Training Tracker is affordable training management software that tracks all of your training programs with ease.
Keep on top of your training providers, program participants, budget and schedules with up-to-the-minute automated training activity and expenditure reports and charts. Based on the familiar Microsoft Excel® format, you are sure to be up and running fast.
Avoid spending thousands of dollars on expensive and complicated software that does more than you need. Don't worry about inaccurate data entry with our extensive use of dropdown lists and inbuilt error proofing. Training Tracker is completely self-contained, not requiring any special network or database software.
Import your data into Training Tracker from another database or export your data to an external data file using our Data Migration wizard.
If a training report or chart is not quite the way you want, easily customize it to your own preferences, or even create a new one. If this product does not meet our exacting quality standards, write to us within 30 days for a full refund. This section lists all of the items contained within the supplied Training Tracker zip file. Your use of Training Tracker is strictly governed by the terms of the product's License Agreement. For example, if your organization employees one training administrator who uses the software on their own computer and three trainers who access the software from a single network location, your organization will need to purchase four licenses. The License Agreement prohibits you from selling, renting, lending or distributing the product and from allowing access to unauthorized users across a network.

Please note that this is a summary only of the license provisions and is not meant to interpret the meaning of or replace any or all of the license terms specified in the product's License Agreement.
If you are an external consultant or trainer delivering services to client organizations and wish to use this product in multiple client organizations, you will require an External Consultant License Agreement. If your organization or site is large or your organization comprises a number of units or divisions, you may need a Site or an Enterprise License Agreement. Corrected inadvertent row deletions after filtering Records data and selecting another worksheet.
Corrected hidden sheets displaying after user closes workbook without saving changes and reopens with macros disabled. To receive the product on CD, select the Backup CD option on the Shopping Cart Order Form (extra US $12.95 applies). To give the product as a gift to a family member, friend or colleague, simply click the Give Gift link to the left of the Buy Now button.
To get help during the online order process, click the Contact Form or Email link at the top right-hand corner of the Shopping Cart.
To download the product zip file to your computer, click on the download link contained in the email we sent you. The sample software is populated with fictitious company data and is fully functional with the exception that you cannot save any changes you make.
After downloading the software, create a new folder on your hard disk and unzip the file to that folder, open the Quick Start Guide (QuickStartGuide.txt) for instructions on getting started. The Training Records function allows you to add, edit and update individual training records. A Single User License allows one person only to use the software on one or more computers OR for more than one person to use the software on one computer only.

Please read the product's License Agreement prior to purchase as no refunds are given on the basis that you did not read or understand the License Agreement.
Business Performance Pty Ltd does not guarantee that our software will operate satisfactorily on these systems.
Many users have used this tool to get a basic understanding of their requirements (available in English and German). If ordering by telephone, tell the customer service representative that you require 4 licenses. We retain full copyright in all of our materials and strictly prohibit the making of unauthorized copies.
Upon payment, you will also receive a download link so that you can start using the product immediately.
Select Extract All or Extract To from the list of options to extract all of the product files to your chosen location. This graph shows the risk profile, the expected result and your profile based on the integrated questionnaire.
Once you log in and complete the transaction with PayPal, you will be returned to our Shopping Cart for a confirmation receipt and a download link.

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