How you deposit articles in accordance with the UC Open Access Policy depends on your campus and your specific employment status at UC.
Initially, all authors used a manual deposit process to add their articles to eScholarship, UCa€™s open access repository and publishing platform.
Senate faculty will be contacted via email to verify their articles within UCa€™s new publication management system and to upload a copy or provide an open access link to their publications. Deposit for these authors will continue to be managed through eScholarship, UC’s open access repository and publishing platform, until full UC-wide implementation of the publication management system is complete. Use word clouds to visualise the results of staff surveys and encourage seior management buy-in and sponsorship of internal comms programs. If you're giving a presentation on a machine different to the one the presentation was created on, try not to use video, audio, or non-standard fonts (stick to Arial, Verdana, Times or Georgia).

Always check your content for typos, and remember that means proofreading as well as running a spellcheck. Rather than using boring old Lorem Ipsum (if I had a cent for every time I've had to explain what that is used for …), try out Male Vole.
A new publication management system is being implemented to make participation easier for authors. See the example below, taken from a survey I carried out regarding the satisfaction levels of staff with internal communications. Because the Academic Senate policies were adopted first, Senate faculty will be the first users added to the system.
Select your campus above to begin the deposit process – or to notify us that your publication is already available in another open access repository.

On a serious note, the ridiculousness of it may make it easier for clients to understand that they are looking at the layout, not the content. Once the system is implemented at all ten campuses, those non-Senate UC authors covered by the Presidential Open Access Policy will be added.

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