Image Details 405 views (9 from today) Uploaded Aug 21, 2013 at 08:28PM EDT Origin Entry Cinemagraphs Cinemagraphs are partially animated photographs in which a subtle movement action occurs. A Claycordian recently found this snake on her porch, and wanted to know what you think….is it a baby rattler or a baby gopher snake? Looks like a gopher because of the shape of the head, rattlers have a triangle shaped noggin. Gopher snake, they have a constrictors head, rattle snakes have that of a viper, flatter with horns above the eyes. Gopher snakes are good to have around – they eat the little critters around your house (mice, gophers, moles, etc).
If it tastes like chicken, it’s probably a rattlesnake; like turkey, a gopher snake!!! Please be careful if you insist on catching snakes, especially if you don’t know that it is not poisonous.
Baby rattlers don’t always have all of their rattles, so they strike without warning, sometimes you do not even see them due to their excellent camouflage. The little guy in your picture is a gopher snake, but why did you capture him or even get close enough to capture him if you did not know the difference? Different species of rattlesnake vary significantly in size, territory, markings, and temperament. Yes, Although the venom of the diamondback isn't particularly toxic, the size of the snake allows a larger capacity of venom which is released from its two prominent fangs.
Habitat: Found in the southwestern United States in southern California, southern Nevada, extreme southwestern Utah, most of Arizona, southern New Mexico and western Texas. Rattlesnake - Tigerhawkvok (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License), Western Diamondback - Gary Stolz, USFWS (Public Domain), Mojave Rattlesnake - Lvthn13 (Public Domain). The information on this page was taken from Wikipedia under a GNU Free Documentation License unless otherwise noted.
Rattlesnakes scaly skin does not stretch as they grow, like all snakes, they must shed their skin. Prank practical jokes to play on peoplea€¦ friends (& enemies?), co-workers (& boss?) Here's a scary prank practical joke I think you'll enjoy as much as I do.
Place a realistic-looking fake snake like this Rattlesnake where your "victim" is least likely to expect it and then just wait! Kinsey submits this scary practical joke which, while it doesn't require a mask, if you have one to use with it, so much the better: This prank would work best at day time. NEW!--> Bree suggests: Wait until it is very dark, then sneak out the back door or window and go to a window that is close to your parent's room (or the room of whomever you want to scare). When my brother was downstairs having his bedtime snack, I snuck up into his room and snuck under the bed. A pork canning plant also failed, and End noticed his land was producing an abundance of one particular crop -- rattlesnakes.

The experiment, along with a successful test-feeding at a veterans' gathering, encouraged End to form the Floridian Products Co. Longer, narrower head (rattlesnakes have a more triangular-shaped head) and the scale pattern is more like that of a gopher snake. The finger that the little sucker bit her on turned black, and we thought she was going to lose it. They like this hot, dry weather, and tend to be out and about more, so please use caution when weeding, etc. Primarily a snake of high desert or lower mountain slopes, they are often found near scrub brush such as mesquite and creosote, but may also reside in lowland areas of sparse vegetation, among cacti, Joshua tree forests, or grassy plains. Rattlesnake venoms are complex cocktails of enzymes and other proteins that vary greatly in composition and effects. Maybe you've seen a great horror movie or read a great scary story or book you'd like to tell us about?
They shake their tail (but without a rattle) and if it is in leaves, it can sound like a rattlesnake. When hiking, I try to make noise, and give them fair warning that I am coming, don’t step over anything that they may be hiding under (rocks, stumps, logs and the like) and I always carry my cellphone with me just to be safe. They can live and hide under or near fallen logs or boulders, near rocky outcroppings and ledges. It is associated with many different vegetation types, including desert, sandy creosote areas, mesquite grassland, desertscrub, and pine-oak forests. Pit vipers are distinguished by the presence of a heat-sensing pit organ located between the eye and the nostril on either side of the head. The rattlesnakes rattle is made of the same stuff our hair and fingernails are made of, the material is called keratin. Or perhaps you've had the frightful opportunity to actually visit a scary place or "haunted" Halloween attraction and want to share your experience? ***I regret I've not been able to keep up with the inbox in long time.
However, snakes will occasionally sun themselves in the middle of a trail, so such areas are not the only places where they are encountered. Towards the southern edge of its range, this species may be found in thornforest and tropical deciduous forest.Most rattlesnakes mate in the spring.
All pit vipers have the ability to control the flow of venom through their fangs, allowing the diamondback to release most of its venom in a single strike (though often a pit viper will not release any of its venom). Each of the snake’s cheeks has a sack full of venom that is squirted through the fangs.
When encountering a rattlesnake on a trail, you are advised to keep your distance and allow the snake room to retreat. Rattlesnake venom can kill in 20 seconds, but a rattlesnake will follow prey that does not quickly succumb to the venom and attempts to escape. Life expectancy is more than twenty years, but is typically shorter because of hunting and human expansion.

Solitary outside of mating season, they are one of the more aggressive rattlesnake species found in North America because they rarely back away from confrontation. There is suspicion that rattlesnakes living around human population centers do not rattle as often because it leads to the snakea€™s discovery and consequent destruction. However, there is little available evidence of this hypothesis.In the winter, they hibernate or brumate in caves or burrows sometimes with many other species of snakes. FlyingSpaghettiMonster on The Water Cooler – The Sports Authority Building on Concord Ave. Usually inactive between late October and early March, although occasionally they may be seen sunning themselves on warm winter days.
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