Please note that these electives are typically offered only once a year in either the spring or fall semester.
Recreation and Park Management requires 600 hours of pre-internship and a 400 hour internship.
Students in the Military Recreation course take a well-deserved break by playing paint ball. This course presents the technical and methodological skills needed to interpret various types of aerial images as a source of information in a variety of applications, including geography, forestry, urban planning, recreation management, crop and soil science, among many others. At least one section of Remote Sensing of the Environment is offered during the spring semester. Events contribute to the quality of our lives by enriching our communities and providing opportunities to celebrate our diversity and common bonds. Courses offered in the Graduate Certificate in Event Management program can be taken as part of a regular graduate program of study, or through enrollment as a part-time non-degree seeking student. Post-Bachelor’s Non-degree seeking applications may be submitted online no earlier than one semester in advance of the term for which the applicant is seeking admission.
Once accepted, the student will be responsible for adhering to all University deadlines, i.e.
The hospitality and tourism industry currently represents the second largest employer in the United States. View gainful employment information including cost of attendance, on-time graduation rates, occupational opportunities, median student debt and other important information about CSU programs.

Welcome to Park and Recreation Resource Management (commonly called "Outdoor Recreation" by department faculty). The department works closely with experts in the field to provide additional course experiences for students. Students in the Ecology of Resource Areas course experience a hike to Parker Lake in the Eastern Sierra. Students in the Recreation and Park Management Concentration need 15 units of electives, which is generally five courses.
Lab exercises utilize an extensive set of digital aerial images displaying a wide variety of environments (urban, rural, residential, agricultural, et cetera) where students can practice the interpretation skills discussed in the online lessons and apply them to decision-making scenarios across a variety of disciplines. From a three hour event designed to generate awareness for non-profit organizations to multi-day conferences and exhibitions by professional associations to week long festivals in cities and towns, events touch many lives.The event management professional must possess a unique combination of skills and techniques. The education and skills learned in the courses provide the latest techniques for today’s event management professional.
Students enrolled in a graduate degree program of study may enroll in the courses without applying to the Graduate Certificate in Event Management program. With the aging baby boomer population, we are seeing an increased interest in leisure activities. Students in Park and Recreation Resource Management take advantage of the outdoor focus and find internships in locations throughout the state of California with National Parks, the US Forest Service, California State Parks, Bureau of Reclamation and other agencies that manage outdoor lands.
Students may take coursework in Funding Leisure Organizations, Campus Recreation, Grant-writing for Leisure Organizations, and Non-profit Leadership.

The Sacramento Department of Parks and Recreation has numerous opportunities, ranging from programming to facility management. However, to earn the certificate the student must apply and be accepted to the program within enrollment in the first certificate course taken.
Distance learning students, therefore, have the same high quality instruction as students on the main campus, plus special assistance from The Office of Distance Learning to insure success. CSU's business administration degree concentration in hospitality and tourism prepares students for careers in a wide array of hospitality and tourism professions including lodging, conventions and destination services management, food service, travel and tourism, financial management and technology, and recreation-related industries. Students take courses in Ecology of Resource Areas, Environmental Interpretation and Outdoor Education, and Experiential Education in Outdoor Recreation Settings. Students enrolling as a non-degree seeking student must submit the application and supporting documentation by the deadline for the term for which enrollment is desired.Admission to the Event Management Certificate Program is neither a degree program nor a minor. To receive the Event Management Certificate, students must complete the required nine (9) hours of course work and a three (3) hour practicum in an Event Management Certificate Program approved events setting.

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