If your customers are happy with your eLearning product, they become the marketing champions of the company, and promote your services to others. Hence, developing a course, which meets quality standards, is the key to customer satisfaction and company’s growth.
Customers dream of a course, which can be delivered within no time, with zero or minimal cost. Therefore, quality is not only about meeting client expectations; it is meeting mutually defined and agreed upon expectations of customer and vendor. It is vital that organisations understand that it is not quantity of documentation that is important, but the way it is used and organised. Complex or over-documenting has proven to be more harmful than useful, often resulting in loss of control, wasted resources, and unsatisfied workers. There can be significant variation to the structure of a Quality System depending on the complexity of the organisation.

Some organisations may require numerous layers of documentation to record different operations. You may even come across organisations who include a ‘sub tier’ to the third tier of work instructions. LMIT provides online training and certification courses on the Diploma of Quality Auditing, Diploma in Quality Management and the Certificate IV in Quality Auditing.
All of our Quality Auditing training courses are conducted online with best continuous support from our highly qualified Quality Audit trainers. Attend the best Quality Auditing training program delivered by LMIT and start learning QA at your own pace today! We respect your privacy and do not tolerate spam and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information to any third party. If you want a ‘quality’ eLearning course, every team member-be it project manager, instructional designer, courseware developer or the technology team- should be champions of quality.

If they are not happy with the eLearning product you created, they can erode the reputation of the company. Some businesses do not separate the Quality Manual and Procedures Manual, choosing to combine the two, while others include supplementary documentation such as position descriptions detailing duties and responsibilities. These are usually only applicable to a specific part of the organisation, documenting only the specific quality procedures or forms that are pertinent to that particular area.

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