Enter your name and email address below to sign up for a FREE coaching call to talk about your relationship issues and get help today! I have a wide range of interests, most of which fall into the arts, music, creativity, poetry, psychology, philosophy, quantum physics and spirituality sections of bookstores. Click HERE to read Chris Magyar's feature article about me (which was the cover story for the weekly: Good Times May 11-17, 2006) complete with photos by Kelly Vaillancourt. Composer of performed vocal, chamber and dance compositions including an award winning string quartet.
July - August 2004 - 5 week solo road trip through the Rockies at the beck and call of Spirit and the Muse. June 2004: Presented to IMTA Board (Indiana Music Teachers Association) strategies for time management, prioritizing your commitments, letting go and saying no, moving out of overwhelm. January 2004: One of three guest lecturers at De Pauw University IN for a mini-course called Finding Your Focus.
Before working with Daisy, I couldn’t seem to get my dreams and plans manifested like I wanted for my life. The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) trains and certifies masterful life, business, and corporate coaches.

I love the outdoors, hiking, road trips, healthy living, music making, journaling, writing, gardening and floating on water. Please do not distribute them for your own use or reprint them without contacting me for permission.
The second half was creatively strategizing how to get a buzz going about the association and inspire new members to contribute at the leadership level.
We explored ways to concentrate and focus during practice and draw on deeply personal energies during performance.
Through the life coaching process, clients receive life coaching, business coaching, personal coaching, executive coaching, corporate coaching, leadership coaching, management coaching & job coaching. Many times we think we know what we want and upon further examination find that we want something completely different.
I am passionate about artists as leaders, teaching the whole student, the power of intention and co-creation of reality, and the evolution of consciousness and neuroscience. We covered such issues as stage fright, distraction, memory loss and beoming aware of the vaious voices of the internal dialogue.
Thanks to Daisy, I now see where my obstacles were and I am finally on my way to making my dreams come true!

Conflicts, marriage, divorce, relationship problems, changes, and transitions are often difficult to understand and work through.
I, personally, worked with 30 student athletes and musicians, using a mixture of lectures, coaching and experiential exercises.
I help you to identify the obstacles both internal and external that may be impeding upon progress in your life. Besides being a certified coach with a private practice, I am also a faculty coach for Lucid Living and registered mentor coach with ICF. An example may be that a limiting belief system or fear of failure is keeping you stuck and incapable of moving forward. With the gift of intuition and caring for others, I help clients develop clarity and rediscover a sense of purpose and direction. Upon achieving these goals clients are able to move forward positively, on their own, using the skills and tools taught to them, thus giving them the ability to attain future goals.

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