If you visit social media platforms these days you’ll see a flurry of postings on President Robert Mugabe, with anxious Zimbabweans wanting to know his state of health following reports he is unwell. Many are asking if Mugabe, who turns 90 next month is still fit enough to continue as Head of State six months after his ZANU PF party won the elections that are being disputed by the opposition. More intriguing was George Charamba’s statement that Mugabe will still be on leave until the end of the month, with no mention of the reports of his reported ill-health. Political analyst Gideon Chitanga said it could be that Mugabe has instructed his handlers not to say anything on his health as that is his private business. As the news blackout continues, so does the speculation over whether Mugabe is sick or not. Chitanga added that at this point the issue is neither about a single individual or a single party, nor even about political differences.
Political observer Mutsa Murenje waded into discussion and asked why officials find it acceptable to continue to keep the public in perpetual darkness.
He added that in these uncertain times, the continuing lack of accurate information is dangerous. Zanu PF is just about to discover what a lot of outsiders have known for decades, that it can go on without old Bob and even be a better party. Why the rush to confirm the health of a ceremonial public information officer for a political party? Only in Zimbabwe where the health of a sitting president is kept private-and supposedly a personal issue.

We need to model all possible scenarios post-Mugabe and devise mechanisms to deal with each scenario.
I suspected something fishy when he did not turn up at the heroes acre to bury Cde Chirenda. The Mystagogy Resource Center is currently in a fundraising campaign to continue and expand its service.
The state media has a habit of covering all his return trips from official and private journeys at the Harare international airport. He also speculated that it might be that nobody has the ‘guts’ to speak about the health issues without seeking clearance from the ageing leader. Without any statement from the government the public is enduring endless rumors and counter rumours emanating from political interest groups.
It is disconcerting that weeks after Mugabe vanished from public view, Zimbabweans still have no answers as to how long he will remain absent,” said Chitanga. Zimbabweans cannot afford to gamble the future of the country with rumors and counter rumors. President Chiwenga is still in the best of health, very active and thriving and Zimbabwe is in the best of hands. I for one would like to be at this celebration to witness our dear leader “cutting the cake” (cast in the casket!!!!) Ndatenda Hangu!!!!!! 20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant.

Anyone have a WordPress recipe plugin that you love (and, ahem, don’t have have to pay for?)   In the meantime, you should, at least, be able to print this one easily!
Disastrously, an old photo of Mugabe from a year ago was used this time around, with the caption giving the impression it was taken at the airport on his return from his trip. The media should be raising a stink everyday demainding to see proof that this Malawian is still breathing otherwise the nation is in for a shock towards the end of this month.
Read more about it here.In an effort to reach our financial goal of $10,000 we will be absent from posting and working behind the scenes until the goal is met. That is blatant enough, it is so obvious to everyone even those who stole that they would not win by such a margin in any free and fair election.
Zanu will probably impose a candidate in the event of Mugabe’s kicking the proverbial bucket and Zimbabwe will probably do absolutely nothing but moan and gnash their teeth at the end of it all.
If everyone that visited this site today contributed just a few dollars, the goal would be reached in a matter of hours. Just the same way they have been told by the current and previous finance ministers that there has been no revenue frmo diamonds and they accepted ti, despite the obvious welth they see Obedient flaunt, despite the stories of diamondsales in the billions.

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