Jessica Nikles from LCCS at UQ has recently returned from a 10 day trip to China which she was awarded for her excellent performance in this year's Queensland Preliminaries for the 'Chinese Bridge' Chinese Proficiency Competition. We visited some beautiful tourist spots, like the mountains where they filmed some of Avatar and ate local Chinese cuisine, like the traditional spicy Hunan food. The memories that I made on this trip will forever be in my heart, as will the friends that I made on this unforgettable experience. Every day I help people just like you to beat Anxiety, Depression, IBS and Eating Disorders. I have had my hypnotherapy practice since 2002 and I have helped over 3000 people to overcome their issues. I treat other important issues like Stopping Smoking, Phobias, Fear of Driving, Fear of Flying and others. I offer a free introductory consultation for you to find out how I can help you with your particular issue.
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2000 New South Wales Winner – Diana Gibbs The Riverina Project-Wool Producers Marketing Wool to the Consumer Diana Gibbs is a wool producer and cofounder and director of Riverina Wool Growers. 2000 Victoria Winner – Rowena Doyle The Development and Implementation of an Accredited Mohair Classing Course Rowena Doyle owns and operates, in family partnership, the largest mohair enterprise in Victoria and has been at the forefront of developing the industry and its markets, including domestic markets for goat meat and value added craft markets for the skins.
2000 Tasmania Winner – Anne Taylor Farm Safety, Manual Handling and Back Care Anne Taylor a partner in a mixed farming enterprise, is also a practicing physiotherapist.
I specialise in treating Anxiety, Depression, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Weight Control and Eating Disorders such as Bulimia, Binge Eating and Anorexia. While canola and olive oils have been recognised by the general public as healthy oils, resulting in increased supermarket demand and purchases, the message has not been translated to the food service industry where up to 90,000 tonnes of cheaper saturated palm oil are imported each year.
Anne’s vision was to create a safe work environment for all who work in agricultural industries. Having something inside you that is outside your control can be frightening, debilitating or embarrassing. Mary Nenke is founder and principal of Cambinata Yabbies and is intrinsically involved in all aspects of the Yabby Industry in Western Australia, from production to post harvest handling to marketing and exporting.
She was amazed at the lack of knowledge shown by farmers on manual handling and backcare, injury prevention and first aid, and yet when 50% of all workers compensation claims are the result of manual handling incidents, there were no easily accessible and practical farm safety education and training programs available for all members of the farming family and the farm workforce.
While Australian fibre has improved to such an extent that poorer kempy lines are virtually non existent, producer classing techniques have not kept pace, with brokers still receiving unclassed and unskirted fibre.

The major objective of her proposed activity was to ensure all who work in primary industries access to affordable and best practice training in manual handling, backcare and manutention, farm safety, practical first aid awareness, accident and injury prevention. I integrate Hypnosis, Analytical Psychotherapy, Mindfulness Training and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in a unique way to make sure your issues are properly resolved. The bursary was used to finance the Business Plan and also contributed to some preliminary promotional material, including media information kits presented at the Olympic Games in September 2000 and information produced for marketing investigations into the UK in October 2000. The Grains Research and Development Corporation, as a result has asked that the ASA to put forward a strategic plan as the basis for a package of research funding for the total industry.
The Business Plan addressed key components of the project, including business background, vision, products, the market and marketing plan, business operations, ownership and management, risk factors along with financial considerations.
The first at Longerenong Agricultural College through the University of Ballarat and the second at Dookie Agricultural College through the University of Melbourne. She is currently completing the Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training and achieving accreditation as a Manutention trainer. A careful investigation of the demographics of the potential market available in the UK was undertaken to define the project’s target consumers and total available market. 28 mohair producers attended the courses with participants required to complete a worksheet on each of the three competencies while carrying out practical activities.
The Australian sunflower industry now has a decidedly more positive focus and is regenerating itself. This is in stark contrast to the Australian yabby industry, where very poor production ratios are severely hampering its potential for growth.
Anne delivered numerous training programs since winning the Award, including: Five Farm Safety Courses with three presenters and three Farm Safety Courses with two presenters. Its representative body, the Australian Sunflower Association is working proactively in partnership with other Australian oil producer groups, through the Australian Oilseed Federation, to focus on their collective strengths in accessing markets and countering imports.
Their catfish industry has also been very successful in value adding and in vertical integration. RWG will now put in place a management team with expertise in European and Australian markets, to manage the design, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of high quality women’s apparel. Following the initial two courses, interest has now been shown in conducting the courses in both South Australia and Western Australia. And at a personal level, Annie acquired new skills in media, marketing and public speaking, along with report writing, and has used those skills to encourage more people to become involved in their industry and the promotion of their product. Diana’s knowledge of the project and its market has grown enormously as a result of this Award, as has her negotiating and marketing skills, along with her contacts and networks within the international wool and fashion industry.

The package is currently before the  National Board of Mohair Australia to be adopted for use throughout the industry. The groundwork for the first state-wide women in grains reference group was established as a result of Annie’s efforts.
The tour included participating as part of the Western Australian Fisheries Department Industry Promotion at the Annual Boston Seafood Show. Several BackCare and Introductory Manual Handling courses to horticultural businesses, timber merchants and the Nursery Association Accreditation Scheme. The Business Plan confirmed the merit and real potential of this total project, which once completed has the ability to resolve major wool textile supply chain issues. One industry accredited training program will be a major breakthrough for the industry in ensuring education in fibre preparation is consistent throughout the country. The Boston Seafood Show also provided the opportunity to look at the various exhibits and examine how others, including the catfish industry market their product. The supply chain will, not only, be much shorter and therefore more time responsive, but will provide strong market signals from designers and manufacturers direct back to producers.
At a personal level, Rowena has achieved her ambition of improved knowledge and skills in fibre production and presentation, along with improved networking, public speaking  and marketing skills, that will prove invaluable not only to herself but to her industry for many years to come. The tour also included stopovers in San Francisco and New York where Mary met with distributors, clients and potential clients.
For wool producers, the project will provide for a landmark change in culture, allowing them to take responsibility of their product throughout the supply chain, and allow them to not just sell a commodity, but to market a product. The tour culminated in New Orleans and Houston where Mary was able to study first hand their crawfish industry from farm to processing factory to markets. This project has provided a unique insight into issues facing wool producers and into the potential for commercial joint ventures with indigenous Australians. Many lessons have been learnt, as two groups aim to achieve something that neither could do separately.

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