On the contrary, QA is to answer for process quality involving product quality, on time delivery, design requirement etc. QC may stay idle after they have done all the product checking but QA will not have idle time at all because there is always something to improve. QA oversees all business processes from supplier's quality to customer's enquiry and from product realization further to after sales service.
Operational work requires a person to be available all the time or else the operation will be affected. If a type of work makes QA unable to be away even for a few days or else operation will have problem, then that work is definitely not QA's.
10) register customer complaints and tell customer that the company has received the complaint. QA's role in customer complaints is to find out and eliminate the root cause of the complaint. For customer complaint, QA's long-term goal is to ensure the staffing of after sales service is minimum by minimizing customer complaints.

That can be achieved by letting QA create an overview complaint list and do analysis (categorizing, root cause investigation). A QC inspector should not personally rework the defect the he detects because his time is to be used to detect defects. Likewise, QA person should not personally carry out the rectification after he detects a flaw in the process.
The consequence of the above distraction is QA cannot improve processes and the manufacturing still suffers loss.
And QA may be seen by others as not keeping responsibility of improving processes although he is asked to focus on superior's urgent non-QA work. But when the blame has come, even the superior cannot help it because it is a visible fact that processes have not improved. If the superior wants QA to do non-QA work, then the superior should not have a employment position for QA anyway. In the organization structure, QA should not report under any business process owner, for example production manager.

In fact, QA can assist the person in charge in the company to set the departmental roles for all business processes. QA is to install order and logic, plus to minimize grey area and barriers of communication in all daily operations. One of the strength that a QA person should have is being able to detect mistake in almost everything he or she sees. The target of QA is actually to improve the processes until QA people are not needed anymore.

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