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Internal quality assurance is a proactive, systematic quality assurance of all aspects of the candidate journey.
Course - Level 4 Award in Understanding the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and PracticeIQA 1 is aimed at those who intend to gain an understanding of Internal Quality Assurance rather than practice as an internal verifier. The HSE require Employers to employ competent training organisations for their Training needs and have produced a checklist to help you do that. Does the course content adequately meet the needs of your workplace as indicated by your first-aid needs assessment? For FAW, does the syllabus include the topics listed in Appendix 1 and does the course include at least 18 training and assessment contact hours, over three days? For FAW requalification, does the syllabus include the topics listed in Appendix 1 and does the course last at least 12 training and assessment contact hours, over two days?
For EFAW, does the syllabus include the topics listed in Appendix 2 and does the course last at least six training and assessment contact hours, over one day? For EFAW requalification, does the syllabus include the topics listed in Appendix 2 and does the course last at least six training and assessment contact hours, over one day? Do the certificates issued to students assessed as competent contain the name of the training organisation, the title of the qualification (eg FAW or EFAW), reference to the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, the date of issue and confirmation the certificate is valid for three years?
International Emirates Management for Quality: Services - Quality Management,Competency Assurance Management,Strategy & Balanced Score Card, Risk Management Systems, Change and Transformation Management, Organization Design & Development. Quality performance can be achieved only by getting the right people treating the right challenge from the right perspective.
To achieve customer satisfaction, it is essential to understand the culture, needs & expectations and ensure efficient communication throughout the project.
Results will be perceived as Quality Results only if they are in accordance with agreed and expected outcomes.
We will work with you to define the methods, techniques and procedures that will ensure quality is embedded in your daily business processes. We can assist you in obtaining ISO Certification through our approach of simultaneously preparing the manuals and undertaking the assessment at the same time.
Engaging everyone in the organization to set targets and resource allocation plans that specifically relate to the strategy.

The Balanced Scorecard views performance through a set of measures that indicate performance in four areas: Financial, Stakeholder, Internal Business Process, and Learning and Growth. We also devise and implement mechanisms, such as regular review meetings and action point reports to manage the performance system as this is key to ensuring that the strategy is actually achieved.
Continuous improvement is important as it optimizes business processes and work activities, and reduces costs. Applying an integrated tool to manage and track staff performance is the key to any successful organization. When applied to experienced staff, competency mapping is used to identify competency gaps and define custom training programs per individual to eliminate any deficiencies. Risk is an omnipresent phenomenon, a day to day parameter in any human activity, and organizational success depends to a large degree on enabling management to effectively deal with uncertainty and risk, on corporate, operational and project levels. Whether it is tracking the ability to meet your business objectives, reviewing your risk exposure, selecting your mitigation strategies, delegating actions or evaluating controls we can assist you in developing the required solution to meet your enterprise risk management needs. We assist clients to set up consistent risk management processes on all corporate user levels and develop an effective risk management collaborative framework to handle uncertainty and risk. We undertake assignments and interventions to ensure that client organizations are aligned towards the achievement of goals, strategy, mission and vision. Organizational design solutions assist companies in aligning organization structure with their strategies.
Segregation of duties is a key issue when designing or evolving and organization structure. The HSE therefore require all First Aiders in the workplace to refresh their skills and knowledge every 3 years.
Our effective method uses powerful and specific IT software to accelerate the implementation process.
Our professionals carry out a range of activities to achieve change and transformation goals, based on thorough assessments. We assist clients to develop and implement performance management frameworks to capture and make visible all the required elements for the management of its performance.
A key benefit of the Balanced Scorecard is that it reveals a much broader view of an organization than financial measures alone. We assist clients to implement Regular Balanced Scorecard Review Meetings, to ensure that targets are achieved, and Balanced Scorecard Action Point Reports, to communicate progress and to engage the organization in learning about progress on a Balanced Scorecard.

We assist clients to develop stretch targets to encourage staff at all levels to develop improved ways of conducting business, to agree and implement their ideas, and then measure and report the results.
The effective use of competency mapping enables your organization to develop and design internal control processes that will ensure employees have the required skills, knowledge and experience to perform their duties competently in their particular work environment. Our services include planning for organizational changes with the objective of defining and eliminating the gaps (administrative & technical) between various departments and stakeholders.
We analyze the core business and support business functions prior to embarking on the organization design mission.
Through the value we add to our business partnerships we are positioned to assist you by providing professional human resources. Before becoming a senior figure in the ITC First awarding organisation Ian worked for many years as a highly regarded first aid trainer. Through the process of competency mapping we can assist you in effective recruitment to attract high potential new staff. Whether they are destined to fill management or technical positions, we are prepared to match your needs with competent professionals, ready to perform. The process will also help in the development of existing staff to achieve highest competency levels. This means that it is assessed using methods appropriate to the assessment of knowledge and understanding. Typically this will be through the production of written evidence.Unit 2 is a skills unit type.
You will arrange with your mentor (typically the person who delivered your induction course) to attend this date in order to observe you.
You must ensure that you are fully prepared for this visit.All the assessment criteria of each unit must be fulfilled in order to obtain a pass.

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