and give my first speech.
You can never see my hands so I got to focus on just my facial expressions and getting used to the camera.
This not only uplifted the praised player but also help the rest of the team to understand how they could take that person’s praised skill and apply it to themselves. Sit down with your student and ask them to observe how they use pauses or how they command the stage or how they use body language.
Bring in all the different elements – the formalities of thanking people and welcoming the groom into the family and talking about your daughter and so forth – and put the pieces together.
Have two neatly-written copies of your speech and keep track of where they are at all times! His speech about “how to catch a haggis” – a legendary three-legged Scottish creature – was delivered at their regular meeting and was very well received. Winning the humorous competition could take you through to the zone and national levels – and maybe even further. This is a great way to learn more about the competitions and about public speaking in general.
This provides the member with feedback on both the positive and negative aspects of their presentation and helps them build their confidence and skills.
Every member gets an impromptu question and will speak about that topic for a minute and a half. And you’d then stand up and speak for a minute and a half about the time you put on a Batman cape and jumped off the top of the wardrobe and broke your leg. They likely won’t notice if you pause for a moment to find your place and calm your nerves.
Being an Anxiety Coach, I address many different situations, all rooted in fear and the beliefs that reinforce it.
Let’s think about it, if you’re nervous about speaking in public and most people you know confirm this belief, do you think this reinforces the association of fear and public speaking? The school years are challenging for all of us and has significant impact on our beliefs and self-esteem…if we allow it.
The hours spent usually lead to stressed out and tired presenters as you’re so nervous that you just want to grind through the presentation and get it over with. Not many, most people will accept this fear as who they are and live with the consequences, this DOESN’T have to be you! Sign Up!World Class Public Speaking Coaching and Training is Now Available in the Bay Area! The perception of the teachers and other students of the successful students is also sunsequently far more positive. You could even turn your back and not face them when they first present so they’re not worried about you watching them. This is a great way to hear if things aren’t flowing consistently or if you’re speaking too fast or too slow. My work with the fear of public speaking has produced interesting insight on what creates most people’s fear and strategies to overcome it. Ask yourself if being afraid of public speaking is your belief or something you learned from hearing others tell you they are. Michael NeuendorffThe crowd loves you!Are you looking for an experienced public speaking coach because you want to become a better presenter within your company or an excellent public speaker? The programme shows that the impact on the students affects all areas of their lives, and not just when they are in the debating sessions, with them seen to be more enthusiastic at school, more engaged, accepted by the rest of the group for their views and happier at home as their level of self esteem has increased. There are also different zone meetings where things get bigger and you go down to different area competitions.
I can help!Take advantage of my 17 years of public speaking training, and 5 years of experience coaching speakers, to move forward much faster than you can on your own. It’s having the confidence to be able to stand and carry a conversation from beginning to end. If you want to present to audiences and have them clap and smile like the group on the left, then it just might be the right time for you to make an investment in working with a certified World Class Speaking Coach 1on1 right here in the San Francisco Bay Area.
You have changed and achieved a lot since them, don’t hold yourself back from success today because of a learning experience years ago. The investment is modest when compared to the results, which will last a lifetime!The fact is an investment in learning how to be a better presenter may be one of the best you can make. And like learning how to properly swing a golf club, just knowing a few proper public speaking best practices and techniques will get you headed in the right direction with confidence and poise.Before we go further, tell me,Do you…* Have a big speech coming up that you need help with? This could be for an internal company meeting or for an external conference.*Present regularly as part of your job and find you’re not performing to your satisfaction? Or, worse, has your manager told you to step it up in this area?* Want to use public speaking as a way of marketing yourself as a business owner but don’t know how to start?* Speak English as a second language and need to improve your ability to present due to the demands of your job?* Want to speak to the camera to create videos for YouTube and your website?* Have a manager who has told you to find a good speech coach for them?* Have a huge personal speech coming up such as when receiving a big award or making a wedding toast?If any of the above situations is a match for you, then you can count on me to help. Everyone likes someone who can stand up and make a point with confidence and poise.This could be you!Make no mistake, investing in public speaking training is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your business or career. Once you have developed this skill you will never lose it.Are you ready to stop worrying about your skills as a presenter?
Contact me to book your first session.How my public speaking coaching worksI work with individuals 1on1 and present group training for companies. Imagine that I used to shake and sweat as much as anyone in the room! I went from worst to first in my group and you can too.Isn’t it about time you stopped being afraid or unsure of your speaking ability and did something about it?
Contact me today for an initial conversation to see how I can help you to develop in this crucial area. If after our meeting you decide to hire me, your decision is backed by my 100% satisfaction guarantee.
In that case I suggest you start your road to improvement by reviewing the Public Speaking Tips videos I’ve posted on YouTube to help you. Contact me to book your first session.Testimonials on my Public Speaking and Coaching“I engaged Michael to help me with the delivery of an important speech. I hadn’t given many presentations at that point, and the thought of standing in front of 800 people was giving me cold sweats. I found Michael, he was very adaptable and flexible, willing to work around my work schedule. My speaking skills improved by 1000%, and I was able to deliver a perfect speech without having to look at my notes and feeling confident on stage. I’ve also been certified as a World Class Speaking Coach by Craig Valentine, the 1999 winner of the Toastmasters International Speech Competition.
My passion for improvement in this area will continually drive me to get better and better.Ready to make an appointment with me to get started on improvement?
I can present seminars and workshops of varying lengths on sales, marketing, social media, public speaking, and strategic planning. In the meantime feel free to post questions about public speaking on my Facebook Page. I answer all questions and often the same day.

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