Read the tips below to help you overcome your public speaking anxiety and then submit one of your own! Tip From Fionna: If you know that your friend is in the audience and they're going to laugh, whatever you do DON'T LOOK AT THEM. Tip From Lacie: If you can't stand looking at people directly in the eyes, look at them in the little area between their eyes (right above their nose). Tip From Mary: I thought the best tip was looking at yourself in the mirror and continuously read your speech over and over and try to get over your anxiety.
Tip From Anonymous: The most important thing that you could do before a speech is to have trust in yourself.
Tip From Anonymous: If you really can't look at people while you are presenting your speech look at the wall at the back of your classroom or the desks at the back. Tip From Anonymous: I like to eat cheese before a presentation, it helps me concentrate on my topic.
Tip From Anonymous: Distract yourself from thinking about your nervousness or anxiety and the most important time to do that is around that time when you start feeling butterflies in the pit of your stomach.

Tip From Zoey: Focus on someone you feel safe reading to, that should calm you down quite a bit.
Tip From "sum1speshel": Take a deep breath and look at the wall or area behind the audience. How do you add humor to your presentations when you’re not a naturally funny speaker? You know the benefits of making a presentation more humorous but you don’t consider yourself to be a comedian…so what do you do? The video above gives you details and examples on what you can do to improve those public speaking skills.
Making your presentation funny doesn’t have to be hard if you follow the rules in the video. Thank you so much for participating and making Best Speech Topics the place to come to discover what you need to be a better speaker! It makes perfect sense, trust me I used to be terrified to go up but once I almost memorized my speech I felt really confident.

Distractions may include running a damp napkin over the back of your neck or causing slight pain to yourself like pinching your hand as you keep it hidden from the audience (inside the podium for instance). If you get to rehearse the material to be presented, you will get to know it so well that words will flow out of your mouth! Click the like button above to let everyone on FaceBook know about this resource for speech topics, free sample speeches and speech writing tips!
I take any small speaking commitments I can which makes the bigger ones seem less stressful. Nobody else knows your speech so if you mess up just keep going, or add some new words to still transmit the message, but in another way.

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